Reputation Destruction and Crisis Management

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Jim Horton is talking about reputation destruction, and his post on ruined CEO reputation coincides with a story a friend told me recently of how he suspected one of his competitors might be spreading rumours about his company to damaging effect. Both are offline examples, so what of online reputation crisis management?

Nielsen Corroborates Jupiter's Cookie Deletion Report

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Jupiter's Eric Peterson posts notes on his conversation with Nielsen/Netratings about their much talked about and subsequently defended report on cookie deletion among web users.

Banning Countries from Servers [no, not Threadwatch...]

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This content stealing threat came from China. Recently we took the step of banning all traffic from certain countries from all our servers. The current list comprises China, Korea and certain African states.

Gmail to offer 2GB storage

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So is Google trying to get some good mojo back by giving you more free email space?

Google Inc., which took the first shot in the free e-mail storage battle with the release of its Gmail product last year, said on Thursday it is doubling free storage to 2 gigabytes shortly after Yahoo Inc. matched its original offer.

70% of U.S. Households Use the Internet to Shop Local

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With the very long title of: "New Research by The Kelsey Group and ConStat Indicates 70% of U.S. Households Now Use the Internet When Shopping Locally for Products and Services"

“Most of the Internet’s growth for shopping research can be attributed to large search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves, the usage of which increased significantly, from 47 percent in 2003 to 55 percent in 2005,” said Tim Trickett, vice president of business development at ConStat. “Further, the research shows that the increase in usage of the major search engines has been powered by broadband users exclusively"

Search Engine Email War Begins in Earnest

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John Battelle brings us news of Yahoo! increasing their Yahoo mail storage to one gig next month, he also says that email views count for 40% of Yahoo! page views and that this is likely why Google are pushing Gmail so hard these days....

Guerrilla Focus Group Research

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I was in a hospital waiting room the other day (long story I don't want to go into), and I noticed they now have internet connected computers in the ICU waiting room.

Well, as I waited for news, there was another family there and two girls got onto the computer. I couldn't help looking 'over their shoulder' to see how they were surfing. Later on, another woman and her boyfriend sat down too and surfed. I tried not to watch, but I couldn't help myself! Her boyfriend gave me a weird look once, but they didn't say anything. I was going to tell them why I was staring, but I didn't want to disturb their 'natural searching' and ended up getting called away shortly after they sat down.

Hotmail wants me to Upgrade to IE6, Huh?

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I got this little chuckle when I opened up a hotmail account today.

Your Current Software May Limit Your Ability to Use Hotmail

You are using a web browser that Hotmail does not support. If you continue to use your current browser software we cannot guarantee that Hotmail will work correctly for you.

The Real Reason IE7 won't support CSS2

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For the design minded this will be of interest i think. Dean Edwards has apparently been playing around with IE's new rendering agent, Trident, and has some very plausible theories as to wy M$ will not, as many had hoped, be supporting CSS2 fully.

I’ve had a good look at IE’s rendering engine, Trident. I’ll qualify that by saying that I’ve spent a lot of time testing it and playing with it but I’ve never seen the source-code. From what I can tell, to support CSS2 layouts properly, Microsoft would have to re-write Trident. Not a trivial task and certainly not one that you can perform in six months. It occurred to me that they might use some unreleased engine, part of the Longhorn arsenal of weapons. But it would be equally difficult to integrate a new engine with the existing shell and maintain backward-compatibility.

This tardiness with standards really, really pisses me off...

Blogging doesn't matter

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Carrying on from Tim Bray's Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career , the Tao of Mac gives us 10 reasons why blogging doesn't matter.

I like number 5.

5. Bloggers are better-informed than non-bloggers. Knowing more is a career advantage. Balderdash. Bloggers are not necessarily better-informed. They might be more focused or be the first to publish the facts, but they are too often ignorant of the wider picture (no matter what the subject matter) or the consequences of writing what they do.

Bloggers tend to have strong, acute viewpoints on niche issues - a lot like academia, in fact. Except that unlike research papers, blogging is not subject to peer review before going to press, nor does it need to have bibliography and references.

Facts may be checked or confirmed by other blogs (and it works OK for news), but the really important things from a business perspective (like industry trends, lobbies, management strategies, etc.), are never blogged about - they just sit there in the background, while bloggers lap up "newsbytes" like hungry minnows.

Knowing more might be a career advantage, but knowing how to look beyond the facts at hand is the true advantage.

An interesting read :)

Email Stop Words Affecting Legitimate Communications?

BeTuitive Marketing has researched email filters and has found that we are now being censored in odd ways, not by people but by spam filters. And it is seriously effecting the way business is done, as more legitimate emails get junked in spam filters. The words that are banned include:-

enlarge win long distance free big bucks click here spam Quote: Still, the same content filters that are supposed to be protecting corporate communications and increasing productivity may be blocking a good chunk of legitimate communications.

Do you get to say what you want to say? Do you get to read what you want to read?

They have found that

Quote: In crafting newsletters, we carefully abide by spam filters' daunting demands and avoid terms we know filters will flag and cause messages to be rejected. Increasingly, these restrictions can seem ludicrous. Many of the terms we no longer use in our email are not even vaguely offensive.

Brit File Sharers under Fire

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BetaNews report on a ruling in the UK that will allow record companies to demand the identities of file sharers.

British record companies applauded Friday's ruling in court that gave them the right to obtain the identities of people who use file sharing programs from Internet service providers. The labels were looking for the identities of 31 persons suspected of uploading large numbers of illegal files onto various P2P services.

"Today's result is a blow for illegal uploaders who believe that the law simply does not apply to them," Geoff Taylor, general counsel for the British Phonographic Industry, a music trade group, told reporters.

The Long Tail wags again

Thanks to John Battelle, I discovered a very interesting article by Joe Kraus, the original president of Excite, on the Long Tail

He gives us the interesting stat that..

Quote: .. while the top 10 searches were thousands of times more popular than the average search, these top-10 searches represented only 3% of our total volume. 97% of our traffic came from the “long tail” – queries asked a little over once a day.

and tongue in cheek, Kraus confesses

Quote: You know the real reason Excite went out of business? We couldn’t figure out how to make money from 97% of our traffic. We couldn’t figure out how to make money from the long tail – from those queries asked only once a day. Quote: Overture figured it out, Google perfected it and we all know what happened from there. .... It was a special kind of marketplace where small advertisers could reach small markets efficiently. Quote: Google, eBay, Amazon, Rhapsody, Netflix, iTunes. What do they all have in common? They all work the long tail and they’re all radically changing the dynamics of their more traditional businesses.

And now Joe Kraus is trying to muscle in on the long tail with his company Jotspot an enterprise level Wiki.

Quote: JotSpot is a company that is building a platform to make it easy and affordable to build long-tail software applications.

LexisNexis in Massive Data Theft Scandal

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absolutely unbelievable -

Data broker LexisNexis on Wednesday said that identity thieves have gained access to profiles of 32,000 U.S. citizens, prompting calls for better consumer protections after a rash of similar break-ins.

The announcement comes amid heightened scrutiny of data brokers and other companies that handle consumer information, after rival ChoicePoint Inc. said last month that thieves had gained access to at least 145,000 consumer profiles.

LexisNexis, a subsidiary of Anglo-Dutch Reed Elsevier , said a billing complaint by a customer of its Seisint unit in the past week led to the discovery that an identity and password had been misappropriated.

The information accessed included names, addresses, Social Security and driver's license numbers, but not credit histories, medical records or financial information.

I mean, what can you say? How can any company responsible for so much confidential data have such poor security?

Who's got the Biggest? - Public Site Stats

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Im not sure why, but there's a weird trend sweeping through the blogosphere that when you think about it, takes us right back to the geocities style hit counters and spinning logos days.

Showing your site stats to visitors.

Apparently this is done in the name of transparency, and not for bragging purposes. Frankly, i can't see any reason to be transparent for the sake of transparency.

I mean, what the fuck's all that about then? It seems to me that to function well within this new environment, transparency is a good thing, and i practice it at Threadwatch in many ways - and im not against showing site stats to visitors, where's the harm?

What annoys me, is the dressing up of silly "who's got the biggest" contests as something other than they are.


The apparently trendy, ethical, and transparent thing to do is use SiteMeter to show your visitors how many other visitors there may be on you website - It looks pretty neat, though i've no idea how accurate it is... You can see some bloggers stats here:

Steve Rubel Gawker BoingBoing

One thing i wonder about is the extra network connection, how much does that slow a site down?

The second thing i wonder, is if i should sign up get my tackle out with the rest of the bloggers in this who's got the biggest contest? It might be fun, informative, inacurate, silly, but it wouldn't be transparent...

Is Linking a Sexist Activity?

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Very funny post by Shelly Powers via Susan that states that Guys don't link!

She references Google's disastrous Autolink and the way it spread around the web. It's difficult to pull one quote from it, you really have to read the whole thing, and trust me, it's well worth the read. Heres a favorite bit though:

“Larry,” I said. “What is is with guys and links?”

“Well Shelley, statistics–now, don’t worry, I won’t show you any actual values because being a women and all, we know that you can’t do more than count your ten fingers and toes–anyway, statistic show that guys are linked more than women, and link to each other more than they link to women. And when one guy links to another guy, a whole bunch of other guys come along and link them both, and then start linking to each other.”

“I’m aware of the behavior, Larry. But what causes it?”

He beamed at me, patted me on my head and chucked me under the chin. “Why honey, it’s because the male brain is wired for linking!”

So, do guys only link to guys? Load of old bollocks i think, it's just that there are more guys writing about Autolink. Although maybe that's just my perception, as the girls aren't being linked!


Danny Sullivan's Series on Autolink

Thread Title: Google Toolbar's AutoLink and the Need for Opt-Out, Part 1 Thread Url: Thread Description:

In this, the first of a multi-part series on Autolink, Danny Sullivan looks at the issues involved

How AutoLink Works We've Been Here Before Monopoly and Monetary Fears Future Development What's Acceptable? What's Not?

The article draws heavily on his conversation with Marissa Mayer, Google's director of consumer Web products.

He draws no conclusions in this article, and presents the arguments for and against AutoLink. Next up in the series is "Drawing the line at links." Stay tuned.

VoIP to go Mainstream with AOL within a Month

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Rumours are borne out as AOL chief John Miller announces it's intentions to launch and consumer internet telephoney service within a month:

The AOL offering will compete with traditional telephone companies, cable firms and the dozens of up-and-coming firms that transmit calls over high-speed Internet connections rather than the traditional telephone network.

Customers will continue to use their traditional phones, but they will plug them into adapters connected to their broadband source rather than the jack provided by the telephone company. Calls are received and placed just like on the old telephone network.

Will this pull AOL back from the brink? Yeah, it could do i think...

Snagging Expired Domains is Stressful

Mike Davidson wanted to get an expired domain, took him 3 months and he explains the processes involved. I have never tried to get an expired domain & never realised the ups and downs involved. This guy explains it well, you feel for him. Follow the title link for the full post.

Wikipedia as a Lifestyle

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The power of community eh? Wired runs a story on the somewhat obsessive habbits of some wikipedians:

He admits his wife is on to something when she calls him a repository of "lots of random bits of information." This is a man with a garage full of hobbies: photography, woodworking, cooking, gardening, chess, aquariums and computers. "It seems that I'm never content to stick with the same interests," he said. "But I always strive to find new ones."

Recently, Ramsey has been on a self-imposed Wiki vacation, but he often spends four to six hours a day penning or fixing Wikipedia articles. Why? "I feel strongly in the ideals that Wikipedia stands for, and that drives me to use my programming skills to be as productive as possible."

I admire dedication, but you've gotta wonder where his income comes from heh..