Page One or...oblivion...?

Article looking at CTRs on mobile devices.  Essentially, the point here is if you're on page one, enjoy it, but if you're not, things get dicey for ya...

Ad Copy Optimization: Have We Been Doing It Wrong?

Interesting question.  Is the current approach to optimizing paid search ads off the mark?

Google is Indexing URLs Not Found in Links

For a long time SEOs suspected that Google was indexing URLs that are found with in content, but not linked to.

.@JohnMu: Do NOT pay for the link to be removed, use Disavow instead

It's not a seldom case that you are asked to pay a fee when trying to remove a backlink.

Google disavow tool: We are building our own trap via @irishwonder

Irishwonder has put it very well: Google is using all of us to create the "invisible" f

Google+ adds new author attribution & embedded posts

Google are again pushing google+

This time google have added a great update to make it easy for publishers to link up the + profile to posts made on blogs.

So THERE IS a (small) chance nofollow links hurt site rankings

In yet another glorious video Matt Cutts speaks about nofollow (and the affect on rankings) and you could expect a direct and straightforwar

Brilliant example of storytelling...without even talking about the product

OK, gotta hand it ot the wonks at the agency LG hied for this campaign.  It's epic.

Dmoz and Yellowpages as Examples of Unnatural Links in GWT Request Replies

@Marie_Haynes is doing a good job monitoring "an example unnatural link".

Topsy Has Indexed Your Tweets - every single one of them...ever.

Topsy, a social search engine, states they've managed to index ever tweet ever made...

Twitter updates UI to show connections in conversations

Just noticed twitter it now shows a blue line in between people you follower whom are having conversion.

Digital democratisation: let’s not imagine that we are voting

Chris Clarke has a very thoughtful piece on how internet is making everything sh*t

Ding Dong PageRank Is Dead! Or is it?

Barry Schwartz points out that PageRank hasn't been updated in about 6 m

Google's Local Carousel Is Screwing Small Businesses

Google's new local carousel is rolling out and changing how search for local businesses looks and behaves.

@JimBoykin's qa with @JohnMu: on Link Removals and Disavows...

We've asked many questions before.

Are you asking your questions on social media or searching for answers? (study via @stonetemple)

There's a great study at stonetemple that got me thinking: Is all that "Listen to social media buzz" concept we a

Google Not Provided at 49 Pct; Over 70 Pct for Tech Sites

There is a pretty interesting report by BrightEdge saying that not provide

Facebook gives advertisers access to millions of stock photos free of charge

Facebook is offering advertisers that don't have thier own images a tantalizing carrot, choose from a library of milions of stock photos for no extra cost.

Linking to Non-Content Pages Can Affect Your Authorship via @marktraphagen

Google finally published

Google Is Starting To Creep Me Out Big Time!

If you haven't heard of Google Now yet, you really should take a look at it....a serious look at it....This mobile app/platform tracks your movement