How many Links in DMOZ?

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I can't think of much use for it other than pure interest, but this list of sites in DMOZ, ordered by how many links they have, is pretty neat. Thanks to dvduval over at SEW

Casino's Introduce Mobile Hardware in Vegas

Source Title: Even Poolside, Casinos Entice by Hand-Held Source Url: Story Text:

Here's an odd one, they've introduced mobile hardware in vegas that let's punters waste money even when not at the casino - astonishing...

Using GoogleMaps to find free WiFi

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At last a use for G-Maps I can really get the point of - Google Blogoscoped points to GWiFi an overlay of free wireless access points using the GMaps Api.

Thanks you SOB's

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I would like to thank people that have released those freeware scraper scripts.

I now spend over an hour and a half a day banning IP's and sending abuse emails to ISP's, all because of these freeware scrapers.

MSN Safe Search Better than Google And Yahoo, Report Says

Source Title: Google And Yahoo Don't Block Porn, Government Report Says Source Url: Story Text:

"Filtering technology used by Microsoft's MSN search engine, however, more effectively blocks pornographic and erotic images than filters used by Google and Yahoo, the Government Accountability Office said in a report issued Monday." from informationweek

The BBC interviews Excite Found, Joe Kraus

Source Title: Lessons from Silicon Valley Source Url: Story Text:

John Kraus was the founder of Excite and Aunty have interviewed him.

It makes for some interesting reading.

Yahoo! Pulling Chat Rooms over Sex Content

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I read rumours about this a week or so ago, now AP report that Yahoo! are pulling over 100 chat rooms due to protests from sponsors over "sex content"...

Always-On's Open Media 100 List

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A who's who of the new, new media has been put out by Always-On, it's full of the expected, but quite a few in there i know nothing about also, so worth a peek if you're interested in movers and shakers in ultra rah rah new, new media heh...

Technorati's New Look out of Beta

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Technorati has had a redesign in beta for the past couple of weeks. Today it's out. Though im impressed overall, the superman thing is ridiculous....

'Teleporting' over the internet

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As an ex-physicist, I was intrigued by this BBC article which reports on a couple of professors in Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania who are working on "teleporting" and believe that, within a generation, we might be able to replicate three-dimensional objects out of a mass of material made up of small synthetic "atoms". We are not talking holograms here, we are talking solid objects. If it wasn't the BBC, you might think they were having us on.

Application for .eu Registrars Opens

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At 11am (CET) applications for .eu registrars opened. I love the land grab race when a new TLD opens up - reminds me of the movie 'Far and Away' when they all race to stake out their new land....

Guardian puts a damper on gambling IPO

Source Title: Online gambling tycoons face jail threat Source Url:,15248,1507581,00.html Story Text:

While the company's (PartyGaming) activities are legal in the UK, the US justice department is warning that operators of online gambling enterprises could be prosecuted and, if convicted, jailed for years in America.

Amazon gets A New, Cleaner Look.

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I have to say, I like Amazon's new, cleaner look. Instead of 50,000 tabs at the top, they went for the simpler 3 tabs at the top. To see all the categories, roll your mouse over the "see all categories" and a dhtml popup will open up.

Ebay Backtrack on Live8

Source Title: Free trade for all on Ebay except owners of Live8 tickets Source Url: Story Text:

As Bob Geldof calls for a boycott of Ebay due to the appearance of auctions selling Live8 tickets, it seems that Ebay have started to play the backtracking game.

Sir Bob is reported as saying:

Slashdotters Down Dvorak

Source Title: SD visitors crash keyboard layout site.... Source Url: Story Text:

It seems that an article on Slashdot prompted so many people to visit the Dvorak site that it's had to go offline. The site aims to convince people to use the Dvorak keyboard layout instead of qwerty. I read through the site earlier and i'm really trying to get used to the Dvorak layout, it'll save my poor hands from RSI apparently.

May Day, May Day! WebmasterWorld Down!

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Is it just me or has WMW been offline all morning? It's pretty annoying as I wanted to read about sites coming out of the sandbox on one datacentre.

------ I feel obliged to add, tltle added by Nick

PHP is 10yrs Old Today!

Source Title: A Decade of PHP Source Url: Story Text:

The worlds favorite web programming language, PHP is 10yrs old today! Did you know that 'PHP' originally stood for Personal Home Page? Yeah, they realized it sucked and changed it to the PHP Hypertext Preprocesor, which still sucks...

Bloglines, it's all about Data..

Source Title: Bloglines Adding More than 2 Million Articles Each Day to Its Database Source Url: Story Text:

We continue to talk about Google as a data mining company, yet there are others out there. Not only the other SE's, who surely know that information is power but cute little Bloglines, that cuddly, warm and fuzzy feeling inducing blog reader service collects over 2million blog/news posts a day!

Motivation, Focus & the Avoidance of Forum Negativity

Source Title: Motivation Gone Wild - Internet Marketing Success Starts Within! Source Url: Story Text:

Linda posts about staying motivated and focused when others are whining around you and how important the avoidance of "forum negativity" can be to self employed seo's and affiliates...

Did your site drop in rankings?

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Help me and I'll Help you.

If you have had a site really tank in this last google fiasco(update) do yourself and me a favor, PM me the tanked URL.

I think I may just have a handle on one major cause of some sites dropping like a rock in this last update. But, I need a bigger test sample than I currently have.