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Blogger for Word, Plus Toolbar

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I cannot really see the point as Blogger is very easy to use, but this add-on enables the user to use Word to publish to Blogger

Auto Gen Tecnorati & Tags [updated code]

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UPDATE: Graywolf noticed the code was slightly skewey on the original example, and came up with several alternatives that work much better - Thanks GW!

Feedster Top 500 Released

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The first of Feedsters top 500 blogs is out. Jason says it blows the Technorti 100 away, and the ranking criteria is here

Google Halts Scanning of Copyrighted Books

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Google announced that they are temporarily not going to scan copyrighted material until November. The Association of American Publishers is not very happy.

Matt Cutts Has a Blog

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Around the time of all that hassle over Matt's involvement at Threadwatch we talked about him doing a blog, and he ummmed and ahhhed about it, but generally agreed that it was a good idea. Now, your favorite Google PR guy and mine, has launched his own blog, finally.

Audio: Shirky, Butterfield, Wales & Schachter Talk Tags

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Jimmy Wales, Stewart Butterfield, joshua Schachter and Clay Shirky (Wikipedia, Flickr, Academia, delicious) talk folksonomies, tagging and taxonomies within large groups at O'Reily's ETech gig earier this year.

KCTipton Resigns from ODP

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KCTipton, one of the ODP's best known meta editors has resigned, without explanation. Whereas the comings and goings of ODP aren't generally of interest at Threadwatch, Keith was one of the better guys over at DMOZ, and particularly kind to Threadwatch last year :)

Sifry Gunning for Fake Bloggers and Tag Spammers

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I'm sure this doesn't apply to anyone who reads here, but if someone you know is creating fake blogs and engaging in tag spamming watch out Dave Sifry of technorati is coming to get you ...

At Last! Google News does RSS

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Google's Chris DiBona just announced that Google News finally has RSS feeds - In Atom and RSS2 format, you can get both categories and custom searches.

Time for the 50 Coolest Websites

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I know where I go when I want to find the 50 Coolest Websites, straight to Time Magazine, don't you? To proove how hip they are they have included list of cool blogs too.

Citizen Reporters - Friend of Foe?

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You have probably noticed that after a major news story breaks, (example London bomb attacks and Asian tsunami) the cry goes out on the web for photographs. The BBC is running a story considering the moral and other issues involved.

MSN's Paid Bloggers Filter the Web

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Remember a while back we mentioned (sorry, can't find the link) that MS were hiring bloggers? Well, launched yesterday according to Duncan. You can see various channels, using MSN Spaces including TV, Technology, Lifestyle, Music and Sports under the Spotlight

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I find a great news source, and a facinating business model. On that basis, i thought the article about Topix by Mark Glaser at OJR was superb. Quite revealing as he talks to Rich Skrenta, ex of ODP fame.

Ideas for Making Copywriting FUN

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Copywriting is difficult for me. Especially if it is redundant or isn't something I really want to write about. One motivator I have to keep me going is: "As soon as I get it done, I won't have to do it anymore", but that's wearing thin.

AOL Takes RSS Mainstream with MyAOL

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Last night we brought you the rumour that AOL would work with Feedster to provide RSS Search, now that seems to have been borne out. MyAOL beta now brings a fully fledged RSS reader straight to the SCREAMING; ALLCAPS HORDES of AOL'ers and "promises" a world class RSS Search shortly.

Suggest Something

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I've been using more and more lately for storing general intrest stuff. I noticed today they have added 'recomended tags' when you add something, and there are also predictive tagging suggestions going on. Seems to be limited to the tags you've used in the past, so YMMV.

Finally, Google does Something with RSS

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Google have, untill now, been almost entirely absent from the RSS game. They've lagged behind rivals MSN, Yahoo! and ASK for a long time, but finally we see them make at least one small step towards the future. They've integrated RSS along with bookmarks into their personalized Google beta. I'd take it for a spin but I'm getting just a blank white page when i visit, weird...

RSS Feed Metrics - Tuesdays are HOT!

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Pheedo have released RSS Feed Metrics and Trends that provide some interesting reading. Tuesdays are the busiest days for RSS publishers it seems.

Blogs will Fade - RSS will Flourish

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The Future of RSS is not Blogs says Sharon Housely, at the same time that Jeremy Zawodny is asking When will Blogs Peak?. Sharons post is a gem, and it's hard to find the best paragraph to quote, but i'll give it a try..

Washington Post does RSS Ads

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One of the first, if not the first online versions of a print newspaper to put ads in their RSS (free sub req'd) is the Washington Post according to the adage story linked above.