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Give the Link Monkeys some typewriters?

This thread at WMW has some very solid posts in it - If you had 10 people for link development, what would you put them on?

Lots of crystal-ball gazing on the back of whatever link-pattern analysis Google have just wired-in, and a long and, IMO, excellent post from member 'neuron' that ends thus:

The History of Web Feeds

FeedBurner, which provides our feed tracking, recently kicked off their Feed for Thought series, which aims to explain what feeds are, where they have been, and where they are going.

Are We Ready for the RSS Love Fest?

In a rather short amount of time, we've seen some big players confess that they plan on embracing RSS:

Yahoo is now integrating RSS into its email application, in the hopes of making email the hub for RSS (see Slashdot)

Skaffe Launches Article Distribution Service

Skaffe launched an article submission service for the freely distrbuted articles. The articles are allowed any anchor text in the articles. The site looks easy to crawl so it should be easy to write a bot to pull articles and remix them on the fly.

MicroSoft Base

In response to Google Base, recently chuck full of porn, MicroSoft has announced that they too want a piece of the free database of everything market:

Government websites fail to meet standards

The Register runs the following story - Elderly, disabled not being served. A choice quote:

The vast majority of public service websites in Europe are failing to meet international e-accessibility standards.

PR Bloggers Naval Gazing

Trevor Cook talks about the PR echo chamber. I have to agree, i ditched my entire folder of PR RSS a few months back, talk about a cut off section of the blogosphere. Dull as dishwater 95% of it.

Clueless Pyjamas

I don't follow the clowns at pyjamas/osm/open source/er what? media, but i do follow Jeff and have been relying on him to keep me informed of any noteworthy antics from this bunch of loons. The latest in this sorry, but amusing saga is that they're now demonstrating, in closed conversation that they do not know who they are, or why they exist.


Church of the Customer are talking about Amazon's ProductWikis. I can't see the links they have pictured on the post myself, but we may be able to put that down to poor eyesight. If it's right, and Amazon are providing customer editable wiki's for products, it's cool, but you have to wonder about the amount of manpowe needed to police THAT beast...

Feed for Thought - The State of RSS

Feedburner's weblog Burning Questions has a nice report on how feeds will change the way content is distributed, valued, and consumed.

Get Yer Free Wikipedia File Dump

In case you've been too lazy to write your own scraper script here's a Wikipedia XML Dump. Something tells me this is not a good thing ...

Wordpress 2.0 Beta

According to Scott Jarkoff Wordpress 2.0 beta 1 has now been released. It came out over the weekend and can be downloaded from from a link on his site (under Linkblog Asides)

Google: Yet Another RSS-Button, More

Just like the "My Y!" button you see top right here on this very page, Google has now launched their own Add to google button. It looks like this:

Yahoo! to Integrate Gawker into News

Nick Denton's gotta be pleased with this little coup. Yahoo! are to integrate selected Gawker content in news according to the Hollywood Reporter today: "Five to seven stories per day will be posted in their entirety from each blog and added to Yahoo! News' editorial roster".

Poking Google Base with a Stick to See if it Squeals

Google Base is now live. Gary has been poking around a bit and the upshot is, that he think's it's not something for joe average, at least not yet, and John vaguely agrees. Me? Im undecided, i've not played with it much since we last spoke about it, but i will be having a little dig around later today.

Google to Index Magazines and Microfilm?

Perhaps. Gary Price blogs about Google's latest domain name registrations, noting that the following names have been registered over the past few days:

Professional Blogging @

Well, you all know I've been hard at work with some friends on a new project, and now, after some months of planning and a lot of blood and sweat, the first part of the grand plan to rule the world is launching. - Helping Bloggers Succeed is a group blog aimed at "professional bloggers", those folks that aren't so much interested in who said what about who, or whether they're on the "A-List" as those who want to blog professionally.

Is There Money in Your RSS Feed?

Erick Schonfeld of Business 2.0 writes about monetization opportunities in digital media. The article essentially advocates embedding monetization opportunities in the media you create, and then distributing that as far and wide across the net as possible. He sides with Fred Wilson's vision of how RSS should be used:

Mainstream Media Consumption Continues to Wane

Chris Anderson comments on the ongoing meltdown of mainstream media.

Daily Mail to allow readers to comment online

Netimperative report on the Daily Mail allowing users to post comments against each news item going on the website.