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Is AI really "Stuck"? - Gary Marcus thinks so.

Within technology industry and beyond, AI seems to be the new buzzword.

Can Firefox 54 revive the browser's market share?

Mozilla has released Firefox 54 and makes great claims of it being considerably faster and less resource intensive.

Good to Know: Search Engine Robots, and others, 2017

There's a comprehensive assessment, from a webmaster perspective, of search engine robots detailed in a thread on WebmasterWorld.

Does Ecommerce tracking matters on URL in Google analytics?

Hi Everyone,

I'm working for a ecommerce store, currently it is on domain '', client wants to switch it on ''.

Link Search Operator at Google No Longer Operating

It's been years now since SEOs have been using the link search operator at Google  (e.g., and relying on it to provide meaningful data.

Google Removes Content Keywords from Search Console

Just a quick blurb of news today - Content Keywords has been removed from Search Console.

Google Keyword Planner Update - As Usual, A Few Jerks Ruined a Good Thing

I should have known better - there are always a few jerks who take a great thing and abuse it.

Mozilla's new Test Pilot add-on illustrates where SEO and User Experience collide

So Mozilla has a new browser add-on for Firefox called Test Pilot, which displays a link to the Wayback Machine whenever a user hits a 404 page.

Google still working on extending Search Console historical data

Two years ago Google said they would extend the amount of historical data in their Search Console from 90 days to 1 year.

Google Search Console to stop supporting CSV downloads

John Mueller announced on Google+ that the Python script which has been used to download and export query data in Google Webmast

Firefox exploit in the wild - it's a nasty one - update your copy of FF right now!

I just heard about the Firefox explot, in the wild, which has been patched by Mozilla, so they, and I encourage you to update to V 39.0.3 right away.

Google Autocomplete API Will Soon Be Restricted

Which means, effectively, that this is closing it down, unless you're using the CSE from that time.

The Best SEO Tool is Between Your Ears

Fathom on SEO Chat always has a perspective that's worth reading and thinking about.

Google I/O - Unlimited Image Storage and further venturing into Internet Of Things (IOT)

Oh boy, oh boy, but lets start with the most important message from Google I/O

Despite popular belief, Google can read JavaScript

SEOs have long stressed to their clients to use plain text as search engines can have difficulty reading JavaScript.

Google to Deprecate Escaped Fragments for AJAX Sites?

From SE Rountable:

Yandex: "Links - Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em"

From SEL:

Apple Might Just Let Go of Google as Their Default Search Engine

Not too long ago Firefox broke news that they were dropping Google as their default search provider and moving on to a five year partnership with Yahoo.

HTTP sees its 1st update in 16 years!

HTTP is updating to HTTP/2! According to this article in Gizmodo, benefits include:

Apple CarPlay Transforms Into an Actual iCar

Is this the final reach that sinks Apple, cutting into their $180 billion in cash, or is this the leap that puts Apple over the top with one of the first fully functional automated cars.