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WikiSpaces, Beautiful but Flawed

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Some time back we had a great conversation about Wiki's. One of my major gripes in that thread was the complexity for the average user, and how that rendered most wiki's useless for all but the technorati. Well, i got a nice email from Adam Frey, owner of who claimed that his site was very simple and intuitive. It is, but it has one fatal flaw.... now Owned by Yahoo!

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Jeremy tells us that Yahoo! are now the owners of the ping service. The site has been on the market since early March...

Handling RSS Theft

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Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc details how he handles what he calls "RSS theft" - "lifting our RSS Feeds and putting advertising against them". Though his methods are pretty standard, and obvious, it's an interesting subject, and one i'd like to open up here if anyone would care to add how they handle this kind of thing....

MSN Launch Shopping Blog - MSN Shopping Insider

Source Title: New! The MSN Shopping Blog, MSN Shopping Insider Source Url: Story Text:

Sean scoops the launch of MSN Shopping Insider, where among other things, you can find out about the PriceGrabber deal that I couldn't be arsed to post about this morning :) Launches - Open Source Link Pop Analysis

Source Title: The Open Rank Project Part II Source Url: Story Text:, the initiative to create an open source link popularity analyser we told you about a little while back has lunched today...

SE RoundTable win Best Search Mktg Blog Award

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Congratulations to Barry and the team over at Search Engine Round Table for winning MarketingSherpa's best search marketing blog award. The list of "best marketing blogs" also includes a whole bunch of other categories on the theme of marketing... Launches after Rebrand

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You might recall that Espotting & FindWhat planned a rebrand as Miva. Well, is now done, and has a whole bunch of new goodies to gawk at according to Net Imperitive...

Technorati Redesigns, adds new Features

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Technorati has a beta of it's new look out with a host of new features as well...

One to Watch:

Source Title: XMLSub - Universal Feed Subscriptions and Shared Reading Lists Source Url: Story Text:

For those that like to follow the RSS evolution, or like me, just like to play with stuff, keep an eye out for XMLSub. The best i can give you is an educated guess as to it's purpose. From what i gather it's kinda like a bookmarking service for feeds, allowing you to import/export OPML in order to share.

Optilink Launch Blog & SEO Edu Videos

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The people that bought you Optilink, one of the more popular link analysis tools on the market have launched a blog called Optismarts where they will answer customer seo questions. They've also started promoting a new series of seo videos...

Speakwire now Reads any Blog Feed

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Speakwire, the talking RSS reader service has now gone beyond reading selected feeds and will read any feed you like, aloud....

The Search Engine Herald

Source Title: Is Google punishing its critics? Source Url: Story Text:

Noticed in this story about Google News and suspicions of "Google vengence" was a link to the Search Engine Herald which must be relatively new as i've not seen it before. The site is part of Duncan Riley's Weblog Empire which includes The Blog Herald. If you're not familiar with Duncans sites, im going to go out on a limb and recommend a subscription to the feed...

Google Sitemaps - PFI Coming?

Source Title: Q&A with Shiva Shivakumar, technical lead for Google Sitemaps Source Url: Story Text:

Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to help improve your coverage in the Google index. It's a collaborative crawling system that enables you to communicate directly with Google to keep us informed of all your web pages, and when you make changes to these pages.

Listen to Threadwatch, via Speakwire

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Rememeber we mentioned Speakwire, a new speaking RSS reader service from the people that bought you Speegle, the talking Search engine a little while back? Gary notes that you can now listen to Threadwatch's RSS aswell as other tech blogs....

An SEM Agony Aunt? Sheesh.....

Source Title: Search Engine Advice Column Hopes To Shatter SEO/SEM Myths Source Url: Story Text:

Oh boy, veteran white hat supremacist and IHU moderator Kal, has lauched the "Dear Kalina" blog. An SEM agony aunt, just what I always wanted! Now, every time i feel the need to whine like a baby over my rankings, and spit at those above me, for the true spammers they are, i have a place to go, hurrah!

CNet Launch UK Site

Source Title: CNET launches consumer technology site in UK Source Url: Story Text:

CNet have launched a UK version, complete with dedicated editorial team, of their popular consumer electronics site, according to Net Imperitive today...

Put the ODP out of it's Misery

Source Title: Time for the ODP to close? Source Url: Story Text:

When something gets too old, too sick and too tired to feed itself, the kindest thing to do is put it out of it's misery. So says Peter, commenting on Danny's thoughts along the same lines...

Junk Science and the Web

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A fabulous column mentioned in the Observer today. As a Sunday sideline it is worth reading the original post as an object lesson on the power and the occasional irresponsibility involved in web publishing.

Round up of Google Feeds

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Dirson posts a round up of Google feeds including all current official Google blogs....

Google Maps + Chicago Crime

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Steve Outing writes:

The site is an interactive and visual database of crimes committed in Chicago. A really cool feature is the site's use of Google Maps integrated into the crime-stats listings. Here's an example page.And as you may know, you can flip a Google Map to satellite view -- in this case pinpointing down to the street level where crimes occurred, as seen in the image below. (I doubt these flags on the image are accurate down to the building, of course, but they do clearly indicate on which block a crime was committed.)