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During his 15 years as an Internet marketing professional, Aaron Kocourek has adapted his skills and expertise to an increasingly complex industry. He is passionate about SEM and enjoys serving businesses and individuals alike in their efforts to achieve prime search engine results.

Aaron Kocourek is an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur who has developed, managed, and brought to success many ecommerce sites. He built his first web-based business at 13 years old and later built a network of websites that ranked in the top 5 across all major search engines. Adept at social marketing, Aaron Kocourek started and maintains over 25 Facebook pages with a combined fan base of just fewer than one million people. He built the first online Christian search engine, ReviveSearch.com, and has ranked thousands of websites.

Currently, Aaron Kocourek is Chief Strategist at Reputation Advocate (reputationadvocate.com). This online reputation management firm assists clients by suppressing negative search results and replacing them with relevant content. Aaron Kocourek is responsible for developing Reputation Advocate’s strategic initiatives and developing the company’s software solutions. He is a creative problem solver with extensive experience in web development, data analysis, and search engine optimization.
Aaron Kocourek was one of the first Google Certified Professionals and today remains passionate about online marketing and helping people regain control of their online reputations through strategic keyword campaigns.


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