Inactive Google Plus Local Pages Will Soon Be Shut Down

Mike Blumenthal asserts that this is the "final step in separating local from Plus." Another nail in the coffin for poor Google+.

Longer Google Search Snippets to Give the Summary of a Page?

There's an interesting screenshot shared by Darren DeMatas

Panda 4.2 is here!

Google announced yesterday that Panda 4.2 began rolling out this past weekend and that it will be slowly rolled out over the course of "months." This means that websites recovering or being filtere

Google is treating gTLDs no differently than a .com

Search marketers and brands alike have been up in arms over gen

Another Phantom Update? Panda Tremors? Lots of Chatter...

Some folks on WebmasterWorld are speculating that some "Phantom" tremors that began on the 14th could be Panda revving its engine.

Google is Selective About Which Tweets it Indexes

According to a blog post from Stone Temple, Google skews towards those with higher follower counts and "authority" when indexing tweets. Makes sense.

The AdWords "Buy" button takes a test run

Last week, Google AdWords implemented a "buy" button which will lead to a retailer-branded product page that is

Will Google Algorithm Be Fair One Day?

A very interesting article (and lots of more great content linked to from it) on how search algorithm is

Looks like Google wants to hire an SEO!

Calling all SEOs - the Empire is seeking a new Viceroy.

Building an online business is like playing with LEGOs... that there are a TON of pieces to put together and the instruction manual looks like it got dropped into a puddle.

Penguin is "months away"

Penguins aren't known for their speed - neither are pandas for that matter!

The Best SEO Tool is Between Your Ears

Fathom on SEO Chat always has a perspective that's worth reading and thinking about.

Star Wars Domain Battle Won by Disney

I couldn't resist a tile like that, sorry!

According to Nominet, the star wars domain names held by this UK company have to be handed over to Disney.

SEO Myths

Where do all of these SEO myths come from?

Link building REALLY ain't easy. (a follow-up)

Google Portugal has said - "do not buy, sell, exchange, or ask for links."

Link building ain't easy

What links are good ones is easy for most people to see, but how to get them is harder - especially if you only see black or white.

Notable vs Newsworthy on Wikipedia - "Is Danny Sullivan notable enough for his own page?"

Over on Bill Slawski's Google Plus page there's an interesting discussion about what Wikipedia considers "notable" going on.

Yahoo is Testing Google's Search Results

After Yahoo's renegotiation with Microsoft in April, they've got a free hand to experiment with Google vs Bing search results.

Outsourcing for Productivity

Found an interesting thread on WebmasterWorld today about outsourcing some tasks to places like Fiverr, mturk, cragslist, odesk/upwork,

Google+ Shrinks Again

Once upon a time, a brand's most recent Google+ post would show up in their knowledge panel when it was triggered - no more.