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Buying Links and Boosting SERPs

A user on WebmasterWorld points out that lots of folks are buying homepage links, and believes Google is still crediting them.

What You Need to Know About HTTPS

Now that Google is indexing HTTPS pages by default there are sure to be plenty of converts.

Bait and Switch Hacking is Back in Vogue - Watch Your Back

SEL reports that although bait and switch hacking is years old and was supposedly squashed, it seems to be working again for certain terms.

More App Love From Google - This Time to Search Console

You can now track app install button data in Search Console, if that's your thing.

Google Has Begun Indexing HTTPS Pages by Default

Their language is "...we'll start crawling HTTPS equivalents of HTTP pages, even when the former are not linked to from any page." They go on to say that, "when two URLs from the same domain appear

Google Drops "Web" and changes to "All" in SERPs - Significant Change

Google has dropped "Web" option from SERPs and now shows the word, "All."

There could be some real signifance to this change in dropping the word Web.

Washing Our Hands of Link Building

Links have been used as a ranking metric since the dawn of the search engine, but are we in the middle of a period of transition? Users on SEO Chat think (or at least hope) so.

Will 2016 Be the Year of the App?

Users on WebmasterWorld are talking about predictions and emerging trends in SEO for 2016 - it's a great topic so far.

Penguin Is Google's New Year's Resolution

Although a Penguin update was supposed to be on its way this month, Google's now saying that it probably won't happen until early 2016.

Accidental Disavow File Update and Reports of Traffic Boosted Significantly

How much of this is the result of an error overwring a disavow file, or as the result of other factors, is yet to be discovered, but either way, it's an interesting topic.

The Phantom Strikes Again?

Although Google hasn't confirmed it, some Webmasters believe that a third Phantom Update occurred on November 19, 2015.

New Google Search Quality HUMAN Rating Guidelines with Mobile Factors Released Nov 2015

Google wrote: "we recently completed a major revision of our rater guidelines to adapt to this mobile world, recognizing that people use search differently when they carry internet-connected device

Manual Actions on a Subdomain May Not Impact the Rest of the Site

John Mueller replied to a webmaster with an interesting issue recently. They kept a dev site as a subdomain of their main site.

Google introduces RankHeart to balance out RankBrain Algorithm

How RankBrain Changes Entity Search

Google Rolls Out RankBrain; Wayback Machine Adding History Search; Another Penguin Coming

Stories in Yoast SEO weekly recap: Google Rolls Out RankBrain; Wayback Machine Adding History Search; Another Penguin Coming

Google Scores an Own Goal in "Code Push" That Buried its Competitors in Mobile SERPs

Google appears to have given its competitors more ammunition in their fight over its "biased SERPs" when a "code push" appears to have demoted its competitors in mobile SERPs, and favouring its own

Reasons to Study How Users Interact With Your Page

Google's recently released Search Quality Rater Guidelines emphasize user satisfaction and usability more than they have in the past, it seems.

Google's Releases Full Search Quality Ratings Guidelines

It's a big ol' 160 page pdf but according to SEL it's a pretty good read. If

Two by Two, the Zombies Go Marching In

Zombie traffic in the world of organic search, not to be confused with the different species of zombie that plagues the world of PPC, is still a problem for many webmasters.