Along with this it looks like

Along with this it looks like there was an update so Search Console for websites. Google notes "An update to web search logs analysis. This change may increase the total number of clicks and impressions."


Disavows filed by people who have no idea what sites to list

If Google uses data from disavows, they may as well throw in the towel. The tools that people use to recover from unnatural outbound link penalties list major sites and the people using them don't know any better. 

Even the sites with the toughest Editorial policies are getting disavowed. Sites that have strong editors ignore removal requests and that will get the people trying to recover to disavow their sites. What a huge mess this is. 


There was a need, they met

There was a need, they met it, people became dependent on it, now they're charging. With all that technology, I refuse to believe Google can't block a couple bots.

An interesting and very strategic approach, definitely

Looking at other industries, I think that they play here is for Google to inject itself as a stakeholder and strategically institutionalize the issue , so that the discussion around adblocking can be framed in a strategic fashion that is benefical to google...  Looking at the WHOIS for their domain,, we see a spring 2016 creation date: Creation Date: 2016-02-29T17:31:12Z ...also,  Googles logo is right on the site. I agree with the referenced article by Tangor in the WMW, that Google is trying to become a "taste maker"... also, with the other member that tried to mentioned that one less user not using the other adblockers, the better

One the chrome issue, i'm curious if other browsers are going to hop on board with their own default ad blocking and how that is google to be positoned in contrast to Googles?


looks like the beta program is not quite there yet

A lot of the feedback on your link seems to be that there is lack of details that makes it hard to properly diagnose the issues especially if you have multiple sites...these checklist approaches appear to be increasingly common among google products...there are similar notifications obviously in Google search console, analytics, and adwords...I've found them helpful in other products but I also think that they're more mature on the other ones IMO...

...I do wonder if indeed there will be a quality score improvement for doing everyhting on the checklist or if that is just a carrot they're dangling?

It's an interesting concept

It's an interesting concept, but, I suspect, difficult for competitors to use effectively.

Google may just be doing this to appease the EU.

I think they lose the differentiating factor

I think the character limit is what makes twitter what it is.... I think that the change kinda changes the differnetiator between facebook and twitter