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AMP URLs Will Be Changing Soon

AMP cache URLs have been showing up as coming from - but soon they'll be coming from instead.

Will the Front Page of Google SERPs Be Fully Paid Search in the Future?

Google is testing a new format for the front page that pushes organic results so far down the page that they're almost off of it.

How Google is Fixing Fake News

Despite all of our technological advances, humankind is still vulnerable to lies and manipulation.

Images Are Appearing in Mobile Sitelinks

It's just like it sounds - images in text ads are appearing as sitelinks in Google.

Individual Sitelinks are Back, Baby

The row of sitelinks at the bottom of listings that appear for generic queries has returned. Gary Illyes's comments seem to imply that their removal was a bug.

Bing? Mobile? Pssshaw!

Christi Olson from Bing has said that they "have no plans to do a Bing 'mobile first' index."

The Mobile-First Index Experiment Begins

Google has already started testing the waters for its mobile-first index - what do we need to know?

200 Ranking Factors: Old Myths Never Die

Search has changed tremendously in the past couple of years. Is the notion of 200 ranking factors now outdated?

Three Pack To Be ALL "Sponsored" With Google's New Home Service Ads

Detailed post with answers directly from Google regarding ALL organic listings in the 3-pack being sponsored. 

Google Has a New AMP Testing Tool

Similar to how mobile was a big deal and got its own tool, there is now a tool for you to test if your AMP pages are working correctly.

Google: The Machines Will Probably Not Take Over

At PubCon last week, Gary Illyes said that there will probably always be a place for humans in Google's search algorithm.

Google is Labeling Your Links

In an interview with Gary Illyes of Google, Illyes revealed that Google's manual action team has the ability to look at your links and read their "labels."

Building Links - and Relationships

On WebmasterWorld, users are discussing the state of link building without PR.

Google goes retro with its new blog called "The Keyword"

Can you beleive it, Google has chosen a retro name for its new blog, "The Keyword"

Old Penguin Penalties Should Start Lifting Soon

The big news today is that the part of Penguin 4.0 that evaluates old penalties will start rolling out soon.

Link Building Mistakes

The pros and newbies of WebmasterWorld have gathered to talk about some common link building mistakes.

Penguin 4.0: Some Things Change, Some Things Stay The Same

Penguin 4.0 has some features that are very new - but that doesn't mean everything has changed.

Penguin 4.0...for real this time

Google launched Penguin 4.0 this morning. It is said to be more granular, focusing more on spammy pages rather than websites as a whole.

Possible Google Mobile Update Causes Widespread Drop In Rankings

Few things can cause such a stir in the SEO world as a significant change in Google rankings, not least because such changes are so unusual.

Code to Text Ratios Have ZERO Impact on Your Rankings...But May be Indicative of Other Problems

John Mueller gave a direct and simple "No," to answer the question of whether code to text ratios are a ranking factor.