Treat Your Schema With Care

Since the Quality Update, some sites are reporting that they were hit with structured data penalties.

Panda update is coming, but do we want it, or not?

There's an interesting thread on WebmasterWorld about whether we want a Panda refresh, or not.

The AP now pubilshes 3,000 robot written articles per quarter

According to this article, within minutes of Apple posting its record setting quarterly e

So HOW Exactly Is Google Using Click-Through Data?

Rand Fishkin was messing with click-through data again a few days ago

Google Confirms Core Search Change

Wikipedia Break The Internet

Moz: Can You Rank in Google Without Links? New Data Says Slim Chance

Saw this thanks to Kristi Hines: Moz backlinks Google Study >>

Promotional domains: Don't let them expire too soon.

A famous ketchup manufacturer let one of its promo domain lapse, and a savvy adult webmaster picked it up.

15 Days to be Forgotten in France; Euro news liable for user comments

Some legislation passed in Europe has been hitting the news lately.

Thumbtack Penalty Post-Script: A Juicy Mystery

Well, that's all she wrote - it took less than a week for Thumbtack's penalty to be lifted. But the story's not over.

Google updates may not be all they seem

There's talk of a Google update going on right now, but my old pal Dixon Jones has pointed out that an update may not be what it first seems.

Hashtags are hurting your clickthrough?

Do you use hashtags in your mobile strategy to help get your posts noticed? More people may find your Tweets, but they might not be interacting with them quite the way you want.

Is "Guest Blogging" Still A Dirty Phrase?

Exchanging links for content and guest blogging aren't the most squeaky clean topics anymore.

Facebook vs Google as Advertising Platforms

Facebook is making impressive gains with its Custom Audiences platform. I always like an "underdog" story.

Thumbtack, a Google Capital Backed Website, Smacked For Unnatural Links

Leave it to the king of the spiders to weave a tangled web.

An Egyptian Repairman Managed to Outrank Google

I'm sure you've heard of "bugs" in the algorithm (like the recent local SERP shuffling...) but this one takes the cake. Google in Egypt has really goofed it up.

Yahoo! Maps shutting down

Today, Yahoo! published their Q2 progress report.

Google Announces A Continually Updating Penguin Update Coming In Next Few Months

At SMX, Google announced that they will be releasing a continuously updating penguin update over the next view month. This is a GOOD thing, given the low frequency of current updates.

Tumblr Introduces GIF search

Get just the right reaction gif for your blog using Tumblrs new feature.

Blue Button That Allows You To Buy Right From Pinterest Coming To the US

One small step for pinterest, one large step for online impluse buying. Pinterest is bring buyable pins to the US.

Another Google Panda Refresh Expected In The Next 2 Week - 1 Mo.

The moment some of you may have been waiting for for the last many months may be coming more here