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Personalized Search RSS Feeds from Findory

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Greg Lindon just announced that Findory are now adding personalized search RSS Feeds - essentially the system will tune itself to your past searches and the current search you are performing to better match what it thinks you want - pretty neat huh? From Greg's post threadlinked above:

Execute a news or blog search on Findory and, at the bottom of the search results, you'll see links to RSS feeds for those searches. The persona feed (visible only if you are signed in) highlights recommended articles from the search results.

It's true that many others offer RSS feeds for searches over news or blogs. What makes Findory's RSS feeds so different is our personalization.

We've seen Greg out and about in targeted blog posts touting the Findory fineries and apart from having a ball calling him a spammer :-) what he has to say is exciting and this latest news just adds to that. From the comment linked above:

The problem with current web feed readers is that they don't solve the information overload problem. You can pick and choose which RSS feeds you subscribe to, sure. But, once you have tens or hundrededs of subscribed feeds, reading them becomes this cumbersome process. Click on a feed, skim the articles. Anything interesting in that one? No. Click, skim. Click, skim. Click, skim. Ugh.

We're trying to solve that problem at Findory. It's a personalized newspaper and weblog reader. It learns your interests, searches thousands of news sources and weblogs, and builds a front page just for you.

Greg, you can spam us right here mate, go ahead and tell us a bit about it eh? It sounds cool.....

CNN goes RSS

Thread Title: 1/5/2005 CNN does RSS? ladies and gentlemen, start your newsreaders Thread Url: Thread Description:

Seriously, from paul beard in the threadlink above, check it out:

top stories most popular money top stories money most popular

thanks tim

Up to Speed with Blogs? - Blog Readership Increases 58%

Thread Title: The State of Blogging - PDF Thread Url: Thread Description:

So, just about every blog out there today is trumpeting the amazing figures published in the PEW Internet report threadlinked above. If you've not got your marketing up to speed with blogs and RSS yet, you really should. This stuff isnt going away anytime soon and can be used to SELL STUFF.

Here's a couple of quick figures from the report courtesy of CyberJournalist:

7% of the 120 million U.S. adults who use the internet say they have created a blog or web-based diary. That represents more than 8 million people. 27% of internet users say they read blogs, a 58% jump from the 17% who said they were blog readers in February. This means that by the end of 2004 32 million Americans were blog readers. Much of the attention to blogs focused on those that covered the recent political campaign and the media. And at least some of the overall growth in blog readership is attributable to political blogs. Some 9% of internet users said they read political blogs "frequently" or "sometimes" during the campaign. 5% of internet users say they use RSS aggregators or XML readers to get the news and other information delivered from blogs and content-rich Web sites as it is posted online. This is a first-time measurement from our surveys and is an indicator that this application is gaining an impressive foothold. The interactive features of many blogs are also catching on: 12% of internet users have posted comments or other material on blogs. At the same time, for all the excitement about blogs and the media coverage of them, blogs have not yet become recognized by a majority of internet users. Only 38% of all internet users know what a blog is. The rest are not sure what the term "blog" means.

If anyone reading here at Threadwatch would have use of a "blogs 101" style post later on this month then let me know here, or send me a private message, i'd be happy to write one as i know at least a few out there just dont know much about them or RSS and more importantly, how you can use them to make $$$'s

Something to Keep an Eye On: Video blogging - Beware the Vlog

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With Broadband enjoying high penetration and the blogging craze in full swing you've most likely at least heard the term video blog right? Well, BusinessWeek have picked up on it and it's certainly gaining a little momentum so it might be time to start filing it under "things to keep an eye on".

But amid the chaos, glimpses of a commercial future are starting to emerge, including a revival of online video distribution, using vlogs to sell ads, and corporate sites designed to reach out to customers and suppliers. "Text doesn't get across all I want to communicate," says Lenn Pryor, who runs Channel 9, a vlog that Microsoft (MSFT ) set up in April to communicate more effectively with software developers.

What terrifies me most about this is not the fact that aswell as general text publishing, in the form of blogs, we now have amateur video coming our way, but the fact that some hitherto thought of as sensible people are dubbing the new format Vlogs.

What madness is this? Vlog, Vlogs, Vlogging - holy shit! It sounds dirty doesnt it? "Stop that junior! If you keep vlogging, you'll go blind!" - give me a bloody break!

Pssst... are now Accepting Comments!

Seriously, take a look. When did that happen?

The link goes to the "registration form" - they want a whole bunch of info for you for the privilege of posting heh..

Open Source Audio - John Udell's First Podcast Examined

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A complete run down on how John Udell made his first podcast, including the podcast of course - This post, threadlinked above has some lovely links to Archive.orgs open source audio offerings and details that untill now, i was completely ignorant of. Thanks John!

Santa must have got my list this year, i have a mic! now all i have to do is get it running under Gentoo and go find all the cool links Brad gave me for doing podcasts on Linux - How scary is that? Nick and mic - heaven help us all...

RSS Abuse - or - More of the Same for Most of us...

Thread Title: RSS Abuse: What’s fair use and what’s abuse. (or Skweezer gets it wrong). Thread Url: Thread Description:

Seems like blogging star Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc is getting a taste of the old "they copied my website!" routine. It appears that RSS is paving the way:

It’s one thing to take an excerpt—like the good folks at Google,, Feedster or Technorati do—to help people navigate.

It’s a whole other thing to take your entire feed, wrap your own ads around it, and try to sell a service on top of the content!

Jason, this is quite common, trust me.

RSS does make it ever so easy to do though. I've not put any kind of license on Threadwatch's own feed as of yet and am in two minds as to what, if any kind of license to give it. I really dont mind people posting my (our) entire posts on their websites but if anyone tried to pass it off as their own doing and make $$$'s from it I'd be a bit narked...

Blogs - You can Run, but you can't Hide

Thread Title: Why There's No Escaping the Blog Thread Url:,15114,1011763-1,00.html Thread Description:

Much of the blog evangelism out there just bores me to tears but here's a relatively well informed and thought provoking piece on the power of blogs and how companies are, or need to be, monitoring and using them.

Some of it is pure waffle, the stuff about Scoble being particulary funny. It is a good read though:

It all used to be so easy; the adage went "never pick a fight with anyone who buys ink by the barrel." But now everyone can get ink for free, launch a diatribe, and—if what they have to say is interesting to enough people—expect web-enabled word of mouth to carry it around the world. Unlike earlier promises of self-publishing revolutions, the blog movement seems to be the real thing. A big reason for that is a tiny innovation called the permalink: a unique web address for each posting on every blog. Instead of linking to web pages, which can change, bloggers link to one another's posts, which typically remain accessible indefinitely. This style of linking also gives blogs a viral quality, so a pertinent post can gain broad attention amazingly fast—and reputations can get taken down just as quickly.

Hey, what was that new fangled way of linking again? hehe...

It's facinating to watch such momentous change happening in the way we communicate and do business. Blogs are a big part of it but certainly not the only component in the "web communications boom"..

The End of the End of Free

Thread Title: the end of the end of free Thread Url:,,SB110200783937789325,00.html Thread Description:

"You can still get a lot for nothing on the Internet, despite earlier predictions of the decline of the 'free' Web."

Top Blog Citations for 2004 - Who, What, Why & How Often?

Thread Title: What was hot in the blogosphere in 2004? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Blogpulse have taken a years worth of blog posts and calculated a whole bunch of mind numbingly naff, but curiously interesting blog trivia for your delectation.

How did BlogPulse compile this data? Top Web sites, blogs, blog posts, media sources, media stories, books, movies, and products were tabulated by counting the number of times bloggers linked to them during 2004. Top people, actors, and actresses were found by counting the number of times those names, including common variations, appeared in posts.

via mp

Why do Bloggers think they Invented the Internet?

Im sure it can't be just me that's beginning to find the enormously over-inflated hype surounding blogging somewhat amusing. In fact, i know it's not. Simon Walden of the Guardian recently posted about the niche "industries" springing up around blogs and blogging. I couldn't help but read a little humour in his post. Follow the title link above for the full post.

Looking at Blogging Software

Over the last few hours i've been having a little ponder about what software to run with for my daughters (still get a kick outa saying that heh..) site.

The criteria/wishlist would run something like this:

Reasonably mature with good chance of still being around in 5yrs+ Good docs and developer community Plenty of sensible add ons (plugins) Good to excellent spam protection - No, mtblacklist is NOT good enough Handles photos easily, preferably with gallery plugin also PHP/MySQL based Self hosted

A tall order right? So, some of the options i've thought about:

Movable Type Has most of it except it's perl/mysql based and has mt-blacklist which is shit

bBlog Has most of it, great spam protection and i know the developer personally, he's a very nice chap and is a member here. Only problem is that it's a young system and i worry that some years/months? down the line i'll be trying to hire someone to port it all over to some other sytem...

Grey Matter Again, has most of it but i haven't heard much from them lately, why has this stuff fallen out of favor? - i need to look at it but maybe someone here know's the score off-hand?

Word Press Excellent by all accounts though i had some trouble installing when i tried it some months back. This looks like a very likely candidate though, i can go through a little install hassle for the fact that it covers almost all of my needs including spam protection and longevity

So, what do Threadwatchers think?

We must have a few bloggers in here right? :) Please let me know what you think of my list and what you like to use and why...

RSS News Junkies - This is for You

Thread Title: Newspapers with RSS: A ListM Thread Url: Thread Description:

Media Drop have put together an awesome list of US newspapers that have RSS feeds - if you like to scan news though bloglines or a desktop aggregator, go have fun with this log, there's bugger all else going on today...

Images and Copyrights: What's ok and what's not?

Thread Title: When is permission to repost images needed? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Adland point to this post by blogger Jason Calacanis on reposting images. Naturally Jason is talking about it in the context of blogs, like there was some kind of difference between a blog and a regular site, but as many a web dev knows, it's a tricky issue.

From the adland post:

it seems there's a new idea forming - posting images without permission is OK as long as they are small?? Please help me out here, am I reading this right? Fair use? Has the world gone mad!? Is this the guy Denton thought should be the one to look up to when it comes to blogger ethics? The web does cause trouble in this area, but would this new 'rule' hold water in court, or work in the long run - in a fair way? I don't think so.

And I see his point. But then the idea of images as fair use doesn't sound all that crazy does it?

Opinions? I know we have a few copyright experts in here, let's have your thoughts...

Google News - Time to take some Responsibility?

Thread Title: Google News' chief robot speaks out Thread Url: Thread Description:

The Register's Andrew Orlowski's anti-google views are well known, most folks in Search take his comments with that fact in mind. This piece, thredlinked above, is however both very funny and, i think, important.

Is Google News' chief scientist, Krishna Bharat, actually a robot? From an interview in the current issue of Wired magazine, it's increasingly difficult to conclude that Bharat could convincingly pass the Turing Test. Every time Google News is criticized for bias, Bharat is wheeled to field out an identical reply. He claims that humans can't be held responsible for what appears on his website - because machines are in charge.

"The truth is, Google News doesn't have a point of view," he tells the magazine. "It's a computer, and computers do not understand these topics the way humans do and can't be systematically biased in any direction."

So human or algorithm? We're leaning towards the latter. What the Bharatbot doesn't seem to have been programmed with is the experience of ever having being someone who reads the news himself: and experience is often the vital difference between bot and machine.

Does Orlowski have a valid point in that G news should take some responsibility for their content?

I think he does, feel free to disagree...

The Blogging Gold Rush - Early Players Wait for Business to Catch up

Thread Title: The Business of Blogging Thread Url: Thread Description:

Everyday business moves a little closer to blogging, slowly in most cases but very, very definately surely. There are an awful lot of people taking a punt on blogs finding interesting and viable business models and business continuing to move toward them with $$$'s in fists.

Now advertisers are realizing there is a market emerging in the blogosphere. Already, the growth in regular online advertising, estimated to be about 35% this year, will far outpace the spending increases for any other sector of the media world. Add to all this the fact that about 11% of Internet users today are inveterate blog readers, and the blogging scene starts to get mighty compelling for marketers.

The Blog Father - Jason Calacanis Expands Commercial Blog Empire

Thread Title: The Blogfather? Calacanis expands family Thread Url: Thread Description:

A short "interview" which I thought interesting nevertheless with recent Threadwatch member Jason Calacanis who has just launched Weblogs Inc's 62nd commercial blog:

“Clearly there is a weakness, in that any one blog can’t grow into that big a business,” he says. “Our response to that weak point is to have 300-500 [blogs] in three years. We should hit 100 in our 4th or 5th quarter as a company, and that’s just fine by me.

“The only threat to us is that somebody comes in and puts all their energy into one blog and does it better. However, if we’re number 1, 2, or 3 in each market we’re in, we have a great business.”

BBC to Offer Programming Online - Catch-Up-TV

Thread Title: BC to offer Catch-up TV? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Just a rumour as yet but it does look like the BBC may offer the previous weeks programming for download online.

Full details in the post threadlinked above

Any Threadwatchers Still New to Blogging?

Thread Title: The How To Blog 101 Series Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you are, and i know at least a few are judging by some of the pm's i've gotten recently check out the blogging 101 series threadlinked above.

Wanna know the inside out of trackback, pingback and get some very nice tips on starting out? - It's a good read from the look of it with plenty of good resources for those that've not yet done it..

Link came in via mp, nice catch Steve!

Worlds Largest Newspaper to Offer Blogs to Readers

Thread Title: Le Monde offers readers blogs Thread Url: Thread Description:

Le Monde are to open up blogging to readers - citizen journalism, what a frieghtening yet compelling notion :)