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The latest in a growing list of trendy, feel good aquisitions by Yahoo! is, the events site that's become so popular among the digirati this last year or so.

Lycos Launch Freebie Site Thingy

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In it's bid to reinvent itself as a user generated content hub Lycos will be launching a free site jobbie today. We keep talking about how what's old is now new again on the web, and Lycos are out to prove that point it seems.

Yahoo! Backed Open Content Alliance Trumps Google

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Almost everyone i've spoken to about Google's plans to scan millions of copyrighted print works and make them accessible comments on it with an air of mistrust, even outrage (depending who you're talking to). No other Search engine initiative has caused so much bad feeling, so many lawsuits and so much fear as far as i can recall. Hope springs eternal though, as Yahoo, masters of the public relations stab in the back, come out with not a proprietory system for scanning books, but an Open Content Alliance that's partnered with such groups as the Internet Archive and a whole bunch of others.

Lycos to Reposition as Consumer Generated Content Hub

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Now this is a little more interesting than the usual bollocks we see about Lycos from time to time. Apparently their new bigjob Alf Tolle, wants to reposition Lycos as a consumer generated content hub. He's outlining a 3yr plan, something Adam Bosworth would no doubt disagree with as a sensible approach, but still, it's interesting to see what my come out of Lycos in the near future.

Companies Unaware of Blog Threat to Brands

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I can't say im surprised to learn that two thirds of companies surveyed are unaware of blog threats to their brands (free sub req'd), but it's interesting to note now a figure has been put on it.

WebmasterRadio Comes to Europe - Monday Oct 10th

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On Monday October 10th at 8am GMT you'll be able to catch Mikkel deMib Svendsen and Dave Naylor on at 8pm UK time, 9pm central europe doing the inaugural show for WebmasterRadio Europe.

Google Classifieds

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Both Greg and Staci are reporting on the client newsletter sent out by Classified Intelligence's Peter Zollman that puts substance to long standing rumours that Google want IN on classifieds Search.

When Content just isn't Enough

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You know, when we talk about blogs, we're inclined to side-step beauty in favour of content. This is a good thing imo, we're not all artists, and we don't all have budgets for professional design. But when bloggers start pointing to some "wonderful" idea to beat the ad networks and bring publishers and advertisers together, you expect a bit more than the default wordpress template! This site is a disgrace. A half baked idea gaffa taped to a half baked design.

Google Learns to Blog

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If you follow the Google Blog you'll no doubt be aware that untill recently it's been a boring waste of space, at best. I'll join Nathan in applauding the recent changes though. They've actually began to communicate recently, and it's not gone unnoticed.

Gawker do GMail Style Invites for Comments

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Truly bizzarre, but then im not going to knock it just yet. Gawker Media (gizmodo et al) apparently didn't allow comments, untill now. On several of their larger properties you'll be able to comment, if you're cool enough to have got an invite. I don't read any Gawker sites except for a bit of Gizmodo now and again, so i hadn't noticed. It's an interesting concept though eh?

AOL's New Portal Leaves Beta

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And you know what? It's actually really, really nice! - Apart from the center of page ad that keeps changing i really like the clean, simple feel of it.

Google's Blogger Integrates with Adsense

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Good news for all the happy spammers bloggers as GOOG announce the integration of Adsense into the system.

Pay Rates from the Blog Overlords

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So we've talked about what the blogger networks pay here, but what about the true overlords of the blogosphere Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton, here's what a Wired article found out.

Findory Launch Bloglines Rival

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Findory's Greg Linden tells us that they've launched an RSS Reader. Not only that though, they've gone out of their way to make it quick to switch from Bloglines to the new reader, and claim it's FAST. Well Greg, of course it's fast, nobody's using it yet right?

B5Media Blog Network Launches

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Duncan Riley, Darren Rowse and Jeremy Wright have formed a new blog network called B5Media that will be paying it's bloggers a 40% revenue share.

Bloggers Bring Home the Bacon ... Sometimes

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James Torio who runs the Everyhuman blog has published 145 page thesis entitled Blogs a Global Conversation (pdf). It's loooong, so I've only skimmed through some of it. It's got your usual 'history of blogs' and other rah, rah blog stuff, and he disects a 20 or so popular blogs like gizmodo and Kottke. He also conducted a survey of 174 bloggers earnings and here are his findings:

Microsoft to bring Feeds to the Great Unwashed

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Dana Gardner talks about Microsofts many feed related announcements at PDC '05. The upshot is, MS will be using feeds in everything throughout Vista and will truly open the doors to the great unwashed on RSS.

Constant Content

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Constant Content is a service many TW regulars will have heard of, but i suspect few have tried it out. Essentially it's a database of paid articles on many subjects, categorized with a sliding scale of prices depending on various factors, how many other people have bought the article is one of those factors.

Photographer wins $135k settlement for unauthorized use of Hotel pic

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A Dallas photographer who discovered an image of his being used by a travel website (and then 1400 other websites, naturally) sued the parties involved for copyright infringement. After a year and $55,000 in legal fees, they settled and he got $135,000. That's $80,000 for the use of ONE photo of the exterior of a hotel.

Kevin Sites to Work for Yahoo!

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Yahoo's Media Group start to come out of hiding since Llyod Braun took over there about 10mts ago with the hiring of Kevin Sites. Quite a coup for YMG, Kevin's reputation and fame spread far and wide when he famously filmed a US marine shooting a wounded Iraqi in a Mosque