Monetized Google Suggest or Google Suggest Direct for Brands?

Brian Jensen shares an

Not Tracking Your Website Business Data Properly Can Be Impacting Your Bottom Line

It is extremely important to properly track your website traffic and conversion data in order to get the most useful data about your business's website performance.

Yelp positions itself to be more than a review site, already a giant in the local business review space, now offers the ability to reserve hotel stays through the site.

Google recommends HTTPS sites for organic visitors, just not those for their Trusted Store?

In an odd piece of irony, sites in Google's Trusted Store Program are currently experiecing issues if they are on the HTTPS protocol: 


Podcasting Begins Making a Come Back in Social Media Marketing

With as much industry noise out there as there is today, how can you stay our climb to the top when your content for social media outlets has been maximized or has become stale?

Are we seeing the first fractures in the search based click revenue model?

Analysts reviewing Google's quarterly earnings report, had some hard questions regarding Googles click based revenue model, which is touted as, " ...the best Internet business model ever created" b

Google Penguin 3.0 is refreshing over the weekend (will continue for weeks)!

[Update: Google Penguin is now confirmed]

change of address tool updated in GWMT (that site rebrand nerds will appreciate)

Google will now help you confirm that redirects are in place properly with their souped up change of address tool among other things

here is a link with the deets:

Is the only thing Google fears Amazon?

This was trending yesterday:

New domains are starting to appear

The new domain names are starting to be released to the public for purchase from .email to .photography to .cool and .pro.

Gerry McGovern article: Do You Really Want to Do Content Fake Marketing?

It's been a while since I came across an article like this. One with a seething tone that doesn't sound petty.

More Google Testing with Mobile Friendly Notices

Google testing always keeps us on our toes. What is served up in a sidebar or in the rich snippets varies at an alarming rate and ultimately it is Google that decides what you are going to see.

Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace where people buy illegal drugs online

I'm watching drugs inc and apparently there are now online market places where people are buying drugs online and it even has reviews :/

Political Election Marketing: Display Ads Are Finite In Battleground States

So apparently ad space is finite in video, etc for usage in election...

(probably because of restrictions in volume?)

Google now warns users when a website is not mobile friendly, right in the search results

Here is another reason why websites should start looking into developing mobile friendly websites.

Google: We Won't Be Updating Toolbar PageRank

SEORoundtable reports Google says PageRank is finally dead and that last update was a "mistake"

Pigeon update undone?

A recent study posted to SearchEngineLand has come to the conclusion that Google has rolled back the Pigeon update.

Apple Watch and Local Search

Aside from the new Apple Watch cool features like the sports tracker, Siri, the heart rate monitor, and my favorite, Apple TV navigation, how much of an im

Follow-Up to Facts & Answers in SERPs - 5 SEO's Weigh In

As a follow up to my last post, here's 5 SEOs weighing in on the topic of structured snippets and Facts/Answers appearing in the SERPs, including our own Ann Smarty:

Answer Boxes appearing more and more in Google SERPs

Found this on Search Engine Land: