Google Serves 25 Percent of North American Internet Traffic

According to a story in Wired, "On an average day, Google accounts for about 25 percent of all consumer internet

Adult content to be blocked by default in the UK

This is a major change which is going to affect loads of sites in the UK.

Is Google Panda Going Soft?

So, Google has claimed that the current Panda update is a "softening" of the general algorithm and is more "finely targeted".

Google's Databoard - Didn't they say info-graphics are bad?

I've been having a play with the Google Databoard and it seems to have a lot of potential.

How SEOs distract themselves

It's been fun watching hundreds of SEOs picking up and interpreting Googler's words about guest blogging, making conclusions, inventing flags, ma

Ripoff Report Verified - Talk about taking low to the next level

Notorious Ripoff Report has just launched a new "service" - a $89/m subscription to allow business owners NOT to get published on their site.

Does Google favor sites they fund through Google Ventures?

About a month ago Jacob King wrote an interesting post on his blog about how ranks so well in the search results.

Google says a new softer, gentler, more huggable Panda is on it's way

Over at Search Engine Land Barry Schwartz has a post about Google confirmin

Why I am not getting Google Glass.....right now.

A few months ago I was accepted to be a Google Glass beta tester through their #IfIhadGlass program.

Reddit Removes Atheism and Politics from the Front Page, Announces new Default Sub-Reddits

In a not-to-surprising move, Reddit has removed /r/atheism from the default home page of the website.

Link Building Is Not Illegal (or Inherently Bad) Interview with Matt Cutts

Is Matt Cutts Wearing A ThreadWatch Shirt In This Video?????

Is Matt Cutts wearing a logo on his shirt here???

Google testing new assault on Organic with expanded PLA's

A post over at Search Engine Land by Ginny Marvin shows a new test by Google on their paid l

List of 29 Sites for Free to use Images

Inc magazine published a list of 29 sites for free images written by Chelsea Blacker from Blue Glass UK.

Google Likely Penalized TechCrunch

Our story begins yesterday when user GrowMap submitted a story about a change in how Technora

Technorati refusing guest posts from existing contributors

In the middle of submitting a post on Technorati, a writer who has written there for years received this message:

Instagram adds embed feature for Videos and Images

I'm not an Instagram user, probably because I'm too old to enjoy seeing my food in Sepia filter, mostly because I got my fill of that by watching the Wonder Years.

Matt Cutts on query syntax with Google Voice

A recent Google Webmaster video has Matt Cutts answering a question posed by AJ Kohn: "How has query syntax changed since voice search has become more popu

Google posts reminder about deceitful behavior

Google just made a post to their official blog about webmasters who use tricks to change the

Google Refuses To Deindex Pirate Sites, But Will Deindex Yours With Out Any Notice

I will admit that I have a certain soft spot in my heart for digital pirates.