Behind The Scenes of Google Data Centers

Sometimes I think we all take for granted the power & physical space it takes to run Google.

Here is a great image gallery of Google's Data Centers:

Google Patent's Software to Control Your Social Media

It appears Google is now looking at taking all that data they have on you and using it to inform the updates / actions of some kind of social meda automation spam software with one of

Google's Knowledge Graph Content Land Grab

It seems that Google announcing a new Knowledge Graph results are becoming more frequent.

How Google Understands (Named) Entities: Google Trends Update Visualizes That!

Recently I've shared an indepth look into how Google Now Topics Gives You Insight into Hummingbird Update by @ajkohn.

Google Wants All Of Your User Names And Passwords

Google is currently developing a new security platform called, U2F (Universal 2nd Factor).

Clean Up 404 Errors Automatically With Chrome?

I just came across this very interesting page on Google Chrome's Privacy Policy.

Threadwatch is looking for editors / contributors / curators!

Threadwatch needs voice and people who want to be part of building something special. So we are looking for your perspective!

Google Now Topics Gives You Insight into Hummingbird Update via @ajkohn

AJ gives a very detailed overview of Google Now Topics page and have cool observations worth looking into:

Good design is...

[Warning that page is NSFW and NSFK but so true]

This is a motherf*cking website.

I don't think I can even comment on this...

Google's Cerf reaches back to the industrial revolution to defend Google's ad targeting policies and Glass

Gregory Ferenstein recently posted "Google's Cerf Says 'Privacy May Be An Anomaly'.

Google Calls my Site Stupid

There's a fun thread going on Google's products forum: "

Yahoo! Selling Off Domain Portfolio

Yahoo! is hoping to get about $4 million for a chunk of domains they've dropped on domain market SEDO.

Google is Astroturfing to Sway Public Perception.

This is very interesting! 

Rich Snippets Abuse (or Not?)

Here's an interesting result I stumbled across yesterday. I couldn't recall a standard supported Rich Snippet that could have caused this display...

Google Hummingbird in action (results for things instead of strings)?

Matt McGee shares a weird example of Google misinterpreting his search intent and showing football-related resul

Google's 15-minute video on how to create an SEO & online strategy using Webmaster tools

Precious! Here we've been trying to figure out an SEO and online strategy, when Google has all the answers! Using its Webmaster tools, it's so easy! Why the fuss? 

Discussion rank is coming

Mark Traphagen shared some interesting thoughts on what Google's aggressive integration of Google Plus comments (Blogger and Y

What is Google Adwords Display Select?

Google adwords has now realised a new type of adwords campaign called "Display Select".

Google is still figuring out how to to suck you into Google Plus

Wired has an interesting view on Google's attempts to set its social network on fire.

Google Now Indexes Mobile Applications and Displays Them In Mobile Search

Google announced yesterday that they are now able to index pages with in a mobile app and then display them with a coresponding site with in mobile search results.