Matt Cutts extending his leave until 2015

Matt Cutts is extending his away time into 2015 and he is not not sure if he's gonna come back... here is the quote:

The Growing Need to be Multilingual

Even though 55% of the Internet is written in English, only about

Social Media Influencer Outreach Gone Wrong: @UPS

Someone probably told @UPS social media department about how influencer outreach is a truly awesome branding tool.

Google now paying webmasters $0.05 per consumer survey answer

Google has created embeddable consumer surveys and will pay webmasters 5 cents per click.

Groupon Begins Entering the Search Market?

In addition to Yelp allowing users to write reviews and give a particular business a star rating, Groupon is now featuring a more interactive website targeting businesses owners and users to get mo

Baidu Takes Off the Training Wheels; Reports $2.2 Billion in Q3 revenue

Chinese search engine Baidu officially took off it's training wheels, so to speak, reporting over $2 Billion in revenue for Q3 2014:

Google is Biased? Noooo Way!

So here we go again talking

Number One in the SERP's - Mobile vs Desktop

Being on a mobile performance kick lately, I found an article that sheds some light on mobile and desktop CTR and how there is still a massive difference between the two.

The next Facebook?

Ello is generating some buzz lately as a new social media platform specifically positioned as the "anti-Facebook."

Google Webmaster Tools now reports on mobile usability of websites

Google Webmaster Central blog just posted this new update today:

TODAY >> Bill Hartzer is on Reddit AMA (Ask me anything)

Have questions about SEO or domainers? Ask Bill on Reddit at


Google expands Knowledge Graph to include video games

Google has expanded its Knowledge Graph to include video games.

Virgin America launches brilliant content marketing campaign

If you listen to any comedian ever, they have a bit about airlines. Celebrities also regularly vent their frustrations with various airlines via Twitter.

Monetized Google Suggest or Google Suggest Direct for Brands?

Brian Jensen shares an

Not Tracking Your Website Business Data Properly Can Be Impacting Your Bottom Line

It is extremely important to properly track your website traffic and conversion data in order to get the most useful data about your business's website performance.

Yelp positions itself to be more than a review site, already a giant in the local business review space, now offers the ability to reserve hotel stays through the site.

Google recommends HTTPS sites for organic visitors, just not those for their Trusted Store?

In an odd piece of irony, sites in Google's Trusted Store Program are currently experiecing issues if they are on the HTTPS protocol: 


Podcasting Begins Making a Come Back in Social Media Marketing

With as much industry noise out there as there is today, how can you stay our climb to the top when your content for social media outlets has been maximized or has become stale?

Are we seeing the first fractures in the search based click revenue model?

Analysts reviewing Google's quarterly earnings report, had some hard questions regarding Googles click based revenue model, which is touted as, " ...the best Internet business model ever created" b

Google Penguin 3.0 is refreshing over the weekend (will continue for weeks)!

[Update: Google Penguin is now confirmed]