More demands made in the quest to be forgotten

By now, most SEOs are familiar with the Right to Be Forgotten legislation in Europe, which allows individuals to request removal of content surrounding their name from Google's index.

No More Adobe Flash Ads on Amazon!

You may remember that Firefox began blocking Flash by default back in July. I've personally been gettin

The Legality of Negative SEO

An interesting facet of negative SEO is that the definition isn't nailed down.

New Security Issue Affects File Synchronization Services Such As Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box

Just a few days ago, Imperva’s Application Defense Center (ADC) research arm unveiled its August Hacker Intelligence Initia

Google Search Console to stop supporting CSV downloads

John Mueller announced on Google+ that the Python script which has been used to download and export query data in Google Webmast

The Deflation of Wikipedia

You might have heard that Google is sending Wikipedia less traffic these days. This was probably put to you in unnecessarily explosive terms.

Ad Blocking "Blocks" Around $22 Billion in Global Ad Revenues

That's a lot of "lost" income!

Interesting Study in SEL Says CTR is Not a Factor in Ranking Organic Results

Maybe this is old news for some of you but I found the study and experiment itself to be an interesting read, so I thought I'd share

Here comes the Watch Time ranking factor...

Google recently filed for a

Google Has a New Parent Company - Alphabet

Google is reorganizing under the umbrella of a new parent company called Alphabet, hoping to keep its eclectic ducks in a row.

Youtube Copyright Fights - Owning a Channel Isn't Easy

Anyone out there have a favorite "Youtuber" personality? No? That's ok - it's mostly for the younger kids these days.

Google Local 7-pack is now a 3-pack

It seems Google's local 7-pack has been replaced with a 3-pack, according to Mike Blumenthal. I looked and confirmed that it's a three-pack on my SERPs.

Firefox exploit in the wild - it's a nasty one - update your copy of FF right now!

I just heard about the Firefox explot, in the wild, which has been patched by Mozilla, so they, and I encourage you to update to V 39.0.3 right away.

Google Paid Traffic, eCommerce, and the Changing SERP Landscape

As Panda 4.2 rolls on, there's an interesting discussion happening on WebmasterWorld. It's about eCommerce and traffic.

Twitter as a Vehicle for Harassment

Rand Fishkin quietly added the word "feminist" to his twitter bio with sadly predictable results.

In all of Google's fruitless scrambling for a new shiny thing you can see their true fear...

I loved this comment by Tom Bishop (you may want to scroll down a bit if the permalink doesn't work) and it brings up great points:

Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

Everyone knows that link juice from forums dried up years ago and it's just spam now - but in some corners of the net, the juice may still flow.

Google Removes Free Maps Listings for Home Services Professionals

Dr Pete tweeted about Google testing removing the map and pins from local listings. So far, the test is only in San Francisco.

An Obsession With Paid Links

I haven't experienced this myself, but a user on SEO Chat seems to feel that the only way to get links is to pay for them.

Where Should You Put Your Ear to the Ground to Monitor Panda 4.2?

Panda 4.2 is going to be a long-term roll-out, which means that following its gradual impact is going to be interesting!