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Google Picasa Web Albums

Via Werty, Google is now doing online photo storage at Picasaweb:

Music Videos Getting More Expensive

The WSJ reported that Warner and Universal are cutting video distribution partners to try to squeeze out a few more cents:

Vivendi SA's Universal Music Group pulled its music videos from Cablevision Systems Corp.'s Fuse network, and Warner Music Group Corp. told Yahoo Inc. to stop showing its music videos, in unrelated disputes over licensing fees and other issues, according to people familiar with both matters.

Google Wimps Out to Belgians

Apparently censorship in China is just one of many cases of Google giving in to a government. Google just did an about face in Belgium. If you look at right now, you will see the recent court rulings on Google's home page.

Seth Godin Wants a Tweak

Seth Godin wants someone to Tweak his website

Belgian Court Challenges Google Cache & Deep Linking

A newspaper company in Belgium challenged Google news's snippets and pictures as well as Google's's pictures from their news sites. The judge decided with the plaintiff.

Chilling Effects has the details on the case outcome:

Warner Licenses Music to YouTube

YouTube's model just got validation from Warner Music, which will announce a revenue share partnership with YouTube today. The deal not only allows Warner Music to receive royalties on music they upload, but also for music uploaded by fans:

Accessing Orphan Pages and Tree Traversal is Illegal Hacking

Somebody tell the search engines that if a page is not linked from the site nav or elsewhere, it's private and accessing it via direct URL manipulation is "hacking". At least that seems to be what the Governor of California wants us to believe. Oh, and hackers are criminals, too. Funny, not only were the "private" MP3 files on a public web server, with public access permissions, but they were also set to "archive" so they appear in the Google cache.

AT&T to Launch Web TV Service

From the Financial Times comes news that AT&T is getting into the WebTV business:

AT&T, the biggest US telecommunications group, is to launch an internet TV service that will enable subscribers to view a selection of live and streamed TV channels on their PC over any wired or wireless broadband connection for $20 a month. Launches Movie Download Service recently announced the launching of their movie download & rental service:

Hacked Stories Appear In Google News

Looks like Mr. Hacker is keeping himself busy.

Google News Archives

Google added archives to their news search product, allowing you to search 200 years of news content.

They offer a timeline of events, link to related news articles, and link to related web search results near many of the news articles. Interesting to see how they extract what a news article is about.

All Effective SEO Techniques Are Legitimate

SEO Blackhat just posted a wide array of examples of large businesses blatently violating Google's TOS, including massive automated content generation.

Download Out of Copyright Books from Google Books

Google Books is now allowing users to download books that are out of copyright in PDF format. Here's an example page where you can download Dante's Inferno.

Are We Closing In on the End of Mass Marketed Paid Media?

Consider the following:

YouTube working on a deal to give music videos on its site SpiralFrog inks a deal to give away free downloads of Universal Music's catalog

Does Being a Good Book Author Make You a Good Blogger?

I was checking my feed reader this evening and one of my favorite book authors updated his blog. While reading I thought to myself, I subscribed to this blog because I liked his books, but I can't ever recall reading a post on his blog that I liked nearly as much as his printed works.

Daily Telegraph Steals From Blogger Word for Word

The Daily Telegraph may be the first newspaper ever caught stealing content word for word from a blogger. How dumb is that?

Claire Zulkey of Media Bistro posted a a funny piece this last Thursday.

Melissa Whitworth of The Daily Telegraph’s New York bureau must have liked it, because she posted it word for word without permission or attribution.

Microsoft to Turn Gamers Into Video Game Makers

Microsoft is looking to increase the talent pool and have a first to market and broadest content advantage with their gaming system by turning gamers into video game makers:

Microsoft Corp., in a nod to YouTube, MySpace and other popular sources of user-generated content, says it wants to turn ordinary players into console game makers.

Making Lemonade from Political Lemons

Over the past few months I've noticed something here at Threadwatch, the political debates seem to be becoming more and more frequent. While I reserve judgment as to whether I feel that's good or bad, the one thing I do see is opportunities to gain traffic.

Nick Denton Shorting Blogs

Nick Denton recently announced that he is selling a couple blogs and laying off some employees.

Netscape vs Digg: Meta Journalism LOVES SEOs

The next version of Digg will contain many news categories. Today the new version of Netscape, as a Digg Clone with a few editorial anchors launched.