@JimBoykin's qa with @JohnMu: on Link Removals and Disavows...

We've asked many questions before.

Are you asking your questions on social media or searching for answers? (study via @stonetemple)

There's a great study at stonetemple that got me thinking: Is all that "Listen to social media buzz" concept we a

Google Not Provided at 49 Pct; Over 70 Pct for Tech Sites

There is a pretty interesting report by BrightEdge saying that not provide

Facebook gives advertisers access to millions of stock photos free of charge

Facebook is offering advertisers that don't have thier own images a tantalizing carrot, choose from a library of milions of stock photos for no extra cost.

Linking to Non-Content Pages Can Affect Your Authorship via @marktraphagen

Google finally published

Google Is Starting To Creep Me Out Big Time!

If you haven't heard of Google Now yet, you really should take a look at it....a serious look at it....This mobile app/platform tracks your movement

Waze data now updating Google Maps App

The social real time traffic data from the waze community is now integrated into Google Maps App.

Twitter Introduces Related Headlines

Twitter is rolling out a new feature called "Related Headlines".

No sooner does Cyrus Shepard proclaim "an amazing correlation" between the number of GooglePlus +1's and higher search rankings, then Matt Cutts debunks it.

No sooner finished reading Cyrus Shepard's Moz post, "Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings" when I saw Hobo S

So are GWT Backlink reports enough to lift Penalty or get out of Penguin? via @Marie_Haynes

Later last week Marie Haynes asked us to support her question for it to be covered in the next gl

The Getty Launches Open Content Program,

MIT's OpenCourseWare (which is freaking awesome btw) just made a blog post saying that the J.

SEOBITCH is a Loud-Mouth Moron!

Ok, its time to get real!

Aren't we supposed to write for people?

Ok, I just had to share this. It resonated so much :)

Grow up and start pitching properly via @rhyswynne

I blame spammy email pitches for taking 1 hours of my life daily...

Google reconsideration requests form gone missing

Google has a webmaster support section here https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35843?hl=en  all about filing a

Yahoo is finally changing its logo

it is about time ... I think yahoo was overdue for a rebranding :)

Google add "Manual Actions" to webmaster tools

Google have just added “manual actions” to the navigation in webmaster tools.

First step to Authorship playing the definitive role in rankings: Indepth Articles

The test which was spotted a while ago "Indepth articles" is now

Comments are content and you ARE responsible for your UGC @anildash

Ok, this is an old article but I couldn't resist. I mean, how can you resist spreading a message like this? Just read this:

iOS passing referrer data again woo hoo

finally a small reversal of the tide of search data loss http://bowdeni.com/seos-rejoice-is-apple-now-passing-