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Adgooroo - Adwords Competitive Intelligence Tool

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Added: Dont miss the first comment on this post. Adgooroo have kindly offered a discount to Threadwatch readers on top of the free month's trial.

You'll have to be the judge of this one, i know very little of adwords. The feature list looks rather impressive...

AdGooroo can answer a variety of strategic marketing questions, such as:

* Where, when, and how much are my competitors advertising? * What new competitors are entering my industry? * What new campaigns have my clients, prospects, or competitors launched in the past week? * What keywords are my competitors targeting? * How am I positioned relative to my competitors on my most profitable keywords? * Are any of my competitors making unauthorized use of my trademarks? * How have my competitors changed their ad copy over time? * How does my campaign compare to my top competitor’s?

Specific features include:

* Historical archive of competitors' ads * Trademark infringement search * Industry map * Detailed Keyword map * Detailed analysis of competitors' campaigns * Compare two campaigns in a side-by-side fashion * Diagnose "unhealthy" keywords and get recommendations on how to correct them.

Deep Linking - Inbound & Outbound

Thread Title: Link Deep or Link Shallow - Can deeper external links help you out? Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat member and Threadwatch regular randfish starts a mostly speculative debate on the benefits to be gained from large numbers of inbound deeplinks. The thread also covers outbound deep links.

I see two good arguments for why linking deep could be more beneficial than linking to the the homepage. First, it's logical to assume that a site with many links to its internal pages has good content (otherwise, why would links be pointing there) and it seems more 'natural' and 'organic'. Second, the boost to secondary pages will still provide the site with same overall PR amount if proper internal linking is conducted & hilltop algo could easily be tweaked by Google to include 'expert documents' helping to form an 'authority site'.

If this interests you and you missed this thread about calculating your deep link ratio then check it out while your at it..

Theories on the Mechanics of Queries & Future Algo Implimentations

Thread Title: googles signals and Load balancing Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEW member DaveN speculates quite convincingly on the mechanics involved in a Google search and at what point in the process big G would be able to inject additional ranking factors.

what if Google’s signals ran after the GWS got the speller chacker info and Ads, could they not run a blacklist, spam list, white list or just an extra filter via ip location making the results almost different of everyone… we guess that local search could go live on all G DC’s meaning that if you live in Washington DC and search of “mobile phones” a extra boost would be given to companies that operate from DC ,

what if you linked to a mobile phone site and your site was about coffee mugs then give you a -10 or -20 pen, would that not stop pr selling.. anyway food for thought

Good natured disagreement from fellow search geek Jeremy Goodrich follows and Dodger throws MapReduce and the infamous florida update theory into the mix.

Hard hitting stuff.

On a lighter note, Dave's drive for more repuation points appears to be going very well, the mans a born spammer, i tip my hat to him!

Linking to File Types .zip .pdf .exe - Adds Weight to Pages?

Thread Title: Variety of File Formats Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat memeber Jasontnyc talks about the possiblilty of linking from a page to various file formats like .zip and .exe giving extra weight to them for ranking.

The reasons I think the theory is valid: A variety of file types usually means a site with lots of information such as user guides, service info, etc which could be seen as a benefit Sites with .zip links probably are offering software downloads which could be seen as a benefit etc, etc

Until it's tested, that's exactly what it looks like of course, pure speculation but it is an interesting theory is it not?

The thread itself is interesting as a whole too, check it out... [ Warning ] Dodgy Avatar Alert!

Arelis - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Thread Title: arelis link building SEO software Thread Url: Thread Description:

Not using Arelis? - Me niether, but i have often thought about it. This thread has been going for about a month and is still going strong - Plenty of chit chat to wade through but if you're thinking of pulling out your credit card anytime soon it's well worth a look.

Here's a quote from seo-guy member seokid to give you a feel for it:

I'd say that about 50% of the sites are worth emailing if you set the keyword search to something vague like pharmacy or investing. But when you can have it find you 500 sites in about 20 mintues, I'll take the wading anyday. Total time is about 45 minutes from start to finish to find 500 sites and end up emailing about 200 - 250 of them. For that 45 minutes I'll get about 10 - 15 good link partners sometimes a bit more, has not been less than 10 yet. Those are not just reponses either but 10 - 15 sites that I would love to have a link from. On the other hand when I do a search for something like software, you get a lot of crap that you have to weed through.

Dynamic vs Static Sites & SEO - Dispelling a few Myths

Thread Title: Can a dynamic site beat a correctly SEO Static Site Thread Url: Thread Description:

It always amazes me just a little just how many professional SEO's and web developers just dont get the whole dynamic site concept. Even now, with oodles of great SE friendly CMS's and Cart systems available we still hear bollocks about PR, crawling and other such SEO related concerns.

This thread is about 50% chit chat, but the other half is well worth a look if you are in any doubt as to dynamic vs static site creation and ranking.

Nice contributions from admin PhilC of web workshop and others make this a enlightening read if you're not already up to speed.

Local Context Analysis - SEO's & Eggheads Unite

Thread Title: Local Context Analysis Thread Url: Thread Description:

More good stuff from SEW member orion, with some excellent dumbing down from kali.

Advanced LInk Aquisition Methods & Privacy

Thread Title: The Right way to Count Links? Thread Url: Thread Description:

WMW mod and SEW member DaveN talks about ways to count backlinks, filter results for viable and valuable potential link aquisitions and some advanced methods for scoping out sites without attracting the attention of Goolge through use of the dreaded toolbar.

I've had to wait a while whilst this thread developed but bethabernathy got a little more than she bargained for (as did the rest of us) when she asked a simple question about counting backlinks.

Thankyou DaveN, superb discussion filled with things to make and do :-) - here's a couple of quotes to give you an idea of what's in this one:

the way i do it, is spider the first 1000 results, then collect all the larger sites and remove them in the spider query and spider again then build a database

collect all the page rank of all the pages then run them throw a IP checker remove all the Urls from the same Class C and then start at the top in PR order..

and start requesting links

well i have not used toolbar since I became a mod at wmw, I reckon that google would soon pick up on forum urls That where private ... like the backrooms.. once they had found those from toolbar data my days would be numbered... so we developed a pagerank extactor that ran Via proxies and always checked an extra 80% of domains that i did not need...

Later I join a partnership with some computer hardware suppliers to always install the ISP dial-up that I own with the Googletool install and yes you guessed it they all go through my Proxies ... just to put up a larger smoke screen..

Defining the Sandbox

Thread Title: Defining the Sandbox Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat member and Threadwatch regular randfish takes a look at criteria that may help describe the diabolical sandbox effect. Im not certain I even have a personal opinion on sandbox but this is some of the better reasoning and speculation from SEO's and webmasters I've seen on the subject so it's worth a peek...

Search Geek Alert: Temporal Link Analysis

Thread Title: Temporal Linky Analysis Thread Url: Thread Description:

That clever bugger orion is at it again.. Way beyond me im afraid but I kinda got the basics of what he's talking about, and no nosebleed this time Hooray!

If your a member of the search geek star trekkers club then you'll most likely enjoy this one. Personally the only theories that interest me are theories on current/imminent algos not hypothetical/proposed ones but im a simple lad so...

The Positive & Negative Sides of Pay-per-Click

Thread Title: PPC Pitfalls? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Although this post does have some internal strife/bickering, there is some fantastic information on the downsides and strategies that can be used for Pay-per-Click advertising. Even a long-time user of PPC will find some tasty tidbits of information that can be put to use right away in this thread. Of particular interest are the lists of factors that can affect performance, and the measurement SEOs should be aware of to help calculate, track and learn from their SEO campaigns.

Who's Linking to You?

Thread Title: Finding ALL your Links! Thread Url: Thread Description:

clasione from SEOChat describes a method he uses to find links to his website. Others chime in with their opinions and their own methodology for finding the pages and sites that link to them. A very valuable concept and one that definitely needs a more robust tool to analyze and report.

CSS and On Page Optimization

Thread Title: SEO for Google using CSS Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nice little thread developing over at ihelpyou forums about ways in which one can use CSS to enhance on page optimization.

It's old hat to some, but i saw a site just today from an SEO that was still using *ugh!* font tags! - Sheesh, if your not doing this stuff already, get with program! ;-)

I cant help getting on my soapbox a little when it comes to CSS and XHTML - combine the 2 with SEO and I just have to jump in and start preaching heheh...

Bulk Checking Link Partners for Dupe Class C's

Thread Title: Links Directly to the Tool Thread Url: Thread Description:

As this post will almost certainly be deleted or edited beyond use at wmw (breaks their TOS) i've linked directly to the tool.

Essentially, you can put a bunch of domains in it, either through a form or from uploading a text file and it will flag dupe class C's in the list. - Proper!

Keyword Density - Fact or Myth?

Thread Title: Keyword Density: How Much Is Too Much Thread Url: Thread Description:

This thread, started back in August but recently revived, at WebProWorld starts off pretty well but 2/3's into the first post takes a dramatic nose dive as site admin CRich starts talking about sites being banned for too high KW density. If you can filter out the wild conjectures and outright rubbish however, it's a good read. Has some nice links to other threads at other forums also.

Spam can occur when your density exceeds what is the necessary amount to gain a respectable ranking.

Heaven help us all.....

Calculate Your Deep Link Ratio

Thread Title: Calculating Deep Link Ratio Using Yahoo Thread Url: Thread Description:

I just found this at researchbuzz (credited with the threadlink above) The article was written in Sept but apparently slipped most folks by, shame! - It's an absolute cracker of an seo tool devised by Roger Smolski of Text Link Ads that should add just one more nice tool to the seo essentials. At the time of writing i've only played around with it a little but my gut feeling is that it'll be damn useful in scoping out the competion at the very least.

Calculating Your Deep Link Ratio

"The DLR is defined as the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of a sites internal pages inbound links to the total inbound links."

The above link contains a step by step explanation of how to calculate this metric and some explanation of it's possible uses, here's a short excerpt:

It is based on the assumption that (in general), site wide text links placed on sites with extensive deep linking produce higher click-through ratios than those placed on sites with few or no deep links. This is our experience but like so many other factors in off-page optimisation virtually impossible to prove. As is another intuitively correct and similar premise that search engine algorithms show a preference for sites with extensive deep linking.

Interesting stuff...

Cloaking - Search Engines & Tricks of the Trade

Thread Title: Cloaking 101 - Questions and Answers Thread Url: Thread Description:

Im not waiting for somebody else to post this at Threadwatch, so im breaking my ideal of not posting my own threads again!

Fantomasters original post was somewhat buried in an odd thread about 302 redirects. The somewhat legendary industrial strength cloaker, Ralph Tegtmeier of kindly allowed me to quote his post in a new thread at SEW and ask some questions.

Never mind the bollocks, here's a quote to whet your appetite:

On SE's detecting professionally cloaked sites:

detecting cloaking reliably typically requires quite a bit of manpower. Sure you can pre-filter cloaking indicators automatically, e. g. by accessing and saving the site first as a search engine spider and following this visit up via some unknown IP not identified as a search engine spider. However, simply comparing the content automatically isn't reliable: there's so many sites out there displaying dynamic content, it can be real nightmare discerning what is actually legit by the SEs' standards and what isn't. Moreover, there's browser specific content delivery, printer-friendly pages, etc. etc. All this will incur massive overhead in the personnel department and, hence, will blow up costs. Considering that you'd have to cover billions of pages to weed out all cloakers, it only stands to reason that the search engines, while certainly not endorsing the practice, prefer to view cloaked sites as just so much tolerable white noise in their search results.

So while the risk is indeed real, to all practical purposes it's more of an academic scenario.

Do yourself a favour, take that damn hat off, whatever color it may be and get on over there and read it, facinating stuff, thanks Ralph!

Click Through Stats Based on SERPS Position

Thread Title: Click Through Statistics Thread Url: Thread Description:

HR Mod, Randy, provides some excellent info that he's researched regarding the number of clickthroughs one can roughly expect to obtain, depending on the position of your listing in the SERP.

Nothing written in stone here, but Randy does have a number of sites (I think mostly B2C), and a ton of data at his disposal.

Google Desktop Search - Major Security Threat?

Thread Title: Google Desktop Search: Security Threat? Thread Url: http:// Thread Description:

Check this out:

Using Google's new software on a shared computer at the Google booth at the Digital Life trade show floor I was able to easily search for, find, and read private Yahoo e-mail sent on the computer by previous users earlier in the day.

Marissa Mayer, Google's director of consumer Web products, told me she wasn't surprised. "This is not a bug, rather a feature," she says. Google always intended people to be able to index and search Web-based e-mail viewed and composed on PC, she says. Google Desktop Search is not intended to be used on computers that are shared with more than one person, she says.

Whether or not Google intended this, I take great pause at knowing any e-mail I write or read on a PC with Google Desktop Search could be called up and read by a complete stranger.

Thanks to inlogicalbearer who posted the link in this thread over at SEW

Some Good Info on the Alt Attribute

Thread Title: Alt Tags and Title Limitations Thread Url: Thread Description:

This thread started out with a bit of a weird post, but took a turn for the better by the third post as the purpose and intent of Alt attributes were further discussed. Plus I got a chance to say "make your site be the best it can be for your users and the search engines" again! :)