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Yell Snaps up More U.S. Directories

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The British telephone directory company Yell has paid $1.58b for TransWestern, one of the biggest independent publishers of US phone books in it's 26th US purchase since it bought YellowBook in 1999.

Yahoo! News Tag Soup

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John Herren spent about four or five hours creating Yahoo News Tag Soup., a very neat Yahoo! app using tags and the Y! API. Here's how he did it...

NYT Begins Move to Subscriptions - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

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We knew it would come. Despite other large publishers making more and more content free, ad supported, the New York Times is moving to a paid subscription model for a large chunk of its content...

Dan Gillmor's Grass Roots Media Project Launches

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Dan Gillmor, ex Merc Journo and head citizen journalism evangelist has finally launched Bayosphere. It'll be an interesting project in it's execution at least as it's content is specific to the Bay Area, but what really impresses me (can ya see it coming?) is that he's a sensible lad and is using Drupal to power it :)

Directory of Government RSS Feeds

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Whether you're discovering the beauty, and just what can be done, with RSS with regard to SEO, or you're an old hand, you're going to like the new Government RSS feeds directory from

Build what you want using BBC content

Source Title: launches - “Use our stuff to build your stuff.” Source Url: Story Text:

Very, very nice: launches, and looks like it has a ton of stuff to offer - a kind of dev network for BBC content...

yTunes Spanks Competition with Low Cost Music

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There's an enormous amount of coverage out there today about Yahoo's new low cost music service and music engine. I've been umming and ahhing about whether to post all day, despite the frequent pm's about it, emails and blog posts...

Nick Denton Spanks BlogPuppies

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Gawker Media big job Nick Denton was interviewed in the NYT this weekend and pulls no punches when talking about the "blog revolution"...

EU Furthers Plans for Google Library Alternative

Source Title: AFP EU leader backs European digital library to ward off US dominance Source Url: Story Text:

I think it was fantomaster who recently broached the subject of Google dominance and what that could mean to the political landscape in a thread here. With that in mind, comes news of the EU backing a rival plan to counter US cultural dominance...

Microsoft to Introduce PDF Competitor

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SlashDot reports that Microsoft will be including a new document format called 'Metro' with Longhorn. Apparently, Metro is intended to be a competitor to Adobe's PDF and Postscript formats. The format will be open and available for royalty-free licensing, and will be based on XML.

Blogger tries to combat auto-generated blogs

Source Title: You're In A Desert Walking... Source Url: Story Text:

I've just noticed that Blogger is now requiring a captcha for new blog creation in an effort to combat auto-generated blogs. It appears they started doing this on April 12th.

We're doing this to stay a step ahead of spammers

or maybe they are doing this to stay only one step behind the spammers and not two steps. In any case I doubt this will be enough to stop the hardcore spammers since they have already broken captchas. Good luck Blogger.

Titles That Piss Me Right Off

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I'm busy. I'm always busy, busy is what we do right? So why is it that people still insist in titling their blog and forum posts in most absurd, unappealing and utterly moronic manner? Maybe i need a break heh...

Dana Boobs, and I follow him.....

Source Title: Why Google Is Faltering on RSS Source Url: Story Text:

UPDATE: Thanks to graywolf in the comments, and the commenters at Dana's original post, it's been pointed out that Evan Williams left google six months ago!

heh..... funny :) but what a bloody waste of 1/2hr!

TiVo talking with Yahoo and Google

Source Title: Search giants court TiVo Source Url: Story Text:

In deal that could unite the web and TV in ways we can only dream about, TiVo may be talking with both Yahoo and Google...

WSJ Online Beats Print for Profitability

Source Title: WSJ's Online Success: Not Bad News Source Url: Story Text:

Probably preaching to the choir here but as if you needed yet another reason why online beats print, here is the news from Wall Street Journal via PoynterOnline...

Print Media Wake Up! Says Murdoch

Source Title: We ignore internet at our peril, Murdoch warns editors Source Url:,14173,1459697,00.html Story Text:

Here's a quote from a very nice article i just read in the Media Guardian. The quote is from a speech to American editors in Washington by Robert Murdoch...

The SEO WIki

Source Title: A Wiki for SEO Information Source Url: Story Text:

If you're a rampant seo forum link dropper, and you know who you are as we've almost certainly had words about it here, then get yer arse over to the new wiki for SEO...

Yahoo News gets a New Look

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As previously reported, Yahoo! News has been set to revamp for some time now. Well, they've done it, and it's out in (gasp..) Beta heh...

The Junk Content Problem

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Aaron Wall is talking about auto generated content, something that doesn't bother me particularly, but does annoy me a little when searching for information. Really, the last thing i want to find is a bunch of gobbledygook when im researching something...

BBC's Creative Archives Launches

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Earlier in the week we mentioned the BBC's Creative Archives Project, where they plan to make all manner of materials free for public, non-commercial use. Today, it arrives...