The Mobile Minute: Bing Mobile Friendly Test; Use Google Maps offline

About a year ago Google launched their Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

In its first year, Google Pirate hurt only the torrent sites

Remember the Google Pirate algorithm update? The company acted as swashbucklers against online piracy, but a year later it looks like it only hurt torrent sites.

Manual Link Building is Here to Stay - But Automation is On the Way Out

Just because something can be automated doesn't necessarily mean that it should be.

Facebook's New Search Features May Open a $5 Billion Advertising Opportunity

Facebook's search algorithm takes into account posts that you've made, pages you've followed, and what your friends are talking about.

Google still working on extending Search Console historical data

Two years ago Google said they would extend the amount of historical data in their Search Console from 90 days to 1 year.

Mobile-friendly algorithm update axes your interstitials

Back in June Google warned against app interstitials and, like clockwork, they're already penalizing you for having them.

Penguin will be refreshing before the end of the year

Dust off the ol' disavow document, you should check your backlink profile and make sure your site is not at risk.

I never knew people cared THAT much about favorites on Twitter

Twitter changed "favorites" stars into "like" hearts yesterday and the Internet BLEW RIGHT UP.

Google Tests Epic Length Snippets

Gilgamesh and Ulysses got nothin' on these seven line snippets that Google is testing.

Curious case of featured snippets

An Interview with John Brown, New Head of Publisher Outreach at Google, and a Conversation on WebmasterWorld

Hopes for added transparency and increased communications seemed dim on WebmasterWorld - but the man himself is taking part in this discussion.

Google Tut-tuts: Not Too Late to Get Ready for Penguin

Recent comments by Gary Illyes have stirred up some confusion about the upcoming "real-time" Penguin update.

Give Bing a chance?

Bing is profitable at last - at least for Microsoft. Does that mean SEOs should give it another chance?

Google's Aritificial Intelligence called RankBrain

Google Search Powered by Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain

What do you think, is this anything to do with zombie traffic?

Google Tells Spammers That Reconsideration Is Not An Option

When Google hits a site with an outbound link penalty, a site can nofollow the links to get recovery, then dofollow them again later.

Google Panda Moving at a Recrawl Rate Pace?

The concept behind this theory is that Panda is so slow because Google needs to recrawl a page before Panda is applied to it.

Duane Forrester Leaves Microsoft and Bing... for Real

This is

Google Zombie Traffic

This is a hot topic right now, and has been a discussion topic for a while. Google Zombie traffic.

1,114 Fake Reviewers Are On Amazon's Chopping Block

You can buy a fake review for $5 or less in some circles - but the real cost of a fake review might be increasing soon.

3 Major Sites Go Nofollow; Ripple Effect Will Follow

I wonder if major sites realize that when they choose to nofollow all links that will impact not only every small business, blogger, freelancer, and other entity ever linked to from their site, but