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Wikipedia the Nets Newest News Portal

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According to Reuters, Wikipedia is the new hot spot for breaking news ...

Coversational Copywriting

Source Title: Conversational writing kicks formal writing's ass Source Url: Story Text:

How do you write copy? Do you write stiff, formal feature selling paragraphs, or conversational, personal copy stressing You, not I? This article on conversational copy by Kathy Sierra, is about books primarily. She stresses conversational copy's proven tendency to be remembered however, and you'll find it translates well to web sales copy i think.

Seth Godin's KnockKnock eBook - Free

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Seth is giving away free copies of his new eBook, KnockKnock [pdf] for free. I've only read the first few pages, but im happy to put it out here on TW based solely on that - i think it's a goodie...

Coke Machines to Vendor Mobile Content

Source Title: Coke-Vending Machines To Sell Mobile Content, in Ireland Source Url: Story Text:

In Ireland, Inspired Broadcast Networks have inked a deal with Coca-Cola to sell mobile content from coke vending machines.

Blogging is Not a Crime Campaign Launches

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Todd Malicoat and I have been talking about the lawsuit over blog comments scandal our friend Aaron Wall is involved with that holds implications for all bloggers and forum owners, everywhere. We think we, and more importantly, you, can do a little more than simply donate towards Aarons legal costs. This affects us all, and we'd like your help. Read on.

Insulting Customers on a Daily Basis

Source Title: Honey v. Vinegar Source Url: Story Text:

If you run a website, any kind of website, like me, you're almost certainly insulting your customers on a daily basis. This is the subject of a grokdotcom post that deals with Error! Messages!

The Google Legacy - eBook Released

Source Title: Infonortics release e-book: The Google Legacy Source Url: Story Text:

Nick over at E3 Internet spotted the Infornortics eBook "The Google Legacy" and penned his thoughts here.

MovableType 3.2 Announced

Source Title: Movable Type 3.2 is here Source Url: Story Text:

Earlier in the week we mentioned that the new MovableType 3.2 would have an unlimited weblogs license, even for free users. Well, MovableType 3.2 is now out, includes the enhanced license and of course a whole bunch of other goodies:

Technorati Partners with Newsweek

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Dave Sifry announced today that Newsweek has Partnered with Technorati. The integration is pretty intresting, if you are reading a story online at Newsweek, like Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink down on the right hand side you'll see a link titled 'blog talk' taking you to the Blog Talk page with links to blogs about the article. There is also Blog Roundup Page with the top Newsweek Stories from the blogoshere.

AOL's Silent News Giant

Source Title: AOL News Joins the Big League of News Search Engines Source Url: Story Text:

Some surprising figures show AOL News streets ahead of rivals Google News and Topix. Greg Jarboe points out the relevant figures according to NetRatings.

Ways to Integrate News Blogs Reviewed

Source Title: Blog News : Scrapes, Fakes, And Remakes Source Url: Story Text:

My friend Graywolf, is one of very very few seo/m marketers that i really think understands blogging properly. He's fully immersed in the culture, and understands exactly how it works, from an seo's perspective. With that in mind, his reviews of various different methods of creating news blogs for integration into existing sites is well worth noting.

Blogging @ Threadwatch

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It's been quite a while since i turned off the blog feature at TW, essentially everyone had a blog if they wanted one - but in the interests of making things simple, when the new design rolled in, i cut that off in favor of just one form - "submit a story". Now though, i'd like to know if anyone would like to do a regular spot at TW - details below.

Doctor Who, Red Dwarf go Mobile

Source Title: TV's Red Dwarf beams onto mobiles Source Url: Story Text:

I've not seen ANY of the new Dr. Who's as our satellite isn't quite powerful enough to get BBC, but im a HUGE Red Dwarf fan, and on that basis alone i thought it worth pointing out that you can buy episodes for your mobile :)

Bye Bye Bygone Bloggers

Source Title: Bye Bye Bygone Bloggers Source Url: Story Text:

Duncan from the Blog Herald talks about the demise of geek bloggers. He says "As I’ve mentioned earlier 1G[1st generation] bloggers are insular, and its their own insularity that has lead to their current decline, and will continue to do so."

RSS is for Geeks, Not Real People

Source Title: RSS Not As Popular As Blogs Would Have You Think Source Url: Story Text:

...yet. A new Nielsen/NetRatings found that two thirds of blog readers did not know what RSS was, or how to use it. Hard to believe when you're a techie that reads a LOT of blogs, but apparently it's so. I can tell you that an alarming proportion of TW readers appear to not have adopted the addictive, but hugely productive RSS habbit, but then the SEO crowd can be a bit slow on the uptake on occasion - they're too busy building wonderful, rich content sites :)

MovableType 3.2 - Unlimited Weblogs License Announced

Source Title: Movable Type 3.2 includes free license for unlimited weblogs Source Url: Story Text:

Untill now, MovableType only gave unpaid users license for up to 3 weblogs - with MovableType 3.2 comes a new licensing structure as pointed out by Niall that allows even unpaid users unlimited sites.

Blogger Implements CAPTCHA's

Source Title: Word Verification for Comments Source Url: Story Text:

Blogger has recently enable Word Verification for user comments to prevent automated systems from spamming Blogger hosted blogs.

BBC Building Monster Tivo

Source Title: BBC builds a monster TiVo Source Url: Story Text:

The BBC have been busy keeping themselves at the very forfront of broadcasting and digital content delivery with, a 3.2 terrabyte system for storing a weeks worth of BBC programing for everyone to view when they wish.

Yahoo! Ramps up Local, User Recommendations, More

Source Title: Next Generation of Yahoo! Local Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo! unveil a flurry of new features to thier Local Search including user recommendations and commentary on local services. For me, this is what the web should be about. I could care less which resaurant spent the most on SEO, i want to know what locals think of local restaurants when in in Tucson. One would presume the user generated content will expand given a little time.

Inside Adsense

Source Title: Inside AdSense blog launched by the AdSense team Source Url: Story Text:

Google have launched the Inside Adsense blog according to Jen The new blog follows on the heels of big sister, Inside Adwords and will hopefully provide a little insight into the workings of many a webmasters favorite income source.