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Jeremy Wright's Blog Marketing Book (chap 1) Online

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Jeremy Wright, all round blogging type geezer, has released the first chapter of his blog marketing book online. You do have to skim over the "what are blogs" stuff, this isn't aimed at YOU particularly, but it does get good, and does leave me thinking it could well be worth a read...

SynchroEdit - I was thinking about this just this morning...

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This is odd, but very cool. I was thinking this morning about a conf call im on today and wondering if there was an app out there, like TaDaList but that would let several users edit it at the same time. You know, like in real time? Then, just a couple of hours later i read about SynchroEdit that will apparently do exactly that!

Affilipedia, and other Heinous Crimes

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A new wiki for the affiliate industry has been launched. It's called Affilipedia, and to me, sounds rather like some dreadful illness or worse, some heinous crime - im not sure why Wikipedia can get away with it and this can't, but that's what the name says to me....

Yahoo! Rolls Blogs into News Search

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As expected, Yahoo! have made their blogs move this week, just not in the way we'd imagined. No, no dedicated blog search, not yet at least. What they've done, is rolled blog results into Yahoo! News. They appear as a sidebar to the right, which rather unfortunately makes them look like Search ads. See the results for a Y!News search for WordPress. At the time of writing, you can see Threadwatch as the top result.

UK Gov Attempts to Control Chatrooms & Search Engines

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The UK government would like to change the results to search queries, rather than legislating against specific sites, reports the Guardian Tech section.

Google and the subway

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This is a very interesting way to use Google Maps with Flash to provides for vector drawing.

VGMap is a new library created by Eyebeam R&D that allows designers, developers, and mapping geeks to overlay data on top of Google Maps in a richer way than is possible using their standard system. It is called VGMap because it adds vector-drawing capability to the already-awesome GMap API.

Bloggers "probably not" considered Journalists

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Well that just sucks: "Bloggers would "probably not" be considered journalists under the proposed federal shield law, the bill's co-sponsor, U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar (R.-Ind.), told the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) Monday afternoon." - Rather Spiffy Dontcha Think?

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Over the weekend, i got a "golden ticket" to setup a blog. I got a nice email telling me i'd been chosen to receive this wonderful offering, and setup the Things Nick's Doing blog to try and find the trojan in this horse (sorry, born cynic you know..).

When a Launch Goes Badly....

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I was talking to Duncan Riley earlier this morning, we talked a bit about B5Media, his co-owned blog network that launched the other week and gave us all a lot of enjoyment ripping apart the business model. Apparently they've been inundated with applications from folks wanting to blog with them. The phrase "everyone and his dog has a blognetwork" came up more than once.

Yahoo! Milking RSS Goodness with Whitepaper

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I know i keep saying it, but you've gotta admire the way Y! will run with a feel good idea. They've just released an whitepaper on RSS usage together with a publishers guide to rss and it's already getting a big thumbs up from the likes of Robert and Niall.

Seth's Squidoo - Is it, Wikipedia, or Geocities?

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The title is a little harsh, but justified i think. Seth just released his new eBook, "everyone is an expert" [pdf]. Its an ad, a damn good one, stacked with value, and i'd highly recommend it, but an ad nonetheless, for his new project Squidoo.

One to Watch: HitWIse Blogs

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Woof woof, blogs from HitWise? Oh, yes please! - Thanks Danny

Just me, or does the new Tom's Hardware Guide "makeover" suck?

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Really, I think I accept change/evolution pretty well for a dinosaur ...but, eeeewwww, I feel like they fixed something that wasn't broke.

AIM to Launch Presense Program, Easy Site Integration

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AIM are to launch a "presense program" that if im reading this clickz story right, will allow sites to integrate AIM so they can be easily contacted and display user presense.

Yahoo! Public Enemy #1 for Big Media

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Mark Glaser takes a look at the very real threat Yahoo! poses to mainstream media (MSM) in Is Yahoo public enemy No. 1 for Big Media? Terry Semel and Lloyd Braun are well entrenched in Santa Monica, and the (old) big boys are having a few sleepless nights no doubt.

AOL Buys Weblogs INC.

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Blog overlord Jason Calacanis hits pay dirt by selling Weblogs Inc to AOL

Weblogs Inc, the blog media company founded by Jason Calacanis (pictured at We Media conference today) and Brian Alvey, is being bought by America Online, has learned from multiple sources. The deal is done and should be announced this week... Among the other companies Weblogs Inc talked to included the usual suspects: News Corp, Yahoo and MSN...

Button Pusher Alert: Yahoo Shopping Reviews API

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Gary points us to the Yahoo! Shoppings User Reviews API that's just been released. Button Pushers, er... i mean remixers.. might like to give this a spin - no longer limited to Amazon's API, it'll probably come in quite handy...

Mr. Internet Al Gore: TV is Bigger than the Internet

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Mr. Internet himself Al Gore gave a speech today at the WE Media Conference and this to say about the future TV and the Internet

Master Blog Spam Blacklist Taken Down

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Jay Allen has taken down his master blacklist. This list was a who's who of blog spammers. Due to its large popularity it became a large burden on the server, averaging over 600,000 requests/day. The newer blogs have better spam protection built in reducing the need for such a list. I tip my hat to Jay Allen for providing this free service for as long as he did in order to help people have a better experience on the Internet.

Keyword RSS Tool Launches - And, It ROCKS!

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Tara over at ResearchBuzz has absolutely outdone herself with the launch of the sadly, poorly named, Kebberfegg keyword rss search tool.