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What's Stirring Beneath the Skin of Apple?

There has been a buzz for a while now with regards to Apple developing their own search engine as opposed to using others.

The New Google Patent For Controlling Your Car Without Touching A Thing

This is actually scary:

Google Can Now Help You with Your Mortgage?

Google recently launched their version of a mortgage calculator.

Google Seeking Alpha Testers

Google is looking for volunteers to test out a new way to report search queries in Webmaster Tools.

Robot can now stand on its own without support or a wired power source

TechCrunch recently posted an article about the latest incredible humanoid robot, citing how the robot can now stand and move on its own without a wired power source.

Google Translate to Now Include Real-Time Automated Translation

Although Microsoft has introduced their version of a real-time automated translater that works through Skype, enabling voice to be translated into spoken and written word, Google recently announced

GM offers local search features to "in-car shoppers"

GM announced a range of new OnStar services, including one called AtYourSe

Update your Wordpress... or else!

Wordpress released a new version on 12/18 and it has a handful of new features which are nice, but not the main point.

Google shuttering Freebase; Transitioning data and APIs to Wikidata

Just spotted this on SEL:

Google Moves to Control Your House?

Back in January of 2013, Google announced they were acquiring Nest Labs for just over $3Billion in cash.

"No Captcha reCaptcha" is now more user friendly and more secure

Google recently introduced a new API for its spam detecting reCAPTCHA - calling it the "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" since it no longer requires users to figure out and type the distorted text they see.

Direct Traffic Reporting Bugs in Google Analytics Around Nov. 16th-18th?

Some routine traffic checks for clients (who shall remain anonymous) revealed some interesting anomolies in Google Analytics for direct traffic. Starting around Nov.

Firefox Includes as a Search Option

As a user I am often overly excited when they make headlines.

change of address tool updated in GWMT (that site rebrand nerds will appreciate)

Google will now help you confirm that redirects are in place properly with their souped up change of address tool among other things

here is a link with the deets:

Microsoft skips past windows 9 and jumps right to windows 10

According the the new york times, windows 10 will look a

Google Analytics & AdWords Bulk Account Linking

At last google have finally added bulk account linking.

How useful are link detox tools?

Barry Schwartz investigates if the Link Detox tool from Link Research Tools is valuable at all using a Google Webmaster Help

Alta Vista and Google Reader: Two more grave stones in the Internet Graveyard

In a press release buried between a flurry of other closings, Yahoo!

No more innovations from Google, Apple or Facebook?..

Wade Roush at Xconomy has a fun insight into how we've passed peak Apple, pea

10 Essential WordPress Plugins to Improve SEO & Usability

An excellent post describing WordPress plugins for enhancing usability & impro