Strange Yahoo Discovery - What the hell is this?

Refresh it a few times?


Always Listen to your Debbie

There's bugger all happening out there except that ThinkSecret are at it again with more Apple rumours - gotta admire the balls of that... So i thought i might bore you all to tears with something i meant to write earlier in the week.

Listening to Debbie

I was talking with a mate about some stuff with Threadwatch, particularly about trusting your first instinct or your gut call more - seems i quite often have the right idea right at the moment of thought - but then go and balls it up by thinking about it too much and doing something different.

Im trying to remedie that - im going to listen more to my Debbie heh.. Prizes for the first non-ex-wmw-mod that works out who i've been tapping for advice recently... hah!

Anyone else suffer from thinking too much about stuff?

All the most useful technology at Threadwatch

but I don't for one moment believe this will work. Pawsense - essential software for cat equipped households ;) Do you think you can negotiate free copies Nick?

Worthless Services as a Way of Getting Links

Thread Title: Adding Worthless Services for Free Marketing... Thread Url: Thread Description:

What is it that makes people link to just about any old shite an SEO/SEM company throw up? - For a good example just think about how many shoddy, gimmicky PR checkers and backlink checkers there are out there...

WTF is all that about?

Aaron Wall just posted a cracking piece on this subject:

I have been getting links for a few friends recently and have noticed some pretty solid links pointing at some pretty shoddy / worthless SEO services (such as free automated Search Engine Submission services).

Many of these links are from well themed .edu pages that have not been updated for years. Some of these less than stellar services are being clustered with the like of authoritative search sites such as SearchEngineWatch and major search engines.

He goes on to list some less than honorable, tongue in cheek suggestions of how to use this for fun and profit :-)

We talked a litte recently about gaining links creatively - just scroll down till you hit chrisgarrett and mikkels conversation...

So, what other dastardly schemes are there that you can add to your site to garner a bit of link love?

Yahoo Buzz Report & Quality Control

Thread Title: Yahoo Buzz Report & Quality Control Thread Url: Thread Description:

While the Yahoo Buzz Report isn't my top source for "what's hot" it's interesting enough to be in my RSS feeds. In this weeks article the subject is how "prom" related searches are on the rise. Some of the results I found not lacking were

Cheap Prom Dresses Hair Up Dos 2005 Prom Dresses

IMHO those results are pretty crappy. Seems to be filled with adsesnse-centric sites, ebay, and a couple crappy directories. If it's a case of the news guys having the intestinal fortitude to show that stuff, in effort to get it fixed it's one thing. However if nobody actually clicks and takes a look, well that's a whole different ballgame.

The Great Internet Mystery - Winer Talking to......?

Thread Title: Last night I got an email Thread Url: Thread Description:

Dave Winer is in contact with either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs according to Todd - he won't say who but the surmise is an understandable one right?

Read this:

Last night I got an email from someone I've been wanting to hear from for a long time. There's a problem on the Internet, a big one, that only one entity can solve. The email outlined the solution and asked what I thought of it, and asked me not to say what it is publicly. I can live with that. I just want to mark this moment. A milestone. Real cooperation. I immediately implemented the feature on one of my sites. The same message was sent to a bunch of other people by the same person. I hope they did the same. When this is announced users everywhere will smile

So, WTF is all that about then?

Froogle Security Hole Gives out Gmail Account Details

Thread Title: Serious flaw in Froogle reveals Gmail accounts Thread Url: Thread Description:

By embedding JavaScript in a URL pointing to Froogle, a hacker can gain access to the user’s Gmail account. The JavaScript redirects the browser to a malicious web site, where the hacker can read the user’s cookie, which contains personal information, such as purchase history, user name and password for Google services.

Maybe a wave of Google exploits to come out of the wood work. - Peter Davanzo's New Directory - Needed?

Thread Title: Thread Url: Thread Description:

I've been sitting on this for a while, but with all the recent hoohah about directories and the enormous proliferation of the directory as a half baked scheme to attract links or throw out an ill conceived biz model the timing just hasn't seemed right.

The timing will probably never be right though - remember, links are BAD!


Peter of SearchEngineBlog reads here so im hoping he'll spot this and come answer a few rough but well intentioned questions from yours truly and any of the good boys and girls at Threadwatch who want to chime in.

Here goes:

Why another directory? What's different about this one? What have you done to avoid indexing pitfalls suffered by other directories recently? The term rubber stamped, in the US can mean "to pass without inspection" and has connotations of footprints and tracks - is this not a poor choice for a directory name? When and how will this be actively promoted?

There, that should give you sweaty palms for a bit Peter :) it's friday afterall so instead of lounging around and posting to the RubberStamped blog you can tell us a bit more about the new project...

Tag Bound Technorati

Thread Title: Technorati Tags Thread Url: Thread Description:

Today i find out that Technorati have started using tags in the same style as Flickr and

For those not in the know, tags are HOT right now, in fact, im thinking my way through a tag based project right now :) The idea is that rather than defining categories for users to post to, as we have here (see left menu), you allow users to input the categories they feel an entry should be filed under themselves. The common way of using that data is to allow popular tags (say 'marketing') that attract a lot of post (ie, alot of people all tag their posts with the same word) to float to the top or otherwise stand out and unpopular tags to sink to the bottom.

If you think about it, it's kind of cool. It means that when searching a system that uses tags for a particular topic, as most people would say 'marketing' rather than 'mktg' for example, the former is easier to find - but as people may well post entries under the shortened name, that can still be found also - but contains fewer entries.

Tagging Posts for Technorati

If you blog, or are otherwise included in the Technorati engine then all you have to do in order to tag an item is add a little link to your post as explained here However, if you use software that supports categories such like Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad then you dont need to do a thing - the system will use your categories as the tags.

Technorati's system is backfilled by the social bookmarking data and photos are provided by flickr - if you've not heard of this taxonomy method before, it's time to start having a little think about it. It's HOT and there are some very interesting possibilities for search marketers.

Google so Bare Because Larry didn't know HTML

Thread Title: An evening with Googles Marissa Mayer Thread Url: Thread Description:

From a lecture given by Google's Marissa Mayer on the user experience at Google Alan Williamson sums up some of the key trivia gleaned. See the threadlink above for his full post, in the meantime, here's a summary:

The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn't know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. Initially people didn't know that the page had finished loading due to it's sparseness - the copyright was bought up the page to indicate that that was all that you got! The infamous "I feel lucky" is nearly never used. However, in trials it was found that removing it would somehow reduce the Google experience. Users wanted it kept. It was a comfort button. Orkut is very popular in Brazil. Google makes changes small-and-often. They will sometimes trial a particular feature with a set of users from a given network subnet Google has the largest network of translators in the world They have found in user testing, that a small number of people are very typical of the larger user base. The name 'Google' was an accident. A spelling mistake made by the original founders who thought they were going for 'Googol' Gmail was used internally for nearly 2years prior to launch to the public. They listen to feedback actively. Emailing Google isn't emailing a blackhole.

There's a fair bit more on the linked page above. Some of that is old news to most of us but a few interesting bits to eh?

thanks jb

No flash memory mp3 SHELF stereo systems?

I'm early in the process of going digital re household music (video next on the list) and while it seems easy ~and relatively inexpensive~ to do either portable ipod-ish music AND entertainment server-based home theatre surround sound, the middle ground seems to be kind of barren.

What about a dumb-as-a-brick shelf stereo system? There are some parts of the house where I only want to slap in a sd card and hit the PLAY button and could care less about having the media center UI. Also, getting rid of the fan and disk noise would be a big plus in a study or bedroom installation. K.I.S.S. still is the best OS of all.

Having the Zen Micro jacked into an Extigy external Soundblaster card (with remote) and 5.1 CMSS digital speakers seems like the only way to go right now but, man, that's a bit of overkill don't you think?

Steve Jobs - Works the room with the ease of a comedian on a good night...

Thread Title: The Steve Jobs Experience Thread Url: Thread Description:

Om Malik has some great commentary on Steve Jobs' performance at the MacWorld Expo:

A very gaunt looking Steve Jobs, in his classic Levi’s-black turtle neck outfit walks on to the stage, with a purpose and a tentative smile. The hair is a little more gray, but it is still the same old Steve. A master salesman selling to the faithful. I shudder when he could do had he focused on religion instead of computers. He works the room with ease of a comedian on a good night.

There is no one in Silicon Valley who can match the intimacy Jobs has with the products he demos. He knows the intimate details, that little trick which is going to catch the fancy of the audience, prompting them to break into an involuntary applause. He cares… enough to make you buy his products. It is a masterful performance. Balanced, scripted perhaps, but nevertheless enjoyable.

Maybe Jobs' is the only CEO that could pull that off in light of all the recent contraversy, it remains to be seen i guess..

IBM to Open Source 500 Patents - A Shift in IP Thinking?

Thread Title: I.B.M. to Give Free Access to 500 Patents Thread Url: Thread Description:

As techdirt points out, the number of patents IBM are realeasing to Open Source is rather small, but may signify a shift in thinking regarding Intellectual Property. There has been much dirersion over Bill Gates' CNet interview where he essentially labeled free software advocates as "modern day communists". In light of that, and much more to be found all over the web it's refreshing to see a company like IBM make even a small step in, what I beleive, is the right direction.

From the NYT article threadlinked above:

The new model for I.B.M., analysts say, represents a shift away from the traditional corporate approach to protecting ownership of ideas through patents, copyrights, trademark and trade-secret laws. The conventional practice is to amass as many patents as possible and then charge anyone who wants access to them. I.B.M. has long been the champion of that formula. The company, analysts estimate, collected $1 billion or more last year from licensing its inventions.


The move comes after a lengthy internal review by I.B.M., the world's largest patent holder, of its strategy toward intellectual property. I.B.M. executives said the patent donation today would be the first of several such steps.

and further on..

"This is exciting," said Lawrence Lessig, a professor at Stanford Law School and founder of the school's Center for Internet and Society. "It is I.B.M. making good on its commitment to encourage a different kind of software development and recognizing the burden that patents can impose."

Email Spam Techniques are Causing Major DNS Problems

Thread Title: Spammers' New Tactic Upends DNS Thread Url:,1759,1749328,00.asp Thread Description:

This seems to be an unlikely technique to me, i mean, why register the domain at all...

One troublesome technique finding favor with spammers involves sending mass mailings in the middle of the night from a domain that has not yet been registered. After the mailings go out, the spammer registers the domain early the next morning.

By doing this, spammers hope to avoid stiff CAN-SPAM fines through minimal exposure and visibility with a given domain. The ruse, they hope, makes them more difficult to find and prosecute.

The scheme, however, has unintended consequences of its own. During the interval between mailing and registration, the SMTP servers on the recipients' networks attempt Domain Name System look-ups on the nonexistent domain, causing delays and timeouts on the DNS servers and backups in SMTP message queues.

If im missing the point, do fill me in...

Can i get a little feedback please?

HI all,

Im working on the redesign of TW right now and as part of that i need to define what TW has evolved into a little better so that it's easy to see at a glance what you might find here on a first visit.

So, im looking at a tagline to run in the header section that essesntially contains marketing and technology - we talk about all kinds of online marketing here and a fair chunk of related technology/software so what should it be?

Some thoughts

Marketing and Technology News and Discussion Professional Marketing and Tech Talk Whatever we think is cool at the time (only kiddin'..) Online/Internet Marketing and Related Technologies

Can anyone help?

And if you have any thoughts on what we talk about/post here then please use this as a chance to air them :)


Google exposes web surveillance cams

Thread Title: Google exposes web surveillance cams Thread Url: Thread Description:

Blogs and message forums buzzed this week with the discovery that a pair of simple Google searches permits access to well over 1,000 unprotected surveillance cameras around the world - apparently without their owners' knowledge.

Searching on certain strings within a URL sniffs out networked cameras that have Web interfaces permitting their owners to view them remotely, and even direct the cameras' motorized pan-and-tilt mechanisms from the comfort of their own desktop.

One such query is inurl:"view/index.shtml". As some of the cams are controllable, I would image they would be spinning all over the place about now. Secure your cams people!

Cyber Stalking - Dan GIlmore picks up a Nutcase...

Thread Title: My Troll Follows Me Here Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some months back popular blogger Russell Beattie attracted a Cyber Stalker - Some nutcase that had it in for him and was doing his best to harm him online.

Now, grass roots journalism guy Dan Gillmore formerly of the Mercury News has picked up a similar fruitcake:

I'm removing a series of comments from a troll who haunted my old blog and has followed me here.

I will not permit this site to be taken over by these kinds of folks. Period

I didnt get to see the comments but it does seem that (surprise surprise..) online celebrity attracts the same kind of lunatics that we see harrass folks in the offline world.

I want one too dammit! heh..

Sleep - Getting enough of it?

Thread Title: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sleep (But Were Too Afraid To Ask) Thread Url: Thread Description:

Thanks so much to Cory at boingboing for pointing out this essay on sleep. As geeky tech types many of us are i suspect quite familiar with odd sleep patterns right? Personally, I resent the time it takes out of my day and am constantly fighting to stay up late and still get up early to try and fit the most into my waking time that i can.

This essay has me thinking about my habbits in some new ways and if you have sleep trouble or just a general interest i'd highly recommend the loooong read :)

Here's one paragraph that really struck a chord with me:

As Robert Anston Heinlein said:

"Waking a person unnecessarily should not be considered a capital crime. For a first offense, that is."

One thing I noticed upon arriving to the States is that nobody here seems to have any notion of "sleep manners". I have seen (and experienced) many times people barging into the room containing a sleeping person, switching on the lights and TV, talking, even talking to the sleeping person, all the while not being even aware that this is a Big No-No, very inconsiderate, and extremely rude. When confronted, the response is usually very defensive, stressing the person's individual right to do whatever he/she wants and not bother about being considerate about some lazy bum who is sleeping at an inappropriate time. Whoa! Stop right there!

First, individual rights are assumed to mean that you can do whatever you want as long as that does not hurt another person in some way. Waking someone up is harassment - of course it hurts someone. Second, there is no such thing as inappropriate time. If you can, you sleep whenever you can. There is no appropriate or inappropriate time. What do you do if someone is working the night-shift (like my wife often does, and I sometimes do, too)? That person will sleep during the day, so you better shut up. Third, what is this about sleeping being a sign of laziness. The "owls" are constantly being treated as lazy, though they are more likely to be sleep-deprived (cannot fall asleep until the wee hours, then being rudely awoken by the alarm clock after just a couple of hours) and spend more hours awake (and presumably productive) than "larks" do. If you are asleep, this means you need it. If you are rested enough you cannot physically remain asleep or go back to sleep again. You are wide awake. Thus, when you see someone asleep, it is because that person needs sleep right there and then. Sleep is not laziness.

Gizmodo Score an Interveiw with Big Billy G

Thread Title: G-Money and Me: Bill Gates Interview Thread Url: Thread Description:

Well, a transcribed audio interview is certainly more palletable than watching Calacanis beaver his way round CES 2005 with a microphone and camera heh..

It's not a bad read, and apparently there is more to come so i'll post it as a comment when/if i catch it. From the intro:

I would ask the hard questions: Does Balmer really eat children? Can I swim in your Money Bin? I didn't quite muster the balls to ask those, though, and instead acted like I had real questions or something.

Eurotrash - logistics getting to Charleston SC?

How are air connections, fares, etc. out of Europe with Charleston SC the destination in April? I need some feedback.