Yahoo! Auctions Drop Fees

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Yahoo! Auctions in the US will drop listing fees according to Auctionbytes...

Yahoo is making it free for sellers to list items on its auction platform. Rob Solomon, Vice President and General Manager of Yahoo Shopping, said free auction listings would benefit both buyers and sellers by generating more content of a higher quality and would provide diversification for sellers.

Porn Domains Approved: .XXX

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ICANN have approved the .xxx domain and it should be available by the end of this year....

Yahoo Overnight Reinclusion

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After trying to deal with the non-responsive googlites, dealing with Yahoo is a breath of fresh air.

About three weeks ago, one of my sites that enjoyed 26+ #1 spots in Yahoo (big money KWs) went to page 86 or lower over night.

Current Evolution of Internet Extortion

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So first there was viruses, email fraud, spyware, worms, and DOS attacks. Now there is encryption extortion. You visit an infected website and your vulnerable browser gets infected. The next thing you know your files are all encrypted and you receive a ransom note for $200 in exchange for the unlocking keys.

AOL Join the Free Email Frenzy with 2GB Service

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AOL will start offering free email service from today. It will be integrated with AIM. With Yahoo and Google already jostling for storage stats on the free email scene it makes you wonder if it'll make any kind of splash with users at all...

Web Accelerator still downloadable via Google's own index...

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Ok, so they say they've maxed out their capacity, and took off the download link, but just do a search for download google web accelerator and boom... the first result is the setup file.

GoogleBowling Watch - What Have you Learned?

Source Title: GoogleBowling - The Nasty Business of Link Sabotage Source Url: Story Text:

Maybe I'm weird, but it's been really interesting to watch the birth of a buzzword here at ThreadWatch by Terry_SA. Not long after, the domains for the word were already registered.

Stopping Email Spam

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On catching up with my Scientific American reading I came on this article on countering email spam by Goodman and Rounthwaite, who helped to organize the Microsoft product team that delivers the anti-spam technologies deployed in Exchange, Outlook, MSN and Hotmail. Whilst their conlusion (that they will "win" the war) is perhaps a little optimistic, it does give a very good insight into how the battle has been waged.

Yahoo does Online Mobile Poker

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After Yahoo's recent recent aquisition of Stadeon, one of the larger players in mobile gaming, they've announced the imminent launch of mobile to PC games including Online Poker, that will let mobile users play PC users in realtime poker matches.

Yahoo Search Looks Like Google 's Home page

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You need a yahoo account to do this.

First, go to and look at the portal like page with lots of stuff on it.

Now log in.

Go to and you'll get a minimalist page taht looks very similiar to Google's minimalist design.

Yahoo! Thinks Big with Richard Branson

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Yahoo's Search marketing division are to give away 10 million ad impression to one small business in a competition named "Think Big". Richard Branson will hand select the winning company based on it's business plan, and ability to think big...

An 'institution' already...

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Someone thinks Nick is a dream, apparently.

Findory gets a Face Lift

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Findory big job Greg Linden posts that their blog tracking tool has had a redesign. It looks good Greg!

Email more damaging than Cannabis

Source Title: Emails 'pose threat to IQ' Source Url:,12597,1465973,00.html Story Text:

The Guardian brings results of a survey carried out at King's College, London University which essentially says that...

British Businesses Want Spam

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I fell of my chair laughing when I read in this BBC report that British businesses wanted spam and hence the government had not acted. Who says lobbying does not pay - current British law allows spammers to spam business addresses.

$10,000 Reward for Original Moore's Law Text

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Intel have mislaid their original copy of Gordon Moores famous forecast that computer chip performance would double every year or two. The forecast originally appeared in the April 19, 1965, issue of Electronics, but Moore lent his copy to a friend who didn't return it and Intel are now offering $10,000 for an original mint copy, so get rummaging through your attics now...

Password sharing..a problem for Napster?

Source Title: Napster users sharing passwords to save cash Source Url: Story Text:

A story by MusicAlly in the Register gives details on tests they have done on password sharing by Napster users.Given that Napster users are (probably) mainly hard up and young, its scarcely surprising that they try to save money by sharing one account among several students, but according to Napster it should not be technically possible. Looks as if Napster could be losing a deal of income here...If it can be done, users will find a way to do it.

Jeeves is 8, er, yesterday

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Ask are wishing themselves Happy Birthday for yesterday in their blog today. No clue why they didn't mention it on the day - perhaps the party was so good they only just sobered up?

9yrs in the Slammer for Spammer

Source Title: Judge Sentences Spammer to Nine Years Source Url: Story Text:

Top UCE spammer Jeremy Jaynes was sentenced to 9yrs in jail for sending out in excess of 10 million unsolicited commercial emails today by a judge in Virgina The sentence has been postponed pending an appeal on the basis that the crime is so new, and has constitutional implications.

AOL's New VoIP Service Launches

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A month ago, we reported that AOL were to launch a VoIP service. Well, now now they have...