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Patent a Storyline

Intellectual property madness rages onward to unprecedented levels....Tom Peters' News Wire and Joho the Blog comment on the first ever published patent application to protect a storytelling formula.

And the answer to information overload is...

150 Really, that's the answer. It's a bit like 42, it's the answer to everything.

AAP President Slams Google over Copyright Issues

As most reading this will know, the Association of American Publishers are suing Google over the Google Print project. AAP President, former member of house judiciary committee and CNN analyst Bob Barr has slammed Google in the Washington Times today saying that "Google's position essentially amounts to a license to steal, so long as it returns the loot upon a formal request by their victims"

Wikipedia May be Offered in CD, DVD or Print

Jimmy Wales, who founded Wikipedia, says they are considering making it available offline in CD, DVD or printed versions.

Are Google Trying to Devalue Content?

Tom has an interesting take on GoogleBase, are they trying to devalue content, just as the balance of power is shifting away from indexing to content creation?

User Generated Content: Uninteresting Crap

Greg responds to a Wired article that tackles the whole issue of spam in user generated content models. He makes good points on early adopters producing fine material, and that while unpopular, UGC apps/sites can generate great stuff, but as soon as it hits mainstream, in comes spam. There are various ways to tackle it, all of them only successful to a degree, but what tickled me about Greg's observations was this: Even if you do get rid of spam, you can stop real humans generating uninteresting crap heh..

Finally, Yahoo! does "Save to MyWeb"

...and it's about bloody time too. Looks to be pretty neat aswell, like delicious, you can add a link that will allow users to save to MyWeb.

Flickr Photo Printing

Finally Flickr launch photo printing. It's been a long time coming, and it's only in the US right now, by mail or local Target store, but man, when this hit's the UK, my Mum will LOVE it heh...

Google Base Live - Yes, It's Craigslist and Much More...

So, Google Base is live once again and oh boy, it's not just craigslist!

Thou Shalt not Blog

As posted on "Students can be suspended for a lot of odd reasons these days — wearing "objectionable" T-shirts, cross-dressing for prom, planning elaborate senior pranks — but a principal at a Catholic high school in Sparta, New Jersey, has added another offense to the list: having a blog."

Alas, no iPorn

Remember we ran a post on the iPorn? - The porn industries expected move, spearheaded (oh dear..) by Suicide Girls' ipod content? Well, according to Larry Buhl over at Wired, the porn industry is giving the iPod a wide berth right now over fears of public outcry and a government crackdown.

MSFT Joins Book Search Fray, Pitches in against Google

MSFT have announced their expected entry into book search and will be joining forces with Yahoo! and others on the Open Content Alliance that launched a few weeks back. So, it's everyone against Google now huh?


UPDATE: Screenshot ~ wow, what do you guys make of THAT? now live apparently, though im gettting a 502 when trying to view it. Michel tells me it's a kind of content repository? Consider this post a filler till i/we can work out what it really is.

Deutsche Publishers: Bollocks to it then, we'll build our own!

German publishers, fed up with Google and others trying to muscle in on their copyrighted work are to build a network of sites by next year to allow the public to search and browse online books (aswell as buy, natch..). They will graciously allow search engines to index their site. You've gotta love it, but can we get you guys to talk to some of the other countries in europe please?


Unsurprisingly, the first porn, albeit a kind of classy genre of porn, has launched for the iPod Video in short order: Suicide Girls Head For The New iPod describes the new addition of SG for the iPod

Wikipedia's Quality, Internal Politics Issues

Things are not happy down at Wikipedia. The Register reports on an interview with Jimmy Wales, one of the co-founders of Wikipedia. Wales has acknowledged there are real quality problems with the online work. As with DMOZ, I guess that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and when a "business" uses volunteer editors then there appears no way of controlling them.

Nielsen on Blog Usability

I had this tabbed yesterday but never got to read it, now i have, and it's certainly worth noting Jakob Nielsen's top 10 blog usability mistakes

AOL & Blog Content - Blog Search on Monday?

It's unclear from Steve's post if "blog content" means just that, that AOL will be tapping Intelliseek for blog content or if they may be entering the blog search fray. What is clear, is that they'll almost certainly be using Intelliseeks' BlogPulse fo rthis.

Why Bloggers Hate SEO's & Why Blogging is the New SEO

Story Text:

Aaron kicks off the start of a series on why bloggers hate seo's. It's off to a good start, and puts into perspective a few things for me...

Multiple Sites Across Multiple Domains? One Button....

Story Text: point to Turbo Sitemaker, that claims to be able to create multiple sites, across multiple domains, with one button push.