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Rebuilding Media

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SearchViews alerts us to a new Corante blog, Rebuilding Media. To say the the inaugural post is inspirational would be an understatement...

Will Paying Editors Eliminate the DMOZ Effect?

Source Title: Zenome, A New Human-Edited Web Directory Source Url: Story Text:

By DMOZ Effect i mean "initially well intentioned project, become an outdated spam riddled pile of stinking filth", or something like that... Gary comments a newspaper piece that tells the story of Zenome: Like the ODP, but they pay their editors a share of the ad revenue from their sub categories.

BBC Launch Open Source Site

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The BBC have just launched a new Open Source section to their main site, it's designed to centralize the many projects the beeb release to the community for free - nice stuff...

7 Tips for Writing Web Copy

Source Title: Writing Copy for the Web Source Url: Story Text:

Threadwatch member grnidone launches her new blog with 7 tips for writing good web copy among several other entries. Grnidone is a bit of a usability/copy kind of girl, and knows her stuff - so on that note, grab the RSS!

New Citizen Journo Project Launches

Source Title: Muncie Free Press, a Declaration of Independence 7/4/5 Source Url: Story Text:

Our own kpaul has launched a citizen journalism project called Muncie Free Press - i've no idea what muncie means, but i'm sure he'll fill us in....

CNet Introduces Tags

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Spotted by Steve, CNet's new tag cloud Get down with the kids you hip, groovy media monster heh..

Yahoo's 360 Beta Now Open to All

Source Title: Yahoo 360 now open to the public Source Url: Story Text:

Duncan says that Yahoo! 360, Yahoo's blogging/social networking project that was previously invite only is now open to all

Yahoo! "Newspapers Not Trustworthy"...

Source Title: Yahoo! UK editor says newspapers aren't trustworthy Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo! UK news editor Simon Hinde slammed print media, saying "Young people are leaving newspapers in droves because print news isn't trustworthy" at a business school yesterday.

Microsoft Making it's RSS Move

Source Title: Microsoft Making Significant RSS Move ... Finally Source Url: Story Text:

Microsoft is finally making a significant RSS move according to RSS inventor Dave Winer. He visited the "RSS team" at MS last year, and tells us that IE7 getting support for the syndication format is "only the tip of the iceberg". Microsoft are expected to make an announcement at the Gnomedex gig today.

MSN Hiring Bloggers, Bloggers Not Impressed

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Mediapost report that MSN are hiring bloggers for a bunch of categories including tech, style, music and sports. Although i've seen a few posts about this, it's a good summary of opinion among some of the more influential bloggers...

1 in 10 Top UK Sites Not FireFox Friendly

Source Title: Firefox users turned away from 10% of top UK sites Source Url: Story Text:

It always astonishes me when i visit what i'd consider a professional grade website only to find that it won't function properly in anything but IE. Worse, some sites still have a "you must be using IE4.0 or higher" notice instead of letting you even try to read the damn page. Arsewipes and dipshits, did they hire web designers to do this? And it's only slowly, very very slowly getting better.

AOL's New Portal - Beta

Source Title: AOL Unwraps Its New Portal Source Url: Story Text:

Like kelsey, i'm a bit late with the news that AOL have launched a beta of it's new portal, apparently all of it's features are not yet present, but it doesn't look half bad...

Book Publishers want Answers from Google

Source Title: Publishers' Group Asks that Google Stop Scanning Copyrighted Material for 6 Months Source Url: Story Text:

The Search industries super librarian, Gary Price, picks up on a story in the Chronicle of Higher Education that says that the Association of American Publishers wants a six month halt on GOOG's scanning of copyrighted materials....

Great Expectations, and the Failed "Wikitorial" Experiment

Source Title: Paper's 'wikitorial' trial halted Source Url: Story Text:

This would have been interesting to watch - apparantly the LA Times launched a wiki editorial experiment last Friday but had to take it down on Sunday because of abuse.

A Site for Site Generation Tools

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Here's an interesting one, Site Generation Tools is a website focused on well, you can see from the title right? From the intro..

Whining White Hat Creates Relatively Amusing Site

Source Title: Search Engine Spammers Unite Source Url: Story Text:

After having a little cry about people not following SE guidelines, Rodger Wehbe of Yooter InterActive Marketing set up the Association of Search Engine Spammers website...

Threadwatch gets it's very own Rival!

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Competition is good. It looks like the boys and girls over at Search Guild have started a site very similar in nature to Threadwatch:

One to Watch: Self SEO

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I'm not keen on seo blogs. Weird eh? SelfSEO is worth a peek though, it's completely new to me, and i think i found it via Philipp Lenson but i couldn't swear to it and can't be buggered to verify it....

Your Site on Sky Interactive - Free!

Source Title: Sky Press Release Source Url: Story Text:

This could be massive. Looks like any publisher, no matter how small, will now be able to access the Sky TV audience which until now required a decent budget and some big hopes in the ROI dept.

The following is from an Email just arrived from into my inbox:

Add Paid Content to Your Yahoo! SERPs

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Now you can include WSJ and other paid content souces in your Yahoo! SERPS w/ their new Subscriptions service.

From Yahoo!:

Yahoo! Search Subscriptions enables you to search access-restricted content such as news and reference sites that are normally not accessible to search engines.