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US Government Wants US Bloggers to Register

Legislation has been proposed in US Congress to enact a law requiring US bloggers with 500+ readers to register with Congress. Via

Engadget Gets 10 Million Page Views about the iPhone

While I was griping about Engadget clogging my feedreader all week they were busy getting some major traffic from the Apple iPhone this week Techcrunch

Jason Calacanis, the former CEO of Engadget’s parent company, Weblogs, Inc., told me earlier today that the site had nearly 10 million page views on Tuesday when they covered the iPhone announcement - ten times their normal traffic of a million or so page views per day.

Shoemoney in the New York Times

Fellow TW editor Shoemoney gets a mention and a link drop in The New York Times - The Lazy Top 10 Anything

Yahoo - We Support API's

Yahoo giving a little smackdown to Google who recently stopped supporting API's by reminding people of all the offerings they have Yahoo! Search blog: Power Your Search Apps with Yahoo! Search APIs


Maybe I'm late to the party, but this morning I noticed one of my sites is showing Adsense - with an image of the Google logo in the "Ads for Google":

Wikipedia Founder May Get Into Selling Market Research Data

Jimmy Wales is pushing Wikia, the for profit arm of the company associated with Wikipedia. Wikia is to offer free software and hosting via Open Serving to anyone looking to create software using MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia:

New Slant on User Generated Content

Vimo, a comparison shopping site for healthcare, is offering $1USD for every review of a doctor that a contributor makes to the site. Contributors must be in the U.S., and reviews are subjected to editorial scrutiny prior to being accepted.

Matt Cutts Devours Babies?

Digital Ghost explains his disgust of linkbait:

I’m a country boy, and the first thing I think of when someone mentions ‘bait’ is ‘trap’. That’s exactly what linkbait has become. The lure for a trap. Sensationalist headlines crafted for the sole purpose of luring readers into a story that is either devoid of truth or a story that contains a mere hint of truth.

Yahoo Strip Mining Google Answers

I have to admit I really love this move by Yahoo, sending out an open invitation to all the researchers google sent packing when they closed Google answers yesterday. See Yahoo: Got Answers and Nowhere to Share Them?

IAC to Make a Local Play

Via MarketingVox comes news that on December 4th IAC will create a new service that merges Ticketmaster, maps, Citysearch, Evite, and They are going to launch it under the brand AskCity, but outside of that it sounds like they had a great idea.

California Supreme Court Says Web Publisher Isn't Liable for Defamation

California Supreme Court says web publisher isn't liable for defamation for publishing 3rd party comments:

The court, in a unanimous decision, said those claiming defamation can only sue the original source of the allegedly offending comments, not publishers or distributors, even if the distributor is an individual.

Universal sues mySpace over music

Was wondering when it would roll around to other social sites:


Google mistake spreads email worm

Google on Tuesday inadvertently sent the Kama Sutra email worm to the 50,000 subscribers of a Google Video email group.

Three postings were made on Tuesday evening to an email list that sends out postings to the Google Video blog. "Some of these posts may have contained a virus called W32/Kapser.A@mm — a mass-mailing worm," Google said in a note on its website apologising for the incident.

Gannett to Turn Readers into Newsgatherers

Wired published an article about Gannett using crowdsourcing to lower content costs and leverage readers as free workers:

Gannett, the publisher of USA Today as well as 90 other American daily newspapers, will begin crowdsourcing many of its newsgathering functions.

Google Buys Wiki Maker Jotspot

Google bought wiki software maker Jotspot:

Google Inc. has purchased JotSpot, a provider of collaborative online tools known as Wikis, according to an announcements on the official Googel and JotSpot Web site.

Googlebombing Back in the News

This time focused on a group of bloggers who are using "the Google" (really? the one the President uses??) to push articles with unfavorable views of competitors.

Fifty or so other Republican candidates have also been made targets in a sophisticated “Google bombing” campaign intended to game the search engine’s ranking algorithms.

MSN Soapbox - YouTube "rival"

Don't think this has been mentioned here yet, but the BBC are reporting that MSN have soft launched a YouTube rival named Soapbox, currently in invitation only Beta.

And so it begins - Universal sues video-sharing websites

One week they make a deal with YouTube - the next they start the lawsuits:

Quote: In separate lawsuits, Universal alleged that – recently acquired by Sony Pictures Entertainment – and had built up traffic by encouraging users to share music videos from its artists without their permission. In one incident, it claimed a video for the Mariah Carey song “Shake it Off” was viewed more than 50,000 times on Grouper without the company’s permission.

Citizendium - Wikipedia For Grownups.

The Citizendium Project will begin life as a Wikipedia dump, moving on to become updated, modified, and, by implication, improved and rendered more accurate via the contributions of folks aged over 25 with proven higher education qualifications.

Google Documents - Yawn

Google killed the Writely brand, and integrated it's document editing software with Google Spreadsheets at