Remember When There Was a Local 6-Pack? Me Too...

Looks like for some users, the 3-pack (once a 6-pack) has become a 2-pack!

Is Google Using Your Visitor Data Against You?

Here's a topic that comes up every now and then - are products like Google Analytics and Chrome really useful, or are they just sabotaging you from the inside?

Google Changes Local Review Schema Guidelines

From now on, Google says that only reviews that are "directly produced by your site" can be marked up.

Some Sellers Report an Increase in Required Reviews for AdWords Star Ratings to Appear

In order to get some stars and seller reviews showing up in AdWords ads, businesses are currently told that they need at least 30 reviews.


In an effort to provide easier access for mobile users to webpage content, Google announced it will start lowering the rankings of websites with "intrusive interstitials" starting on January 10, 20

Was the 3 Ad Limit Lifted For AdSense?

Used to be, you could only have three AdSense ads on a page at a time - but no longer!

Google Keyword Planner Update - As Usual, A Few Jerks Ruined a Good Thing

I should have known better - there are always a few jerks who take a great thing and abuse it.

Bing modifies its handling of Right to be Forgotten requests

The Right to be Forgotten saga is one of the more interesting stories surrounding Google (for me anyway, since I was the oldest sibling this is how I watch big brothers fight).

Things Go From Bad to Worse For Keyword Planner

Google's Keyword Planner, an AdWords tool, is now restricting the amount of data available to non-advertiser or low budget accounts.

Mozilla's new Test Pilot add-on illustrates where SEO and User Experience collide

So Mozilla has a new browser add-on for Firefox called Test Pilot, which displays a link to the Wayback Machine whenever a user hits a 404 page.

Ads in the Three Pack

On April 21st I reported that ads were spotted in the More Places section of local results in Europe.

AMP is Awesome, but Doesn't Cause a Rankings Boost!

Google is just ALL about AMP lately. And the rumor mill always seems to posit that what Google likes, it gives a SERPs boost to.

Worth its Weight in Clicks

Webmasters all over the world can't wrap their heads around some of Google's data reporting. And it's not surprising, because some of those reports are pretty difficult to understand.

301 Redirects Rules Change: What You Need to Know for SEO

Alphabet is Making Bank

Alphabet (and therefore Google) saw year on year profit growth of 24% for Q2 2016.

UI/UX and Identifying Links

Have on-page links become impossible to find? Have designers taken over the 'Net and thus made hyperlinked text ind

AdSense - What's Good Traffic Mean?

There's a neat thread on WebmasterWorld about what makes good traffic for an AdSense publisher. Nice to see a positive thread ab

Color Me Surprised: Links Are Still *Incredibly Important*

Despite all the predictions that links will get less and less important for rankings, there's no proof it's actually going to happen any time soon.

Whatever Happened to Negative SEO?

Some users of WebmasterWorld observe that negative SEO attempts seem to be on the decline - is that true?

Adblockers: Prevalence and Popularity

How often do Adblockers come up in casual conversation? That's the subject of this WebmasterWorld thread.