Google can take 3- 9 months to process large disavows...ya don't say..

You'll be waiting a bit if you've got a large disavow...During Google Webmaster hours t'was said

Google no longer plans to release glass to the public in 2014

It seems that Google is backing out of the consumer market with glass and externalizing the hardware problems to other partners and focusing in more on specialized business applications for the dev

YouTube, look out for Facebook

When 2014 kicked off, YouTube was on top of the game for online video.

Actually, the key to marketing your quiz is "actually"

Josh Haynam just posted a new blog on Marketing Profs about using quizzes for

New Google Tool: Mobile-Friendly Test

Google launched a new tool for mobile testing, offering a pass/fail grade. If your site fails, it lists a handful of tips, but doesn't get too granular.

TRUSTe gets hand slapped by FTC

TRUSTe, a company that certifies websites' compliance with various security and privacy standards, was recently penalized by the FTC for not reviewing all of the sites with the TRUSTe logo annually

Google Mashes PPC and Organic Listings Together in Local Results Revamp

They kind of bury the lede (in my opinion) in this article's headline:

Google Finally Choses Text Based “Mobile Friendly” in SERPs

Yet another new ranking algorithm for your non mobile website has been officially released from Google. This one might start to sway your resistance to creating a mobile version.

Real Life Conversion Optimization: Target updates mobile app to help in-store customers find products easier

Target recently worked with company PointInside to update their mobile app to help in-store customers with their shopping.

ReadWrite, Fashionista and Remodelista up for sale?

digiday yesterday posted about Say Media looking to sell it's news sites.

Google Trends Now Showing Top 200 Trending YouTube Videos

As reported in SERoundtable, Google Trends will now display the Top 200 videos that are currently trending on YouTube.

Another video social network being launched - this one promotes using "8 second videos"

A new video social network named Ocho is being launched which promotes the ability for users to easily create and share short (8 second) high quality videos.

Everybody's talking algos this week

It's only Wednesday but there seem to be a surprising number of articles about Google algorithms. I found three on three different sites by three different authors that all kinds of tie together.

Firefox Includes as a Search Option

As a user I am often overly excited when they make headlines.

2015: The year for...staying the course?

It's November, which means the 2015 SEO prediction blogs are starting to crop up.

News publisher SF appeal claims adsense warned that " has three days to remove editorial content that violates its advertising policy"

Apparenty, there is some drama  and  advertising policy intrigue between the SF Appeal and Google Adsense ...

Google Takes Over Operations of NASA airfield - will later use facilities for research & development

Google has been using Moffett Field, a NASA airfield, as the home for it's private jets.

Matt Cutts extending his leave until 2015

Matt Cutts is extending his away time into 2015 and he is not not sure if he's gonna come back... here is the quote:

The Growing Need to be Multilingual

Even though 55% of the Internet is written in English, only about

Social Media Influencer Outreach Gone Wrong: @UPS

Someone probably told @UPS social media department about how influencer outreach is a truly awesome branding tool.