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Jack up your Blog

In a move reminiscent of 1999, Jaxtr comes about:


Open Source Spying Using Web 2.0

Will web 2.0 technology such as wiki's and blogs be able to provide better communication between government security organizations in the future? Open Source Spying takes a look at how security organizations today are experimenting with these tools to foster more collaboration and information flow.

Web censorship 'bypass' unveiled

A tool has been created capable of circumventing government censorship of the web, according to researchers. The free program has been constructed to let citizens of countries with restricted web access retrieve and display web pages from anywhere.

Typo Squatting Tool

Our own beloved Webprofessor has been busy in his SEO mad scientist laboratory and cranked out a script that generates a bunch of alternate Typo spellings and checks to see if they are registered or not.

Google SERP Embeded Map Link

Doing a bit of ego surfing this morning I noticed an embeded map link in one of the results. I've checked a couple other SERP's that I have verified the address for the company name and didn't see it anywhere. I like it I'm just not sure what's triggering it (screen shot after the jump)

Get Yer Free Google Checkout

In an effort to get more people using Google Checkout they are now making it free through the end of the year Official via Google Checkout Blog

Bush puts nuclear bomb plans on the web

Just wen you think it couldn't get any worse it turns out that Bush does something even more crazy.

The newspaper said the Bush administration started the site under pressure from congressional Republicans who had hoped to use the Internet to find new evidence of the dangers posed by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

In recent weeks, according to the Times, the site posted documents that weapons experts said contained detailed accounts of Iraq's secret nuclear research before the 1991 Gulf War that one diplomat called "a cookbook" for building an atom bomb.

How to make a threaded scraper in Python

DaveN has a good writeup of how he makes threaded scrapers - sorry - "Data collection applications" in Python.

Searchmash - No failure at all.

I read DaveN's post Google's Worst Product Ever regarding Searchmash earlier today and I had to reply to his rant.

Google launches Code Search

Google Code Search launched a short while ago. It allows you to search through public source code. For example, searching for "grep"

Pulling Threads...

is generally something that I think is quite evil in nature, but some core members at TW who were involved in heated debate with Doug told me they regretted it, and would prefer if their stuff was taken down.

So How Do You Browse Securely?

Ever since the AOL data leak I've become much more concerned about about keeping my self hidden. My browser is set destroy all but a handful of cookies every time it closes, but what I'm really concerned about is IP tracking.

Newbie SEO Tool - You Too Can Become an SEO Expert!

Quote: * The newbie seo tool will pick a great name for you. * Its completely free! We provide this service to help the community. * Your scientifically generated moniker will make you the envy of all the other seo's.

Google Toolbar Update - now includes Google Suggest and Google Bookmarks

Google Toolbar just updated on my machine offering a few new options including Google Suggest integrated into the search box and Google Bookmarks (which didn't work when I tried it).

Blogged about it and published some screenies here: Google Toolbar Updated

Kevin Rose Urinates on #1 Digger

Via Barry, Kevin Rose posted that Digg is updating their algorithm to require more diversity in Digg source patterns to pull weight in ranking / gaming Digg results:

Poisoning the Data Stream via Firefox Plugin

Ever since the AOL data spill and the subsequent "investigation" showing how easy it was to tie searches to real people I've been a lot more careful about my searching habits. I delete almost all cookies when I close a browser, and use proxy servers much more regularly. We even looked at a few ways of hiding your tracks with various methods but like many of you I found the solutions less than satisfying. I recently came across an alpha release of a firefox plugin called track me not which issues 'fake queries' to Google, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN in the background while you browse.

Web Spam Collection

From the academic community but I'm sure the engines are up to speed (maybe not MSN ;)).

"The volunteers were given these guidelines and asked to classify a set of hosts as normal, spam or borderline"....

Blogger upgraded

Blogger upgraded .... Dynamic pages, acdess control, labels, layouts, feeds, dashboard and google accounts ...

see the full details in

Google Launches Open Source Hosting

Google Code Project Hosting has launched, as announced this last week at OSCON.

I wonder if Google's interest in supporting the open source community will

IE7 To Rollout Via Windows Update

Naturally most people here don't drive in IE, but from the MSN Search point of view, what sort of traffic surge (spurt?) can we expect beginning the fourth quarter of this year?

IE Blog: IE7 to be distributed via Automatic Updates!