Signs that a shakeup in the car insurance SERPS is coming

Forrester reported that Google is coming close to releasing their awaited comparision feature soon.

Yahoo Increases Search Market Share 2 Points in a Month - Pulling Up Alongside Bing for 2nd place

Spotted this today at SEL. Some of Marissa Mayer's acquistions and moves at Yahoo have left me scratching my head, but the partnership with Firefox was one of her better ones.

E-commerce Lessons from Holiday Season 2014

It's always good to look back at what yourself and other e-commerce companies did during the holiday season to boost sales, in order to begin planning for your next holiday season.

GM offers local search features to "in-car shoppers"

GM announced a range of new OnStar services, including one called AtYourSe

McDonalds Begins Archenemies Video and Loses Brand Recognition?

We have all eaten at McDonalds.  It was after a soccer game or maybe at a birthday party, no matter what the occasion, we have all consumed their Happy Meals and Big Macs.

Google receives and processes 6 million DMCA complaints per week (345 million in 2014)

It's been estimated that Google received 345 million DMCA complaints last year from copyright holders

5 Times When You Must Hire an SEO

SEO is one industry where almost all the information about it is easily found online.

Mobile Video Viewership up 200% Year-Over-Year

It should be no surprise to anyone that more people are watching videos on their mobile devices.

Case Study: Negative SEO with NO Backlinks

More ways competitors can drive sites down in the serps:



Pinterest will be rolling out "Promoted Pins" to all partners in 2015

Pinterest had been beta testing their "Promoted Pins" advertising product and found some great success with it. They now plan to roll this out to all of their partners at the start of 2015.

SERoundtable hit by Panda? recently reported that they've been seeing a decline in organic traffic that the main guy, Barry Schwartz, believes is due to Panda 4.1.

Simple Social Medial Retains Brand Loyalty?

Almost half of us have visited a brand’s Facebook Page and about 40% of the one of us who did, clicked like.

G'Night Yahoo Directory

After 20 years, they decide to just wrap it up 5 days early, lol. Oh well!

company shares how they made their real estate blog drive 18,000,000 visits/month in two years

Interesting and very detailed article on operationalizing content marketing within an organization for link acquisition

2014 the best holiday season in 3 years...

According to the National Retail Federation, 2014 was a good year!

Don't forget the basics!

A great article on how to incorporate traditional marketing methods such as scarcity, personalization and appealing to basic emotions as part of your digital marketing strategy to increase leads an

Google Now Provides Song Lyrics In Search Results

Google now supposedly provides song lyrics directly in search results, causing a concern for lyrics websites.

What Publishers Want from You

Fractl and BuzzStream recently teamed up to survey 500 publishers to find out how to pitch a digital

Bing Implements Local AMBER Alerts

We all remember the missing child pamphlets and milk cartons beginning in the 70’s and 80’s as they began the first outreach for missing and abducted children.

Update your Wordpress... or else!

Wordpress released a new version on 12/18 and it has a handful of new features which are nice, but not the main point.