Ditches Spyware

Thread Title: AOL's Advertising.Com Ends Relationships With Adware Companies Thread Url: Thread Description:

So called "Spyware" companies get the old heave ho from that was aquired by AOL last year according to the MediaPost

AMERICA ONLINE'S ADVERTISING.COM QUIETLY STOPPED doing business with adware companies such as Claria, WhenU, and 180solutions last year, OnlineMediaDaily has learned. The move, confirmed by AOL, happened last fall--after the Dulles, Va.-based portal company acquired the ad network in August for $435 million. Shortly after buying the Baltimore, Md.-based, executives from both companies conducted a review of policies regarding adware and spyware, said AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein. "From that review, we decided to make clear that we would not do business with companies that distribute adware or spyware that interefers with or damages our members' online experience," Weinstein said.


.us Domains - No more privacy

Thread Title: Domain Owners Lose Privacy Thread Url:,1848,66787,00.html Thread Description:

Wired report that you will no longer be able to register .us domain names via a proxy to protect your identity. .com .net and .org are unaffected:

he Electronic Privacy Information Center said the move violates First Amendment rights to anonymous free speech. And the representative of one of the largest domain-registration companies is concerned that customers who have been victims of stalkers won't be able to protect their privacy without changing their web address to a domain that offers anonymity.

Wired News has learned that the edict came a month ago from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Commerce Department agency that advises the president on telecommunications and information policy. The agency ruled with no warning and without any discussion with the companies accredited to sell and register .us domains. The domain companies were told they would lose their right to sell .us domains -- the official, top-level domain for the United States -- if they didn't comply.

Europe Experiences Routing Troubles

There seems to be a routing problem for the whole of the UK at the moment. I guess this cuold also include the rest of Europe as Telehouse is the main hub for cross transatlantic communications.

Some traffic to certain parts of the US is not making it but the same requests sent from within the US are.

Spammers move into IM

Thread Title: N.Y. Man Arrested Over Instant-Message Spam Thread Url:,0,5675078.story?coll=la-home-headlines Thread Description:

First get up to speed on etymology, its "spim" not "spam"

Federal prosecutors said it was the first criminal case involving this new form of spam — known as "spim" because it targets so-called IM services.

you'll love this, I'm not sure who Inst of Spam and Internet Public Policy are

"It's absolutely unsurprising that spammers would find a new way to spread their slime through any crack and crevice available," said Anne Mitchell, president of the private Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy.

And it appears that certain TW members should never, never fly to LA Airport to discuss Spam.

Greco had threatened to tell other spammers how he sent the unsolicited instant messages to MySpace users last fall if he wasn't given an exclusive marketing contract with the company, according to a sworn investigator's statement filed in Los Angeles federal court.

Dealing with Smear Campaigns

This must have happened to other people, some monkey is submitting my site to blogs, right above the comments for animal fun. Follow the title link for full post.

Blog Spammers should be at the Spam Summit

Earlier today we reported on the Blog Spam Summit being held at Yahoo and organized by Niall Kennedy of Technorati.

Spammers willing to help

We have had many discussions here at Threadwatch on how to solve comment spam, with the spammmers themselves offering solutions. In fact, we've tried on numerous occasions to extend a hand to the blogosphere but as yet, to no avail.

JasonD, DaveN and myself would all be willing to come and lend a perspective that this summit is lacking - one from those that hold answers, not rhetoric.

Niall, Jeremy and others, get in touch...

Threadwatch makes the SEW Blogroll

Threadwatch got a link on the SEW Blog blogroll, hurrah! Thanks Danny...

We're on the Y! Search Blog aswell but no sign of MSN or Google so far - oh well.. heh!

And on the subject of bragging...

I have many stupid ways of "keeping score", one is how many Bloglines subscribers TW has, we've now long past the one site i wanted to crush in that particularly silly metric - currently at about 188, not bad i reckon...


With all the talk of FOO recently it has occured to me, again, that miscellaneous stuff as a category just doen't do it.

We need somewhere here to post about those things that dont fall under the general headings of web marketing and related tech - and we need (i want heh..) it now.

I propose we name it bollocks - ripped off mercilessly from a good mate of mine that named a section on his site just that.

Unless anyone can come up with a better suggestion, i'll create that category and start moving some stuff in there...

It's damn neigh impossible to work

You may ask why I came across this article in the NYT but the reason I saw it was what the article is about..distractions.

The contents of the NYT article probaby sound familiar

Quote: I have checked two e-mail accounts at least a dozen times each, and read eight messages. Only two were relevant to my task, but I responded right away to all of them. My sole act of self-discipline: both instant messaging accounts are turned off. For now. Quote: e-mail, instant messaging, Googling, e-commerce and iTunes, potential distractions while seated at a computer are not only ever-present but very enticing. Distracting oneself used to consist of sharpening a half-dozen pencils or lighting a cigarette. Today, there is a universe of diversions to buy, hear, watch and forward, which makes focusing on a task all the more challenging.

Sound familiar to you? Personally I don't use Im for this reason. I try to work in bursts, but every so often I come up for air... check the email accounts, maybe TW and a few other places, write some rubbish like this, maybe dust off one of those troll accounts one has ... they get back to work...with a bit of luck.

MPAA shuts Loki Torrent down..

Thread Title: MPAA strikes at P2P again Thread Url: Thread Description:

Loki Torrent gets shut down.

This website has been permanently shut down by court order because it facilitates the illegal downloading of copyrighted motion pictures. The illegal downloading of motion pictures robs thousands of honest, hard-working people of their livelihood, and stifles creativity. Illegally downloading movies from sites such as these without proper authorization violates the law, is theft, and is not anonymous. Stealing movies leaves a trail. The only way not to get caught is to stop.

The MPAA is not messing owner gets fined a cool $1,000,000

Taking a day off...

So, nothing much happens newswise at weekends and today, for the first time since we started in October, im havin' a break :)

Went shopping this morning, had pizza and beer, gonna watch a film and chill out with the family tonight and my IM is off - yeah!

Gonna watch "the last samurai" - hope it's not shit...

If anything happens, you guys know where the submit button is, otherwise, bore the crap out of the rest of us (as i did above) with what you've been up to this weekend :-)

Shame on you Forum Spammers!

You may think there's nothing wrong with a little bit of forum spamming but poor little Copmanthorpe (population 346) has been scarred by exposure to it.

Quote: But the online discussion forum section of the site has been littered with internet links to sexually explicit websites featuring older people.

scarred indeed....

MSN Messenger Down and Out

Thread Title: Outage blamed on 'data center' issue Thread Url: Thread Description:

I felt crippled by todays outage. Messenger is my vital communication tool when working with many freelancers across many just doesn't cut it anymore.

The latest outage comes days after security monitors discovered the Bropia worm was using MSN Messenger to spread. The Microsoft spokeswoman denied the outage was caused by the worm.

Motivational & Inspirational Books for Web Marketers

Thread Title: Motivational Books / Quotes Thread Url: http:// Thread Description:

In this blog Effective Offline Marketing the discussion started off about ways to promote your website but several of the posts contained recommendations for good books about sales and marketing.

I thought it would be nice to discuss here what books and quotes people find inspiring. Working in this industry we are at the cutting-edge of technology. Beings geeks we try to automate everything. The Internet permeates our whole lives. Yet, however, high-tech the rest of my life I still believe there is no substitute for a good book. This industry probably has more ups and downs the most. You need to stay positive throughout. A good, inspirational book is as much a part of my kit as my laptop. It would be good to hear what book and quotes keep you guys going when Google kills all your sites!!


Dot.con - John Cassidy (what NOT to do) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey The Perfect Store: Inside eBay - Adam Cohen (some good ideas for business growth) Awaken the Giant Within - Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power - Anthony Robbins How to Win Frieds and Influence People - Dale Carnegie (still relevant today) The Beermat Entrepreneur - Mike Southon Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time - Howard Schultz

Favourite motivational book:

Think and Grow Rich - Napolean Hill (the old ones are the best. This book is as relevant today as when it was first published in the 1930's)

Could Verisign Effectively Knobble ActiveX Spyware Installs?

Thread Title: Benjamin EdelmanHow VeriSign Could Stop Drive-By Downloads Thread Url: Thread Description:

There's an interesting proposition threadlinked above that says, in short, that if versign were to excercise its right to revoke the digital certificates issued to spyware vendors pushing dodgy "drive by" installs.

Even though Microsoft can't (or won't) fully fix this problem, VeriSign can. Before an ActiveX popup can install software onto a user's computer, the installer's "CAB file" must be validated by its digital signature. If the signature is valid, the user's web browser shows the ActiveX popup, inviting a user to install the specified software. But if the signature is invalid, missing, or revoked, the user doesn't get the popup and doesn't risk software installation.

There's a lot of info in the post above but it would take someone with a far greater knowledge of this stuff than I to work out if Benjamin Edelman's solution would hold water.

From reading it though, it certainly seems it might...

How to Handle Mistakes

Thread Title: Defending the Mistake Thread Url: Thread Description:

When a company makes a mistake, there is almost always one option that is taken: The wrong option.

Defending the mistake, despite everybody knowing a mistake was made is bad news. It breeds mistrust, and creates a serious "them and us" feeling amongst those that have to live with the consequences of the mistake.

The worst part of the defending the error problem is everyone knows that a mistake was made. Well, everyone but the decision maker, who refuses to acknowledge the problem at all.

Since the decision maker is often the business owner, there is little the other people affected by the bad choice can do, to help with the problem. They can try to offer suggestions, advice, and cost effective alternatives, but those ideas are often flatly rejected in many cases.

Personally i've nothing but respect for any company i deal with when, inevitably they make a mistake but, deal with it swiftly, professionally and apologise for it. It just goes to prove that not only are they human, but also that in a crisis, i can depend on them to sort it out.

Dealing with Mistakes Publically

Why not turn a mistake into an opportunity? There really is no need for a mistake (barring loss of life etc..) to be a total disaster - especially online. If you're seen to act upon the problem quickly, professionally and to the injured parties satisfaction publically then IMO it can only do your business good. Some thoughts on ways to do this:

Enable comments on product sections - and monitor them! Intall a forum for customer support - and man it! Issue a public notice on the website about the mistake, and again, enable comments and answer them..

Why don't people get this? To err is human, to admit error and handle it correctly and publically is a marketing & PR opportunity

original post found via Seth

Google gives Exclusive to Battelle

Thread Title: Google gives an exclusive to John Battelle ? Thread Url: Thread Description:

I'm sure your opinion on Google changed after getting inside access in researching your book. How "inside" was your access to the Googleplex, and what changed most in your opinion of Google?

Well, they told me I'm the only author they are working with, so I guess that's pretty inside...I've been there a lot, but Google still holds its cards pretty close. My opinion is far more nuanced than it was going in – after talking to dozens of staffers, it can't be anything but.

Getting into Google News

Today i noticed a blog that's only a couple of weeks old in Google News - I've not seen blogs in there before (though im not saying they don't exist) and i've certainly not seen a site less than a month old in G News.

Good for them - they're an SEM company so possibly it's who you know rather than what you know? - So, why are we not in there and what can i do to change that?

I think we deserve to be don't you?

Malcom Gladwell's New Book - Blink

Thread Title: Review of Malcolm Gladwell's Blink Thread Url: Thread Description:

Aaron Wall has a short review of Malcom Gladwell's new book, Blink - worth a look if you're umming and ahhing about buying a copy...

Of particular interest are the points made about how this might related to seo/sem's