Google Likely Penalized TechCrunch

Our story begins yesterday when user GrowMap submitted a story about a change in how Technora

Technorati refusing guest posts from existing contributors

In the middle of submitting a post on Technorati, a writer who has written there for years received this message:

Instagram adds embed feature for Videos and Images

I'm not an Instagram user, probably because I'm too old to enjoy seeing my food in Sepia filter, mostly because I got my fill of that by watching the Wonder Years.

Matt Cutts on query syntax with Google Voice

A recent Google Webmaster video has Matt Cutts answering a question posed by AJ Kohn: "How has query syntax changed since voice search has become more popu

Google posts reminder about deceitful behavior

Google just made a post to their official blog about webmasters who use tricks to change the

Google Refuses To Deindex Pirate Sites, But Will Deindex Yours With Out Any Notice

I will admit that I have a certain soft spot in my heart for digital pirates.

How useful are link detox tools?

Barry Schwartz investigates if the Link Detox tool from Link Research Tools is valuable at all using a Google Webmaster Help

Yahoo! image search now with Getty images


Guest post for links? Then nofollow says google

Yet again google say if you have built content/articles (guest blogs) to publish on other sites for the intent of getting a link then you should nofollow it unless you are a "journalist" 

How much of real results are we left with?

Nothing new here, yet, it's always good to read another rant on that.

Does it Make Sense to Remove / Disavow Links? via @onreact_com

Tad shares a good case study on removing the manual penalty from one of his clients.

Google Authorship: a signal of trust to defend the link graph? via @billsebald

And we continue our guess game (with lack of actual official statements, what else can we do?)

A way around Google's Not Provided data?

This could be promising - but it would depend on a great number of folks participating in downloading a plugin, from what I understand.

This Student Project Could Kill Digital Ad Targeting

Sometimes I wonder how long it would take for large company to hire or buy out a newcomer?

BWMT Blogpost Talking Links and Likes

Some cool little nuggets in this Bing article talking about likes , links ,etc.

confirmation from Matt Cutts: disavows can help penguin

Just quoted in a tweet, Matt Cutts confirmed that disavows will help penguin saying "disavows can help for Penguin."

Sugar Rae's New Link Building with the Experts for 2013

"If you’re new to the Link Building with the Experts series

(When will it happen and) who will stop Google?

There's a good summary [warning: I got a few annoying popups after going there] of how Google controls the web: I like th

Penguin Predictor at 94% via Open Penguin Data Project

It has been a lot of work since I first began this project immediately following Penguin 2.0.

What are your Thoughts on Inbound Marketing? Is this Just a Buzz Word?

What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing? I'm hearing a lot of things about Inbound Marketing recently. Is this just a buzz word?