I Like the Sound of it: *Don't Ignore the Trolls. Feed Them Until They Explode*

The social media world is getting mature to the point where we can no longer ignore the trolls, because, well, they exist...

Facebook - Hacked (to death)

As always be careful what you say on facebook!

The old Bailey UK (court) today heard how a man was tracked using facebook and hacked to death with a axe!

Google IGNORES disallow search in Robots.txt file

Bill Hartzer has published an example of a site ranking #1 for their competitive keyword phrase even though their site has robots disallowed. 

Failed reconsideration requests. You must wait a few weeks to submit again

 Marie Haynes on twitter just tweeted a screen grab of google's new notifications which I haven't seen before asking the webmaster to wait a few weeks before submitting another re-inclusion re

We need to stop thinking of Google as a search engine, full stop

iamlost posted a great thread at cre8asiteforums titled "Hold The Angst And Adapt" talking abou

Is Google Allowing The NSA Access To Your Google Analytics Account?

I haven't noticed until now that Google Analytics happens to be one of the last Google products that isn't using SSL by

Rap Genius Gets Spanked By Google

As many of you know by now, Rap Genius was recently penalized by Google

Google Testing Ads Within Knowledge Graph

Spotted via twitter, Google are testing out ads on knowledge graph.

The example makes sense to me. You are looking for x car then why not show a local dealer who has the car?

Google Accidentally Adds New Privacy Feature To Android, and Then Immediately Removes it.

Android 4.3 originally shipped with a privacy feature that allowed users to pick and choose what data an app could collect on a device.

Google Makes Changes to Images in Gmail

Google has made changes to the way they display images in Gmail. Images are now displayed in messages automatically.

Are You Ready For The 500+ New TLDs Being Released in 2014

Dr. Pete from good old Moz put up a great post about the 2014 Domain Gold Rush that is about to happen.



Behind The Scenes of Google Data Centers

Sometimes I think we all take for granted the power & physical space it takes to run Google.

Here is a great image gallery of Google's Data Centers:

Google Patent's Software to Control Your Social Media

It appears Google is now looking at taking all that data they have on you and using it to inform the updates / actions of some kind of social meda automation spam software with one of

Google's Knowledge Graph Content Land Grab

It seems that Google announcing a new Knowledge Graph results are becoming more frequent.

How Google Understands (Named) Entities: Google Trends Update Visualizes That!

Recently I've shared an indepth look into how Google Now Topics Gives You Insight into Hummingbird Update by @ajkohn.

Google Wants All Of Your User Names And Passwords

Google is currently developing a new security platform called, U2F (Universal 2nd Factor).

Clean Up 404 Errors Automatically With Chrome?

I just came across this very interesting page on Google Chrome's Privacy Policy.

Threadwatch is looking for editors / contributors / curators!

Threadwatch needs voice and people who want to be part of building something special. So we are looking for your perspective!

Google Now Topics Gives You Insight into Hummingbird Update via @ajkohn

AJ gives a very detailed overview of Google Now Topics page and have cool observations worth looking into:

Good design is...

[Warning that page is NSFW and NSFK but so true]

This is a motherf*cking website.

I don't think I can even comment on this...