Yahoo is finally changing its logo

it is about time ... I think yahoo was overdue for a rebranding :)

Google add "Manual Actions" to webmaster tools

Google have just added “manual actions” to the navigation in webmaster tools.

First step to Authorship playing the definitive role in rankings: Indepth Articles

The test which was spotted a while ago "Indepth articles" is now

Comments are content and you ARE responsible for your UGC @anildash

Ok, this is an old article but I couldn't resist. I mean, how can you resist spreading a message like this? Just read this:

iOS passing referrer data again woo hoo

finally a small reversal of the tide of search data loss

Playing with authorship photo

@Freshegg team have been doing some experiments with Google Plus profile photo and how fast it

Google releases a responsive ad unit

Google finally did it a released a responsive ad unit. My advice is hold off a month or so until bugs are gone and advertisers get a handle on it.

.@ViperChill: great content is over-rated, Google still values spammy links + we are all blackhats

Probably what we already know and what we quietly tend to agree: The New SEO

Local SEO for Non-profits

Chris Silversmith of Argent Media posted over at Web Marketing Today talking about how non-profit organiz

If you have 20 domain names should you link them together

Google has definitely reduced tolerance for sitewides greatly....

Google Guidelines now say no-no to large scale blog posts, press releases, Advertorials, and article marketing

from search search engine land, google updated 'lin

Expanded AdWords competitor ads above trademark owner's ads and listings

How long has Google featured competitor's expanded AdWords Ads on top for trademark searches?

Most marketers hate Google+

Corey O'Laughlin at MarketProfs Daily Fix has posted the results from an informal poll asking marketers if t

When Google Adwords Rules are Applied Unfairly

Knife Depot just put up a blog post about their chronic issues with their Adwords account getti

Foursquare Rolls out Self-Serve Advertising

Foursquare is the latest website to build their own advertising platform.

Twitter fakes real users’ tweets to promote ad platform

It’s now been removed but twitter added tweets to “real” twitter accounts for a promo ad of how good the company integrates with TV ads. 

SFgate posted:

Matt Cutts Sez you don't have to worry about duplicate content

found on @seroundtable , Matt Cutts claims, "I wouldn't stress about this unless the content that you have duplicated is spammy or keyword stuffing."

Facebook testing a prompt for page updates

It looks like just getting folks to "Like" your business page is no longer going to be enough.

What lesson Penguin / Google penalty SHOULD teach a marketer

There's a perfect "winning the web back" story I came across this m

Huge Compilation of Mozcon Resources, Recaps, Official and Unofficial Responses and more

Dan Liebson has pulled together a fantastic resource of nearly everything that happened and was discussed at the