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Visit my Website for all the information you are looking for, at least the information about me :).

Next to the Page about myself are tons of resources available at my Website.
Resources related to Internet and Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Web Development and Database Development.
Trust me, it is worth a visit. If you disagree, please send me an email and tell me why.

Carsten Cumbrowski

Just a reminder for Aaron :)

The Threadwatch alerts are pretty much worthless. I get hundreds of emails per day and not all are always important so I basically scan them quickly and open the onces that seem to be important.

A typical Email from Treadwatch looks like this:

Subject:] category subscription update for cumbrowski : Marketing & Advertising

Greetings, cumbrowski.

A category to which you have subscribed has been updated. To view the thread,
navigate to

This is an automatic mail from
To manage your subscriptions, browse to

Not much to get interested, right?

Adding the thread title to the subject line and maybe the posters name or the last commenters name in the body would also not hurt.

Showing the first 100 ot 200 characters of the actual post in the body would also be nice.
The most important thing is the Title in the Subject though. Everything else is a bonus, but not as badly needed.

Just a suggestion.


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