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Google SMS search discontinued without warning

Google's SMS search feature, where you could text a question to google and get a response, has been discontinued without warning.

Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site(s)

Don Campbell shared 5 steps to secure a WordPress site.

The world really needs another SEO browser. (A review of a very cool tool by its creator)

Jonathan Schikowski reviews a web browsing tool he created for viewing the internet as a search engine would.

Ever Wonder How Secure Your ISP Is?

If you used Hostagator, probably not as secure as you thought it was. Eric 

Google Glass hit $95,000 on ebay before being pulled

So some guy called "Ed from Philadelphia" posted up his google glass up on eba

Google Soon To Be The #1 ISP In The Country?

Interesting post about Google moving forward with their ISP service.

Google's Eric Schmidt, Urges Regulation Of Civilian Drones

Eric Schmidt recently commented on the civilian use of drones.

x-default hreflang for int'l pages here

"The new x-default hreflang attribute value signals to our algorithms that this page doesn’t target any specific language or locale and is the default page when no other page is be

A Google Free Chrome?

Many of you know that Google's browser Chrome is based on the WebKit framework.

Fat Joe Rank Checking...

A very handy little extension for Chrome that checks rankings of the site you're on for keywords you highlight.

Weekly Search Challenges at SearchReSearch

Have you tried joining any of the challenges here? That's one of those rare things that make me sad I have too little time.

Search Engine For Tracking Google Spam

{This has been sadly discontinued}

Bring back the Dinosaur video

Matt, explaining why they don't do away with the TBPR indicator.

MS Office: only for Windows tablets

The new Microsoft Office suite has launched!

Interesting video on knowledge base

and the way it's built. Snagged this video link ( from Bill Slawski's post yesterday: .

Microsoft Touch Surface Computers

Microsoft recently announced the release of multi point touch surface computers, which allow you to control the computer with your hands.

RFID Guardian - one flawed technology "protecting" against another

RFIDs are likely to become increasingly insidious. Equally concerning is the fact that people may think they're protecting themselves when really they might not be, according to this blogger.

Google: 10 percent of sites are dangerous

Last week Google published a study called The Ghost in the Browser: Analysis of Web-based Malware (PDF link) to war

Google Checkout now available in UK

The BBC reports that Google's Checkout payment service is now available to UK businesses.

Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask support Sitemaps auto-submission

Now, by just entering the URL to your Sitemaps XML URL listing in your robots.txt file, *all* search engines can automatically discovery it! Much more convenient than manually pinging each engine.