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AOL - Out Of France And Germany (Access), Into VOIP

From The Guardian - AOL to sell French and German businesses.

The internet service provider AOL is understood to have put its French and German businesses up for sale. The company, part of the US media group Time Warner, is retaining its British business and will continue to operate internet portals in Germany and France.

Google Pushing Downloads

It looks like Google not only wants to make their Google Pack free, but now they are paying people to get others to install it.

New, From Our 'Dumb Patents' Department - MS Invent The Cookie

From Techdirt: Microsoft Patents Multi-Domain User Tracking With Cookies

A patent for Tracking usage behavior in computer systems was granted to Microsoft Tuesday after the software giant explained how it can use invisible images and 'small sized cookies' to surreptitiously track visitors on its own and others' web sites." The claims seem to get fairly specific, concerning keeping the cookies small (as to be less resource intensive) and using the system across multiple domains (generally frowned upon for cookie usage) to track usage outside the single domain.

Voice Dictation Software: A Test Run of IBM's ViaVoice

I am writing this entire paragraph by dictating through ViaVoice. Well this takes much longer then typing something for me, at least now I am more productive. I have chosen not to correct the mistakes in this paragraph so you can see how accurate the voice is at translating might voice into text.

Google Doodles

Not sure what this has to do with anything search related but if Google releases a new tool, it's a law we have to mention it. Sketchup is a new 3-D modeling tool that lets you draw stuff in 3-d and move all around, great fun to play with, but don't know what good it will do you. Looking at the samples looks like someone had a little to much 20% time on their hands

Cornell Releases DNS Survey - Is Your Site Vulnerable?

Cornell recently released a study called "A Survey of DNS Security: Most Vulnerable and Valuable Assets" where they list the top nameservers that are vulnerable to attacks.

Carpal Tunnel: How Do You Combat It?

Over the last couple of weeks, my wrists have hurt so bad I'm starting to look into alternative ways to get information into the computer. Last week, my left hand was so weak, I couldn't lift a glass to drink or fork to eat. You'll notice this post is short: I can't type much beyond a couple minutes at a time before I must stop.

Think Partnership Buys Ice Rocket

It seems like once a month Think Partnership acquires another company. This time they bought the blog search engine IceRocket.

Google to Make AdWords API Commercial

Via SEW Google is going to open up the AdWords API to commercial use.

Google Calendar

Well Google launched their much hyped and much awaited calendar service. The new calendar service is social in that you can share it with selected people, let them see others using the service, and control the level of details they can see.

Yahoo! Instant Boredom

Yahoo! recently released Instant Search, which may be the most boring search release of 2006.

All Change At is now, with a 302 redirect in place (working with FF SEOpen extension, wouldn't know about your assorted scripts). New look to boot.

Via SEW Blog

DNS Cache Poisoning - Are You At Risk?

Are you open for DNS Cache Poisoning? Are your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) being redirected because an attacker has compromised your DNS and is now stealing your traffic? And possibly destroying your domain in the process?

Yes you are!

Didn't Like Web Accelerator / Prefetch? - Read On

Well, cacheing reaches new heights with this one:

Laptop comes preloaded with abridged Web

Squeezing Web onto a laptop

Got malware? M$ recommends nuke the systems from orbit

Jayesh Mansukhani has picked up a security advisory in which Microsoft admits that malware could totally destroy a system:

Fingerprint Protect Your Computer

Never knew these Gizmos existed, but you can plug one in to your USB port and only your fingerprint will allow access to the data. The Register reports a test on 3 of them ranging from £30 to £150. Worth looking at if you have something to protect on you computer?

Apple Supports Windows XP

Apple announced that you now can run OS X or Windows XP on Macs.

Apple® today introduced Boot Camp, public beta software that enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP. Available as a download beginning today, Boot Camp allows users with a Microsoft Windows XP installation disc to install Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac®, and once installation is complete, users can restart their computer to run either Mac OS® X or Windows XP.

Pair Completely Down

Not usual TW fare, but we all know lots of people who use Pair, so this might serve as a heads-up for those looking puzzledly at their stats -, and seemingly everything hosted with them, is down, and it's been like this for a couple of hours, at least for 2 sites we have with them.

Microsoft Shows Developers Mercy by Granting 60 Day Extension (For Some)

eWeek announces that Microsoft has given web developers 60 additional days to recode their site to prepare for the changes that will result in how ActiveX controls and java applets are interpreted by IE.

AJAX - Hot Or Not? - Java Experts Predict AJAX Will Be Huge. A selection of quotes from the TheServerSide Java Symposium. Sexy? No. Likely to solicit many responses at TW? Doubt it. Conspiracy theories built-in? No. Big? Almost certainly.