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Chicago Tribune - No Stock Prices For You!

Responding to a preference for online information the Chicago Tribune drops stock prices.

Traditional Publishers Opening Up to the Web (and Search)

A couple traditional publishers are putting more effort into web content.

Business 2.0, Fortune, and Fortune Small Business's website content are now free.

Newsvine Invites: Want One?

A while ago we posted on Newsvine, a news start up that allows people to comment on the news. They just beta launched and I have a few invites to give away.

Google and Dell Co-Branded Home Page

Google who already has a co-branded homepage for firefox took the next step and created a co-branded page with Dell. Story posted by Phillip Lessen

MicroSoft Censors Bloggers

Always good at public relations, MicroSoft recently decided to remove a well known Chinese journalist's blog from their MSN Spaces:

CD Rights Protected, Usefulness Not...

Cory Doctorow, long time lover of all things DRM, recently found out that the new Coldplay CD comes with bogus usage guidelines that treat Coldplay customers like criminals.

Nick W Interviews John Battelle on FM Publishing

Nick scores and interview with John Battelle about his new blog advertising product Federated Media Publishing

Book Authors Blog on Amazon

Blogs help sell books, allegedly. Not sure how site authority and internal link structure will play into it, but Amazon has launched a program to allow authors to blog on the site.

Bloggers Wising Up to Spamsense?

Google has been pushing hard to index and organize every type of content they can get their bots on. Companies have sued. Bloggers have blogged it and loved it.

Amongst the bloggers even the tech elite have remained clueless as to what some companies are facing. It seems as though Om is just starting to piece together 2 + 2:

Om Malik - "I've been robbed"

Under the headline Wholesale Blog Plagiarism … Alert the good Om Malik has apparently just found out that blogs, as well as anything else, can be scraped. If he does not know that this goes on, then I don't know where he has been for the last few years. Rather poignantly it was posted on Christmas Day

The New York Times Has a Blog

The New York Times takes a step into the Blogosphere with a real estate blog. Sprinkled throughout are some nice straight HTML links.

Guardian goes "Blackhat"

The (UK) Guardian newspaper decides that it too can do this "SEO thing".

After detailing cutting-edge techniques such as adding keywords to metadatas, hidden text and the use of "Britney Spears", it decides to boost its own fake site to the top of the SERPs.

MSN partner with the British Library

Hot on the heels of publishers announcing they're digitising their own booksMSN has announced they're Partnering with the British Library to digitise 100,000 books in the next 12 months, focussing mainly on those which are out of copyright.

Blogosphere Going to Shit?

With the growing number of legitimate blogs and massive automated content generation hitting central blog services hard Graywolf wonders if the Blogosphere is failing to scale.

HowStuffWorks Works Better with Major Funding

HowStuffWorks just had a major infusion of cash:

FeedBurner Creates Interactive Feeds

FeedBurner just announced FeedFlare, which allows you to make your feeds interactive by showing top tags, Technorat

HarperCollins to Digitize Books

HarperCollins announced they are digitizing their book catalog and will control search indexing of it's content. Tracks Blogs, Adds User Generated Content

Not too long ago we mentioned NewsVine, a fledgling news start up that allows users to comment on the news. just relaunched, offering the same feature, plus the ability to track the top blogged news stories.

Business Week Axes Asian and European Editions to Focus on the Web

McGraw Hill who owns Business Week has decided to shut down it's Asian and European print versions of the magazine to focus it's efforts on the online versions. McGraw Hill News Release

The piper is knocking

The scraper model may fail eventually.

Publishers Warn They Can't Keep Letting Internet Search Engines Make Money From Their Content