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Is there a Google update happening?

Apparently, a number of third party sources are claiming there there is some shuffling of rankings in Google:

Wait...What? "56 pct of All Ad Impressions Are Not Seen"

I was scanning WMW and this stopped me in my tracks:

News publisher SF appeal claims adsense warned that " has three days to remove editorial content that violates its advertising policy"

Apparenty, there is some drama  and  advertising policy intrigue between the SF Appeal and Google Adsense ...

Matt Cutts extending his leave until 2015

Matt Cutts is extending his away time into 2015 and he is not not sure if he's gonna come back... here is the quote:

Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace where people buy illegal drugs online

I'm watching drugs inc and apparently there are now online market places where people are buying drugs online and it even has reviews :/

Google Coercing Independent Musicians Into Joining a Spotify Competitor

Google is reportedly planning on launching a competing service to Spotify and Pandora.

The Anatomy of a Google Smear Campaign

What follows is the story of my good friend Ann Smarty's community being the target of a Google smear campaign.

Google Gives More Money To The GOP

Google is

Evidence That Google Chooses Increasing Profits Over User Security

CNET is reporting that Google has removed several apps from the chrome web

Is Google Allowing The NSA Access To Your Google Analytics Account?

I haven't noticed until now that Google Analytics happens to be one of the last Google products that isn't using SSL by

Rap Genius Gets Spanked By Google

As many of you know by now, Rap Genius was recently penalized by Google

Google Accidentally Adds New Privacy Feature To Android, and Then Immediately Removes it.

Android 4.3 originally shipped with a privacy feature that allowed users to pick and choose what data an app could collect on a device.

Google Wants All Of Your User Names And Passwords

Google is currently developing a new security platform called, U2F (Universal 2nd Factor).

Google is Astroturfing to Sway Public Perception.

This is very interesting! 

Black Hat Is Dead, White Hat Is On The Run.

Back when the Boston marathon suspects were running from the police, my buddy Kenny Hyder tweeted what seemed like the most poetic

Does Google favor sites they fund through Google Ventures?

About a month ago Jacob King wrote an interesting post on his blog about how ranks so well in the search results.

Google Likely Penalized TechCrunch

Our story begins yesterday when user GrowMap submitted a story about a change in how Technora

Either you will have to log in to use the adwords KW tool or google is replacing it with the planner tool...WUT?

Today, when I tried to use the non-logged in google adwords keyword too

How Widespread is Corruption at Wikipedia?

Salon has an article, Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia, about a rogue making edits.

Conspiracy Behind the Closing of the Google Affiliate Network

Jonathan Goodman started up a new podcast recently, and one of his first shows was The Google Affiliate Network Consp