SEO tools and technologies - typical subject matter would include RSS and CMS systems

Google Study Web Page Design

Quote: This has to be the most fascinating review of page design to come along in years. Google analyzed 1,000,000,000 documents crawled in December 2005. They break down the data into easy-to-read sections and drop a few confirming remarks about which elements and attributes Web site designers should and should not be using, both for search engines and compliance with future standards-strict clients (including browsers).

Google AdWords Desktop (Beta)

Gary spotted news of a private beta test of a new desktop Google AdWords editor. You need a password to login and try it out.

Ass Traffic!!!

I never would have known my other site ranks at #7 in Yahoo! for ass traffic without the help of Rankcount, a tool that shows you where you rank in Yahoo! and MSN for various search queries...

Another 'no' from Google - Telecoms, this time

Nothing very new here - premium charges for selected content delivery have already been discussed on TW - Bellsouth proposes internet fast-track - and this thread from BT on WMW is already a few days old, but there's an interesting 'sod off' to bandwidth providers from Google that I don't recall seeing mentioned on TW:

Yahoo! Hires Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Ricardo Baeza-Yates wrote Modern Information Retrieval, which is considered to be the book on search. Yahoo! recently announced they hired him:

IBM Messenger Interoperable With Everyone Except M$FT

IBM is opening up their messenger to work with other popular instant messaging platforms. All the major players are in on the deal, except Microsoft, which is left out in the cold.

IBM Open Source Search Framework

I'm pretty sure that a few people around here would like to poke a stick into this - IBM Open Sources Search Framework.

IBM is open sourcing its Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) in a bid to foster wider participation and create a new open standard.

Ning Out of Beta

Ning, the social software platform headed up by Marc Andreesen, is out of beta.

Ning allows you to create social applications like Craigslist, Flickr, and Hot or Not. Early popular applications include beer, food, girls and Los Angeles.

Web Trends reporting

We've been using Web Trends 5.0 for the past two years to report our clients' monthly stats and will be moving on to the new and improved (sic) Web Trends Enterprise 7.0 - the big Kahuna....I've noticed that when comparing stats results between 5.0 and 7.0, the figures reported by 7.0 seem higher by anywhere between 3 and 14 percent.

Google Analytics Invitations Sent

The Google Analytics progress page - has announced that they will be sending out invites (a la the Gmail system) for new Analytic signups.

Levi makes iPod controlling jeans

If this was not on the BBC I would have thought it was fake. Out in August, cost $200.

Sony Electronic Book Reader

I am impressed by this gizmo. Sony have launched a new Electronic Book Reader. They bill themselves as trying to do for e-books what Apple has done for downloadable digital music. They claim it will make reading copy as easy as reading directly off the printed page.

Matt gets his own GOOG Module

Jason Ward has created the uber module for keeping tabs on Mr. Cutts' blogging activity. Check it out on

Displays headlines from selected blog section, a

Social RSS Readers

An RSS start up by the name of Attensa recently received 12 million dollars in funding, and promises to offer social recommending features and news clustering within their feed reader service. Here is a brief description:

Digg the Pligg

Think Digg is cool? Want to make a similar site? Try Pligg, the free open source equivalent to Digg. I doubt the technology will scale well in many fields (can't imagine a weight loss Digg being full of anything but spam, for exampe) but the concept seems cool and I may have a play with it soon. Other than the potential of getting sued the user generated content and collaborative editing seems like a great idea, especially if you subscribe to hundreds of feeds.

Google Reader part of an overall RSS API

via digg

It seems that underneath the rather clunky AJAX exterior of Google Reader lies a rather robust API that should be, if the comments are anything to go by, be announced in the future.

Internet Archive Updated

Stuntdubl noticed the Wayback Machine has been updated to include the first half of 2005.

Create an RSS Aggregator with PHP and AJAX

I wish I knew a bit more about programming, because I would love to be able to program something like this if it could mash feeds together based on published time or other criteria.

Google Says the Hell With Open Source, this is OUR Extension!

A while ago we mentioned how Google thought people who viewed Google FireFox toolbar source code were scammers. Google, continuing to support open sourced software, recently launched a Firefox Blogger comments extension and made against the TOS to modify the code.

Mac Version of IE, The End is Neigh

News Report that Microsoft has advised Mac users of IE to switch to rival browsers such as Apple's Safari.

Quote: No more security updates will be provided as from the New Year. The browser itself will be removed from Microsoft's Mactopia site and no longer be available for download.