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Sorry, Anonymous Scaredy Cats, But Your Days May Be Numbered

The United States' New Jersey state legislature is apparently considering a bill that would disallow anonymous speech on forums. While this may be insignificant in the sense that the NJ state legislature can only legislate New Jersey, the proposed bill is bold in its attempts:

Big Daddy knee-capping UK forums?

Peter Hale at Teneric alerted me to the fact that a number of UK business forums are getting toasted in Big Daddy results.

Site results are not simply showing a lot of content being shifted to the supplemental index, but also listed URLs that are nonsensical.

RSS Users Love It - They Just Don't Know It

Here's a really good article from MarketingSherpa, called 50 Million US & UK RSS Users Do Not Know They Use RSS -- How to Reach Them. It's complimented by a set of slides, two sample web pages and a pdf report from Yahoo/ipsos

MPA on the Prowl ( Again ) for Lyrics Sites

Hold on to your hats the MPA (Music Publishers Association) is due to send out cease and desist notices to lyrics sites with ads on them in March. Interestingly they have decided to not go after sites the do not include advertising. This opens the question, in my decidely non legal mind, is it proper for a company to selectivley enforce its intellectual property restrictions? Does the intentional lack of enforcement imply a forfeiture of rights?

When Does the Blogosphere Become Saturated? Where Will the Next Hype Lie?

Malcolm Gladwell, one of my favorite authors, recently started a blog. Hip, cool, etc.

On the other end of the spectrum, MC Hammer just started a blog.

WSJ starts ambulance chaser Blog

The Wall Street Journal started a free blog covering law issues in the beginning of January. The posts are well written and insightful but seem to be lacking something.

Killer Content Site for $200,000ish?

The WELL was one of the pioneers in online discussion forums. Apparently the site is up for sale with a book value of $200,000, and they haven't found a taker.

Blogger Database Screw Up....How Stable is Google?

Greg Linden recently posted about troubles with some Blogger databases. Instead of backfilling eronious databases Google wanted bloggers to cut and paste their entries back into the system:

Oh, the Irony! Yahoo Employees On Usability

Yahoo employees Jeremy Zawodny and Tom Coates have recently had some interesting conversations regarding structuring data on the web (see Zawodny here, Coates here). Here's a summary of their basic principles for presenting data on the web:

Playboy, Protecting More Than Just the Articles

Playboy has a lot of assets to protect, both online and offline, and CEO Christie Hefner has an interesting philosophy about protecting content, via: baseline

Newspapers Syndicate Blog Content

While the debate about whether bloggers are journalists or not continues, some online and offline publishers are breaking down barriers and republishing blog content in newspapers.

Valentine's Day Special: Cory Doctorow Loves Google Book Search

Cory Doctorow posted about why he loves Google book search:

The reality is that the biggest threat to book-writers and publishers is that their works are simply invisible to people who get all their information from the Internet. Google Book Search makes our books visible to those people. In so doing, Google will save our asses from oblivion.

Linkology of the Bloggers

Linkology is actually just a sidebar article for an upcoming cover story (Blogs to Riches) in New York magazine, but it includes a pretty nifty graphic of linking patterns of the top 50 blogs.

Time Warner Turns the Page on the Book Market

Time Warner announced they are offloading their book publishing division.

Time Warner Inc. is selling its book publishing division to the French media and defense conglomerate Lagardere SCA for $537.5 million, the companies announced Monday.

Blogging and Podcasts from WEF, Davos

Well, I haven't seen this before. Podcasts and blogging from the World Economic Forum 2006 in Davos, Switzerland.

A guy called Loic Le Meur did the blogging and apparently managed to compile podcasts with people like George Soros, Nicolas Negroponte, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Kofi Annan...

More Newspapers Taking the Piss at Google

Google is being questioned on copyright law on just about every front. Today is the World Association of Newspapers turn up to bat. From Reuters:

Article Banks: Content Thieves?

Martinibuster posted a thread in the WMW supporters section about finding his content articles stolen and syndicated across many article banks. releases FireFox extension for blogging

Well, I may be jumping the gun on someone else's post but that's what I get for being late night left-coast time.

Nick Wilson's crew at have released a new version of their firefox extension. You can get it now, or wait for the official release tomorrow.

Blogger takes on blog spam (with a poorly aimed slingshot)

I've been writing a sports-related blog on Blogger now for about 18 months - no advertising on it, never made a penny from it, never intended to, etc. Just me yapping about my favorite teams.

Yahoo! Loses Nazi Case, Again

A U.S. judge threw out a lawsuit aiming to overturn the French court decision about Nazi memorabilia on Yahoo!

Content reaching across borders is evidently responsible for how it is seen in other nations: