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Google could offer .goog domains - Frank

Frank Schilling suggests that Google could and should offer .goog domain names, in order to further their interne

No More Inktomi In Your Logs

From the Y! Search blog - Yahoo! Search Crawler, Slurp, is moving

Anyone who has seen their web server logs, has seen the Yahoo! crawler come by and leave its mark. It identifies itself as 'Yahoo! Slurp' and its domain is For those of you who follow the search space, you can easily guess that this is one of the last historic remnants from our acquisition of Inktomi a few years ago. Well, the crawler finally decided to move and find a new home. We are moving our crawler from to

My Achey Breaky Link Data

MSN pulls a Google and breaks the link command

Live Search's WebLog : We are flattered, but...

For those of you who use some of the advanced query syntax in our search engine such as link:, linkdomain: and inurl:, you may have noticed that this functionality has been recently turned off. We have been seeing broad use of these features by legitimate users but unfortunately also what appears to be mass automated usage for data mining. So for now, we have made the tough call to block all queries with these operators. shuts down its website in a panic, one of the oldest Myspace bot developers, sent out an email earlier today telling resellers to cease promoting its bots via myspace and 5 hours later sends a follow up letter that simply says: "We are unplugging the site due to the recent myspace news and communications."

which wordpress plugins?

I'm "advising" on a blog setup for SME. For safety-in-numbers, I told them to use WP. They'll need multi-author capability, trackback & comment spam protection, seo urls. They know jack about html, so some sort of wysiwyg editor (FCKeditor available for WP?).

K-Fed Gets into Search

Kevin Federline aka Mr Ex-Brittney Spears has launched his own branded search engine Search with Kevin, by searching you are entered in a contest and the "winner" gets a chance to party K-Fed at his birthday bash.

Add PageRank, Anchor Text, Link Status & NoFollow Data to Google's Webmaster Central Link Tool

Joost created a script, which you can use to add some data to the Google Webmaster Central Link tool page.

Bid Management Software Shares Bid Prices

BidBuddy lets the world see your bids:

BidBuddy, an Adwords bid management tool created by The Search Works leaks valuable Adwords data, such as CPC through its cookies. The bid management tool redirects visitors through the domain where it sets a cookie with the Adwords data.

Food For Thought -

Launched on Feb 20th, QuotationsBook is my new favorite quotations resource. A very cool 2.0 app.

Feedburner - Making Sense of Feed Data

Feedburner gives some context to the recent changes from google reader and how they affect your subscriber numbers. It's worth a read if that's an important metric for you FeedBurner's View of the Feed Market

Google: We Said Take More Notes

You would have thought with all the negative press from the Blake Ross Google Self Promotion fiasco they would be a little gun shy. However today I noticed Google adding "note this" to the SERP listings when you are logged into your google account

Firefox 3 to Support Offline Applications

Read/Write Web posted that the next major version of Firefox will support online applications offline:

Robert O’Callahan from Mozilla, who is based in NZ but drives the rendering engine of Mozilla/FireFox, spoke about how Firefox 3 will deliver support for offline applications. This is significant because you'll be able to use your web apps - like Gmail, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc - in the browser even when offline.

Social Media's Got Game with Wii and StumbleUpon

While many people are still trying to get their heads wrapped around social media one of the most under rated players in the game StumbleUpon is getting ready to move onto Wii gaming console. via TechCrunch

Powerset - A Semantic Google Slapper

A company called Powerset is talking a big talk about slapping Google around and 'propelling' themselves past G courtesy of a 'natural language' engine that they will be launching later this year.

Yahoo launches Pipes

From their website

What Is Pipes?

Quote: Pipes is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment. The name of the service pays tribute to Unix pipes, which let programmers do astonishingly clever things by making it easy to chain simple utilities together on the command line.

What is Google's VoIP Strategy?

When we think of Google, we generally think of the search stuff. But they own/lease lots and lots of dark fiber, have tons of computing power, and would love to own a bigger part of the Voice pie, too.

Stop Talking to Phone Machines

Sick of waiting on phone support from large corporations? Bringo navigates phone trees to get you through to human support.

BBC's Web-Based On-Demand TV Service Gets the Green Light

Want to catch up with your favorite programmes of the week and store them on your computer to watch when you want? Well the BBC's iPlayer will let you do just that and now seems to be a not too distant reality.

Welcome to iLawsuit

With the launch of the iphone Apple is back to suing bloggers again

Apple Bullies Bloggers, AgainVia techcrunch

Today Apple is engaging in similar tactics against a number of bloggers who simply reported on the fact that someone created a skin for Windows Mobile phones that looks exactly like the new iPhone user interface. See the images above - the Windows version is on the left, Apple’s version is on the right.

Share Three Tools

Everyone is doing top 10 lists, I thought it would be nice if everyone here shared three tools or applications that make online life easier or more productive. News is slow, another holiday is approaching, so why not begin the new year with a better tool set? Oh, and feel free to link out.