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MSN Spaces is Live - The End of Blogging as we Know it?

Thread Title: MSN Spaces will make blogs communication tools Thread Url: Thread Description:

MSN's new blog service has launched whilst I was sleeping and although it seems you're kind of stuck with their templates I must say it looks pretty damn slick..

I set up a Test Blog for Threadwatch! - please go spam the comments, i want to test it out some more. Does anyone know if this integrates with Messenger in any way?

Forresters Charlene Li has all the details and some interesting commentary on what this will mean:

Notice a trend here? There’s heavy integration of Spaces into the whole MSN communication suite of email and instant messaging. I think this is very smart, especially as MSN hopes to attract a new audience group to blogging. The next wave of bloggers is going to look very different from today’s blogger – their motivation will be on sharing experiences rather than having a place for their ideas and opinions. The integration puts the blog in context of other communications, such as email and IM. If you’re about to email me, you’ll see my latest post/photo – instant context setting and traffic generation to my blog. If you mention the blog posts in an email/IM, I’ll have even more incentive to keep blogging. That integration distinguishes MSN Spaces from other services like Lycos’

Now blogging is going to seriously hit the mainstream and we will indeed see blogs used for an entirely different purpose - to me it's all good, but I can hear the beginnings of outrage out there in the jungle as blogging is opened to the MSN'ing hordes...

Building a Metadata Based Website as Opposed to Traditional CMS System

Thread Title: Building a Metadata Based Website as Opposed to Traditional CMS System Thread Url: Thread Description:

A real nose bleed job if ever i tried to read one at 1am when i really should be tucked up in bed. This lengthy article serves as both an introduction and tutorial in metadata based IA and site design. Not everyones cup of tea for sure but an interesting read for some Threadwatchers i reckon. Enjoy...

PPC Journalism - A New Model for Content Creation and Decision?

Thread Title: In Chile, instant Web feedback creates the next day's paper Thread Url: Thread Description:

In Chile there's a big media buzz over a 100yr old boring middle of the road newspaper that has been using click stats to determine what the following days edition will contain. THe LUN is currently Chile's most popular paper.

Essentially, clicks are counted per story and the what proves most popular helps decide the next days topics. Clearly any intellectual or stimulating content goes right out of the window with such a system as it quickly devolves to the lowest common denominator - in a week where world leaders gathered in Santiago for a trade meeting the newspapers ( ) readers were reading about what Colin Powell had for dinner and about a scantily clad waitress.

Sounds okay to me...

Pop media driven by the people, pretty neat idea i think though the paper insists it's not a tabloid. Story came in via techdirt

Paying for Online Content - Poor Figures and Dismal Future

Thread Title: The right price for cyberspace Thread Url: Thread Description:

Every now and again you hear rumbles of "the free web cannot last" and the like from somewhere or another, it's become a regular part of the underlying debate on the internet itself.

The struggle to fleece consumers continues though despite seriously shite figures from the first half of this year. This FT report comes in via PC and makes for a good read. The upside of paid content is the emergence and almost certain boom in mobile content delivery - subscribers are used to paying for starters and carriers are adept at sneaking costs and profit margins in as "usage costs".

MSN Expected to Launch Blogging Service this Week

Thread Title: MSN Readies New Blogging Service Thread Url: Thread Description:

Yahoo are reporting that MSN will launch their rival to blogger, blogspot, livejournal and typepad this week by taking the dust sheets off of MSN Spaces which has been in beta since August.

My oh my, the blog market just gets hotter by the minute doesnt it? - Put this together with the recent beta launch of the new MSN Search and I'd say M$ are starting to look like contenders rather than clowns in this space.

Chikita Under the Microscope - T&C's Examined

Thread Title: And you thought AdSense had tough T&C's... you haven't seen Chitika Thread Url: Thread Description:

TW member Jenstar takes a close look at new contextual ad network Chitika that launched this month.

Some interesting things caught my eye when I took a peek at Chitika's terms and conditions. Things started to sound familiar... very familiar... So familiar, in fact, that it turns out Chitika decided to take the February 18, 2004 version of Google's AdSense terms, and use the entire "Prohibited uses" for themselves. What did they change? Google to Chitika, "ad unit" to "paid listing unit", and other minor specifics like that.

Makes for very interesting reading for contextual ad guys and girls..

RSS Feeds, Blogs & Duplicate Content Penalties

Thread Title: RSS Feeds, Blogs & Duplicate Content Penalties Thread Url: Thread Description:

5StarAffiliates aka Linda Buquet points out something that many must have thought about during the current RSS explosion.

Some of the big popular blogs probably have tons of people displaying their feeds and creating plenty of duplicate content. To me, this is similar to merchants who have lots of affiliates displaying their product datafeeds.

Do you think Google will some day penalize sites for displaying blog content the way it is suspected they may possibly be penalizing sites for duplicate affiliate content?

It's something I was talking to rc about roughly a year and a half ago but now it comes to the forefront of savvy webmasters thoughts as RSS finally hits the bigtime and people start to mess around with it to see how it can be used to gain better listings.

After all, it's free content right? I know i've thought about it much but never quite had the time to do anything special with it. Here's one idea i had that might work nicely:

Set up a spamazon site Set up an yahoo advanced news search feeds along with whatever you can grab from G news and MSN queries Munge that grabbed data into your rubber stamped spamazon stuff Stir well, and leave to simmer

You could add all kinds of other stuff into the mix of course but you get the idea...

Avoiding Dynamic Content Traps & Pitfalls

Thread Title: Google cutting fat from dynamic content? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Threadwatch member Mikkel deMib Svendsen offers some invaluable advice for webmasters regarding dynamic content over at SEW. Not a day goes by where you dont see at least a small handful of threads claiming that one of the major SE's are doing something funny with dynamic pages.

We know that under certain conditions (too many vars in a url for example) Google has trouble with these sites, especially with session id's but when those areas are covered, where's the problem?

What I most often find the problem to be is that many webmasters chose the first possible solution they find to get their dynamic website indexed and ranked. Sometimes the chosen solution, allthough it may work, is just not the best for the site.

Some webmasters may jump right into URL-rewrite when in fact the big problems to deal with is session IDs, track IDs, browser agent detection, GEO-location, indentical content, infinite calendars or other spider traps. The URL-rewrite may looks like it solves the indexing poblem but suddenly one of the other problems kick in with the result of de-indexing of pages. Now, most webmasters will think that Google is messing up, don't support URL-rewriting or something like that when in fact the problem is not that at all.

Thats why quick fixes for dynamic websites often only work short time. I recomend all to take the time it takes to really understand every aspect of how your dynamic, or technically advanced, website impact search engine spidering, indexing and ranking. And then, make sure you fix all important problems - not just the first you run into.

If you dont know of Mikkel, he used to work for one of the larger scandinavian SE's and is more than qualified to speak on such matters.

Great stuff from SEW...

Blogging for Links

Thread Title: Blogs and Links Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you're none to familiar with the concept of blogging you've either had your head in a sack for the last 2yrs or maybe you just havn't considered the benefits from a commercial point of view?

This thread over at seozip has some nice pointers from Anthony Parsens and DianeV

Websites are static, and turn stale as such, thus not really having that much to link to unless your interested in the entire site, though blogs are very useful in that 90% of posts may not have relevance to one person, though 10% might, thus they link to them from their site, providing you deep links to your content, not links to your homepage. Blogs are extremely powerful for capturing links.

it's tailing off into chit-chat but im hoping to get it back on topic by going and giving my 2 pence worth :)

Content Aggregation will Change Search Marketing for Ever

Thread Title: Home Alone? How Content Aggregators Change Navigation and Control of Content Thread Url: Thread Description:

As search marketers we often if not always think of ourselves as being at the forefront of technology and technique both. Are we really though?

Not a day goes by where you dont see questions about meta tags, huge debates about miniscule differences in toolbar PR vs drectory PR, etc etc. The fabric of the web, the way we architect our information and the way we find content is all changing. Slowly for now to be sure, but it is changing and I think we're likely to see a snowball effect as the concept of distributed navigation proliferates through use of aggregators and how those aggregators develop over time.

This article at Digital Web Magazine takes a thought provoking, inspiring and forward looking view of what aggregation will mean to designers, content providers, information architects and search marketers over the next few years. If you're not up to speed, then this is an absolute must read!

Aggregators are promoting a shift in the control of content. They’re challenging the idea that we as designers control public access to information in our domains, that users must view things in the way we prescribe, and that our hierarchy is best to present our content. This change is also suggesting that we need the help of others to market our own ideas. It is plausible that another’s approach to our information may be working better than our own.

Different aggregator types will affect our design as well. The field of search engine optimization is growing fast. However, the way humans aggregate content is hardly discoverable like it is in machine aggregators. This means we’ll have to come up with new strategies to get our content aggregated by the people who can help drive visitors to our sites. For bloggers this is already becoming a part of daily routine, often characterized (unfortunately) by superficial comments on someone else’s blog written primarily to garner click-throughs.

The Hush Hush Secrets of Successful Directories

Thread Title: What's your secret plan for global (directory) domination? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Webwork over at WW is a fantastic poster who never seems to shock and amaze me with his level of wit, intelligence, and humor. There's a couple pretty worthless posts in here, but you'll soon see which ones to ignore, and which one are worth a good close read.

With directories still being a very strong business model for garnering and monetizing natural traffic, this post has some good inspirational suggestions. Makes me really wish I had the skill/money/time to create about a dozen directories. There are so many options for creating revenue from a fairly established directory that this should be one of the things exceptional SEO/webmasters do for quite some time.

Handling Large Textual Content

Thread Title: Pages with a lot of Text Thread Url: Thread Description:

When you have to optimize a site that has pages consisting of thousands of words rather than hundreds, what do you do? - Split the pages up? - Leave them as is? - Place on page anchors to different sections of the whole page?

Tricky one eh?

This WPW thread offers some pretty good insight into a) what your options are, and b) the varying views of Search Marketers as to the most effective solution. My personal perference would be to keep the pages long but make good use of a 'page menu' with fragment links to the different 'sections' of the page and to use h tags to delimit the sections.

What say you?

The First RSS Ad Server Is Here....

Thread Title: Pheedo Debuts RSS/Atom Ad Server Thread Url: Thread Description:

Feed and blog ad firm Pheedo has launched an ad management tool that will let publishers insert paid ads into their RSS or Atom content feeds, and track the resulting activity.

The Web-based ad server, called SimpleAd Feed Management and Server, monitors feed activity to determine how often an ad should be inserted, according to Pheedo. It also serves ads tailored to the characteristics of each news reader, the company said

I just took a brief look at their website, looks pretty neat at first glance but I do wonder how I would feel to have my news and blog feeds interspersed with advertsing... i cant say the prospect fills me with joy.

Syndication Marketing - The RSS/Atom Train is Building up Speed....

Thread Title: Questions of Google and RSS etc Thread Url: Thread Description:

The syndication bandwagon is gaining momentum among search marketers and engines alike, this WPW thread is an absolute cracker, im sure we're going to all be rather sick of RSS questions before too long but for now they're fresh, inovative and rather exciting for SEO/SEMs and hobby webmasters both.

dr-tourist asks some simple questions about search engines and syndication feeds. The man has a plan but, is unsure of some of the technical details. The posts that follow are great, full of links, advice, commentary and general discussion of the pros, cons, and implementation methods available for syndication marketing in general.

Here's a couple of quotes to whet your appetite:


I've never worried much about Yahoo rankings, concentrating on Google, but when I added an Add To My Yahoo (Yahoo accounts have RSS import options) button then Yahoo has become an unexpected source for a lot more visits.

I'd say RSS now accounts for most of my return visits - when I publish a new item, visits increase markedly. As a result I dished my newsletter subscription service for RSS, and most subscribers are even happier - they only want to know...WHAT IS NEW.


Don't think for a moment that the PhD's at Google are not interested in semantic content (such as RSS) for the purpose of establishing relevance or meaning. In fact, XML formats are likely to become *more* important in the future as crawlers and indexers attempt to derive the meaning of Web content.

There's also a fair amount of negative opinion and a smidgeon of what im sure will become the next "build a great site" mantra from the whingers, i hope you'll forgive me giving this a very positive slant heheh! Im rather keen on this whole idea ;-) and have seen major benefits myself from's own feed

Wiki's - Unchartered SEO Waters

Thread Title: Anyone using Wiki's Here? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Publishing technologies are fun. I like to use them, play with them and find good uses for them for SEO/publishing.

So what about the Wiki? - I asked about this over at V7N and although it's not a huge thread, it's starting to produce some nice links and information.

I do have a nice Wiki given to me by rcjordan who waxed lyrical on the virtues of Wiki's and personal work space recently but i've yet to have mustered jp the good manners or time to install the damn thing lol!

So, are there any threadwatch seo's using wikis to good advantage or is it just me looking at this?

Search Engine Friendly Blog Scripts

Thread Title: Blogs and SEO Thread Url: Thread Description:

That ole blog bandwagon just keeps on a rollin'...

If you're looking for an SE friendly blog then this thread has some awesome tips from SEOChat mod Pheonix on customizing Movable Type, some tips on working with and a recommendation from yours truly: bBlog.

Pssst, Want a SE Friendly CMS?

Thread Title: SE Friendly Free CMS Round Up Thread Url: Thread Description:

Okay, so Nick does not like promoing threads he starts, but having used a CMS that I liked but didn't spider worth a darn, I found this list of CMS scripts that will spider well very useful.

RSS 101 - Get with the Program!

Thread Title: Rss Feeds, Is RSS a good avenue to brand your site? Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you're not using RSS in your SEO efforts my question to you is: What is wrong with you?.

Member dlinger asks:

1.) How would I make an RSS from my site, so others could use my info.

2.) How do I set it up so I can have live feeds from select sites to mine.

3.) I am looking for good RSS feeds... for my site... outdoor sports news, and Christian news. I have not found any good RSS feed directories.

which are all answered and more...

There's no black magic voodoo to RSS, it's absolute childs play with all the tools and programs available these days. There are links to some truly fantastic resources in this thread so head on over and get yourself up to speed.

Related: XML - RSS & SEO

Worried About Plagiarism? - Try Copyscape!

Thread Title: Plagiarism Software In Copywriting, Looking for cheap software Thread Url: Thread Description:

Most of this thread consists of thankyous and congratulations for the find for member chrishirst, and rightly so. Copyscape is a website plagiarism tool that's not only free, but damn good too. Try it...


Thread Title: XML Feeds Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some useful links to XML/RSS feeds and tools and an interesting new product called Feed for All makes a promo in the thread (not that there's anything wrong with that..)

I've asked Sharon Housley of Notepage Inc to stop by and give some details...