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Tagging Sites to get Spammed, Hard

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Steve Rubel is busy jumping up and down for all he's worth on the next moronic blogger buzzword, tagvertising, heaven give me strength, it was all i could do to hold onto my dinner reading that. Inadvertently though, he's giving a good lesson in where the next boom for web spam may erupt...

Yahoo! Gives Free Sites to Small Businesses

Source Title: Got 5 Minutes? We'll Give You The Web... Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo! are offering a free, five page website, to all small businesses in the US. The site will be included in Yahoo! Local, and be crawlable by other engines...

Bragadocchio hits 10,000 posts at Cre8

Source Title: Congratulations to Bill, for 10,000 posts Source Url: Story Text:

Bragadocchio has reached 10,000 posts at Cre8asite today and they're celebrating with a banner, congratulations and presumably a few beers.

AP Takes On Google News

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AP are "in negotiations" with Google over licensing their content, which Google currently picks up gratis. In an LA Times article that looks at the differences between Yahoo News and Google News they mention that AP are not happy, but not suing. Yet...

BBC to Launch Creative Archives

Source Title: BBC's Creative Archives To Launch This Week: Source Url: Story Text:

The BBC are to finally launch a project started two years ago to release archived material to the masses along with Channel4 and the British Film Institute. The license is based on the Creative Commons and will allow people to download, mess around with, and republish provided it's non-commercial...

Yahoo! Shopping RSS

Source Title: RSS Feeds for Yahoo Shopping Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo! Shopping has started to provide basic RSS feeds for selected categories according to Tara Calshain at Research Buzz...

MSN's Encarta does a Wikipedia

Source Title: Microsoft Encarta Adopting Wikiesque Process Source Url: Story Text:

According to MSN's new Encarta blog, users will be able to submit edits to Encarta entries in the style of Wikipedia...

Bloggers Poisonous Cookies?

Source Title: The Blogger Meltdown Explained Source Url: Story Text:

Blogger News Network (cannot say I had heard of them "Established February 13, 2005")reports on a big complaint that is often made by Blogger users that it sometimes "eats" their posts when they push the "Publish" button. Now help is at hand, or is it:-

Blogger Sucks! - Say Users

Source Title: What's up with Blogger Source Url:,1284,67138,00.html Story Text:

A wired report looks at the traumas the average blogger faces when they use Google's Blogger service to publish their thoughts...

EFF Promotes 007 Stealth Blogging for the Workplace

Source Title: Work bloggers offered guidelines Source Url: Story Text:

The EFF have issued dubious guidelines on how to blog anonymously. Rather than take the approach of how to blog safely, they advocate anonymity and promote tools and services to acheive that..

BlogPulse Loses Credibility with Non-Blog

Source Title: Intelliseek Blogpulse Has Non-Blog Blog Source Url: Story Text:

BL Ochman points out that BlogPulse have a "blog" on their website - but it ain't no blog...

Usability Testing - Software, Techniques & Tools

Source Title: softwares used for usability testing Source Url: Story Text:

File this one under must read. Cre8 explore usability tools and methods, something that i must admit, like many i suspect, to not paying enough attention to...

Amazon buys BookSurge - Google Print to Compete?

Source Title: Amazon Buys On Demand Player BookSurge Source Url: Story Text:

So, Amazon buys books on demand outfit BookSurge for an undisclosed sum, and meanwhile, Rafat at PC says this may be an effort to combat competition from eBay and Overstock, whilst John Battelle talks about how Google Print could compete.

Forbes chooses Firefox and Google

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It seems Forbes have done a spring review for their "best of the web" and that Firefox and Google have become "Forbes Favorites".

Yahoo! News to Revamp, Personalization and RSS

Source Title: Inside Yahoo News: Source Url: Story Text:

After a few false starts it appears that Yahoo! News will relaunch this week with a new design that incorporate RSS in a big way as part of it's personalization efforts.

Citizen Journalism Projects Powered by Drupal

Source Title: A Citizen Journalism Breakthrough Source Url: Story Text:

Dan Gilmor points out Steve Yelvington's project, Bluffton Today, a community newspaper that's done away with the traditional idea of online newspapers and is billed as "a grand experiment in citizen journalism". It's actually not a new idea at all though really...

7 Tips for Making Content Mobile

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Back in December we discussed Douglas Bowman's excellent essay, targeting smaller screens that looks at ways of making websites mobile friendly. If you missed it, read it, and while we're on the subject, check out CollyLogic's 7 steps to better handheld browsing. It's a cracking read....

Google the Content Company & Cluttered Results

Source Title: Google, Yahoo and the Search Engine Catfight Source Url: Story Text:

Om is at it again with observations on what he see's as the "Search engine cat fight" - hey Om, this has been happening for a while ya know...

The Future of Content and Advertising

Source Title: The Rise of the Consumer-Generated Media Machine Source Url: Story Text:

Mediapost are running a fun article on Rafat Ali's site, and his vision of content and advertising...

Bloglines the Portal?

Source Title: BlogLines Update: The Universal InBox Source Url: Story Text:

I've been thinking about the news that Bloglines have incorporated package tracking since it broke yesterday. The thing is, i just can't make up my mind on it...