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Penguin 3.1: Google's Way to Say Thanks on the Thanksgiving Weekend?

Google Penguin is rumo

Google May Not Index or Rank Tabbed Content

Google rep John Mueller confirmed in a Google+ hangout session that Google may treat content that is tabbed differently than content that is immediately visible to users.

Everybody's talking algos this week

It's only Wednesday but there seem to be a surprising number of articles about Google algorithms. I found three on three different sites by three different authors that all kinds of tie together.

Groupon Begins Entering the Search Market?

In addition to Yelp allowing users to write reviews and give a particular business a star rating, Groupon is now featuring a more interactive website targeting businesses owners and users to get mo

Baidu Takes Off the Training Wheels; Reports $2.2 Billion in Q3 revenue

Chinese search engine Baidu officially took off it's training wheels, so to speak, reporting over $2 Billion in revenue for Q3 2014:

TODAY >> Bill Hartzer is on Reddit AMA (Ask me anything)

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Google expands Knowledge Graph to include video games

Google has expanded its Knowledge Graph to include video games.

Monetized Google Suggest or Google Suggest Direct for Brands?

Brian Jensen shares an

Google recommends HTTPS sites for organic visitors, just not those for their Trusted Store?

In an odd piece of irony, sites in Google's Trusted Store Program are currently experiecing issues if they are on the HTTPS protocol: 


Google Penguin 3.0 is refreshing over the weekend (will continue for weeks)!

[Update: Google Penguin is now confirmed]

Is the only thing Google fears Amazon?

This was trending yesterday:

Google: We Won't Be Updating Toolbar PageRank

SEORoundtable reports Google says PageRank is finally dead and that last update was a "mistake"

Follow-Up to Facts & Answers in SERPs - 5 SEO's Weigh In

As a follow up to my last post, here's 5 SEOs weighing in on the topic of structured snippets and Facts/Answers appearing in the SERPs, including our own Ann Smarty:

Answer Boxes appearing more and more in Google SERPs

Found this on Search Engine Land:

Google Announces Panda 4.1 rollout

This one sounds like it may help sites and interestingly, it mentions different locales hmmm...I wonder if that is refering to francise sites with location based pages

Expired domains and auction sites as Google's spam signal?

Cyrus Shepard just tweeted this question based on this arti

"An improved box within search results" rolled out... Still not good news for publishers

By searching "" in Google, you can now search synonyms

Google stops showing who wrote what in its search results ~ Declared DEAD by Google's John Mueller

Engadget reports on G+ post by John Mueller: 

Google Penguin Penalty Removal Can be Guaranteed… But Recovery Can Not. by Jim Boykin

Rich snippets effect on Google's knowledge graph

Here's a great article by AJ Kohn looking into the rich snippet algorithm