Unnamed Person Taking Over Head Of Google Web Spam Team For Matt Cutts

I caught a weird facebook post on Friday on this but it looks like its confirmed here and

Google I/O - Unlimited Image Storage and further venturing into Internet Of Things (IOT)

Oh boy, oh boy, but lets start with the most important message from Google I/O

New Google Local Change was a bug and appears to be fixed

According to the latest buzz, the recent google local change to combat Google bombing i

Surge in referral spam (and some tips for stopping it)

Have you noticed a surge in referral visits to your website lately? When you try to track them down, does it only lead to confusion?

The masses confirm that there was just a weee bit of hype around "mobilegeddon"

Alot of chat around social and the blogosphere about the giant update that turned out not to have that much impact, this kind of reminds me of all of the buzz around hummingbird last year that had

Google Webmaster Tools Rebrands to Search Console To Attract More Users

According To Micheal Fink in his blog post "“In the past year, we sought to learn more about you, the loyal users of Google Webmaster Tools: we wanted to understand your role and goals in order to

Google buddies up with Twitter while still working on "faster" refreshes

"Why haven't I seen any progress" is a question many clients have for their SEOs when they're waiting for a Penguin or Panda refresh and it's can be difficult to answer with no algorithm update sch

Good discussion in this older post: Google is heading in the wrong direction – I decided not to follow

Crushed by Google: Detailed Interview Bill Hartzer did with Ira Zoot, owner of TicketStub

Google should stop thinking only about the large cor

Google Phantom 2

I actually love how Lauren's intro here:

Despite popular belief, Google can read JavaScript

SEOs have long stressed to their clients to use plain text as search engines can have difficulty reading JavaScript.

The Fallout From MobileGeddon: What’s the Impact on Your Business?

"Two weeks after MobileGeddon, everyone from Moz to 

Emoji and Semantic Analysis

We've just heard about Google showing Emoji icons in search and Bind even using th

Study shows 27% of queries are questions, Google immediately capitalizes

Blue Nile Research just published a study that showed 27% of search engine queries use question formats ("how," what," "which," "why"

NEW RESEARCH from GoDataFeed: The 20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers [Infographic]

Stats and facts you need to select the right marketing channels for your store and get your products in front of more qualified shoppers. 

Forbes: Are You Spending Your Information-Security Budget On The Wrong Technology?

Security is so complicated now. Read this to find out what other kinds of security you should use that you probably haven't even thought of yet.

Mobilegeddon is Over but Google and Microsoft Are Not Done

April 21, 2015... a day that was supposed to live in infamy for search marketers.

Google to Deprecate Escaped Fragments for AJAX Sites?

From SE Rountable:


E-Mail, not social media, is the key for Millenial marketing

Brands have always tried to keep up with the young crowd, tailoring their marketing to appeal.

Android and Apple now on google maps?

It seems someone has been having some fun on google maps.