Another Promise to Break... Google Is Testing Banner Ads for Navigational Queries

Despite the title, I don't have too strong feelings against these experiments.

Instagram Ads are Coming, Here is What They Will Look Like

Advertising is coming to Instagram. The popular photo sharing app showed off what they will look like. Honestly, it looks very similar to how parent company Facebook's ads look.

Getty Scores, Gets Cash from Pinterest

Getty Images and Pinterest announced a partnership where Pinterest pays to put meta data

Google Patent's Popular Hand Gesture

The heart hand gesture has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Google: Do as we say, not as we do (Social Endorsements via @btabke)

Google introduced their social-empowered ads that would place users' photos and names below the ad.

How to still monitor search referral traffic in a not-provided era

Buffer has published a good summary of what search marketers can still do

Yay Penguin 2.1 has been released woohoo

Barry has done a write up about it

Google Mortgage Finder Showing Up in the UK

In an interesting Google+ Post, Pete Meyers mentions that Google Mortgage Finder is starting to show up in the UK.

Google got authorship wrong in Google image search!

Well Google have made a move to authorship in image search and quite frankly it looks like they have made a dogs breakfast of it. 

Dispersed Citation is PageRank for the real world via @portentint

Ian Lurie has a very interesting article on how Google may put all their efforts together to create a new smart search engine:

Black Hat Is Dead, White Hat Is On The Run.

Back when the Boston marathon suspects were running from the police, my buddy Kenny Hyder tweeted what seemed like the most poetic

Threadwatch should have its own social button.

I know I would be happy to have a threadwatch button on my site. Not sure about how hard it would be to develop this but it should be something you guys consider in the future.

YouTube carousel in Google Search

There is a new Carousel at search for Miley Cyrus followed by the word "songs ie "miley cyrus songs" and you will see it.

So what exactly is a natural link?

To say website owners are confused now is to say nothing..

New York authorities fine 19 SEO companies after writing fake reviews

BBC reports that the New York local attorney general's office set up a fake yogurt shop in Brooklyn and sought companies to help promote it's online presence.

Google Redirects All Traffic To HTTPS, Driving [not provided] To 100%.

My buddy Ryan Jones recently tipped me off that Google seems to now be redirecting all traffic to the HTTPs version of their site. What does this mean?

Does SEO Attract People With Emotional Disorders?

Barry Schwartz posted an interesting article not long ago about a Webmaster World poster that claimed he considered killing

Page One or...oblivion...?

Article looking at CTRs on mobile devices.  Essentially, the point here is if you're on page one, enjoy it, but if you're not, things get dicey for ya...

Ad Copy Optimization: Have We Been Doing It Wrong?

Interesting question.  Is the current approach to optimizing paid search ads off the mark?

Google is Indexing URLs Not Found in Links

For a long time SEOs suspected that Google was indexing URLs that are found with in content, but not linked to.