Your Site Layout Might Be Killing Your User Engagement

Folks on WebmasterWorld are having one of the deepest and most engaging conversations about website design that I've seen in a long time.

Link Network SAPE May Have Been Penalized

Black hat SEOs across the interwebs are reporting a drop in rankings and the common factor seems to be that they used the underground link network SAPE.

New Firefox Platforms Will Launch Without Plugin Support

In a strange twist of fate, long and recently maligned Adobe Flash will be the only supported plugin in the next iteration of Mozilla Firefox.

New Raventools study reveals most common page issue metrics

Some highlights:

At Long Last - Google is Tackling Hacked Spam With Algorithmic Changes

For some of you, I know that this will seem like it's been a long time coming.

PROOF that Authorship is not dead

Last week, Gary Illyes from Google told webmasters to leave the Authorship markup, which Google stopped supporting in August 2014, on their pages:

KRAKEN uses machine learning to optimize videos for virality

What if you could get more people to view and share your videos and stay on them longer by basically split testing which image in the video works the best?

The Specter of a Mobile SERPs Index

A tweet from Gary Illyes has some webmasters speculating about a future "mobile only" index.

Panda and Penguin News Today

News so nice, Search Engine Land had to print it twice.

The Sustainability of Today's Content Factory

Weak content seems to be the subject of ridicule almost everywhere on the net, but it's still being created.

Click Fraud Could Cost Advertisers $6.3 Billion in 2015

The bots are taking over, and that's bad news for advertisers.

Did Google Peak Last Year?

comScore indicates that, once again, Google is down and Bing is up.

Google Announces Brotli, An Open Source Compression Algorithm, In a Somewhat Bizarre Blog Post

It means "small bread" in Swiss German :)

Concerned About Google's 3-Pack Snack Pack?

It's a "mixed bag" when it comes to the positive or negative impacts of Google's new Snack Pack.

In SERPs, Second Place Sites With Rich Snippets Get More Clicks Than Position 1 Sites, Says Study

A study by Blue Nile Research asks, "Is position 1 still the holy grail of search?" If you're going for clicks maybe you don't need to be number 1.

Repeated violations of G webmaster Guidelines will lead to futher action

Google says that repeated violations of their webmaster guidelines will lead to further action

The Intersection Of Content Marketing And SEO

Content marketing and SEO work so well together because they are really about the same two things: giving your people exactly what they want.

Google's Knowledge Graph Says: Don't Quit Your Day Job

A bit of fun for today. From the Twittersphere, Google for "cartoonist" and you'll get a little career advice right away.

Google Thinking About Adding Structured Data Markups to its Ranking Algorithm?

John Mueller mentioned it in a Google Hangout recently, but it remains to be seen whether this was just him cleverly deflecting a question or actually opening a window.

Google + Twitter = Instant Articles... Wait, What?

As a response to similar pushes from Facebook, Apple and Snapchat, Google and Twitter are teami