Web marketers can learn from Chipotle's "disposable literature"

Chipotle launched a "disposable literature" campaign called Cultivating Thought.

Twitter buys Indian mobile marketing start-up ZipDial

Twitter recently purchased Indian startup ZipDial, which helps to build brand equity through on going mobile engagement.

YouTube to host its own Superbowl Halftime Show

The Superbowl Halftime Show is at the point where it (arguably) overshadows the actual game, with the performers and ads discussed long before and after the big day.

Google Pushes Mobile Usability on to Webmasters Even More

Unless you have looked at your Mobile Usability tab in the Search Traffic section of Google Webmaster Tools, you may not have even noticed you have a Mobile Usability issue.

Five (5) Under-Appreciated Sources for Local Link Building Success

The original Google algorithm of the late 1990's and early 2000's didn’t prioritize local intent and geography when ranking websites.

How Social Media Can Elevate Your Marketing Automation

Over the past two or three years, full-power marketing automation has finally become available to businesses of all sizes.

Google now lets everyone in US register domains

A little while ago Google got into the domain registration game on an invite-only basis. Now, after about 6 months of testing, they have decided to open up domain registration to all US users.

Yahoo & Bing ads showing duplicate copy

Yahoo and Bing ads now show Description Line 1 (D1) in both their ad text and ad titles (see the image below)

Google Translate to Now Include Real-Time Automated Translation

Although Microsoft has introduced their version of a real-time automated translater that works through Skype, enabling voice to be translated into spoken and written word, Google recently announced

Google: Even Without Disavowing, Getting Good Links Can Remove Your Penguin Problems

Post by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable:

Signs that a shakeup in the car insurance SERPS is coming

Forrester reported that Google is coming close to releasing their awaited comparision feature soon.

Yahoo Increases Search Market Share 2 Points in a Month - Pulling Up Alongside Bing for 2nd place

Spotted this today at SEL. Some of Marissa Mayer's acquistions and moves at Yahoo have left me scratching my head, but the partnership with Firefox was one of her better ones.

E-commerce Lessons from Holiday Season 2014

It's always good to look back at what yourself and other e-commerce companies did during the holiday season to boost sales, in order to begin planning for your next holiday season.

GM offers local search features to "in-car shoppers"

GM announced a range of new OnStar services, including one called AtYourSe

McDonalds Begins Archenemies Video and Loses Brand Recognition?

We have all eaten at McDonalds.  It was after a soccer game or maybe at a birthday party, no matter what the occasion, we have all consumed their Happy Meals and Big Macs.

Google receives and processes 6 million DMCA complaints per week (345 million in 2014)

It's been estimated that Google received 345 million DMCA complaints last year from copyright holders

5 Times When You Must Hire an SEO

SEO is one industry where almost all the information about it is easily found online.

Mobile Video Viewership up 200% Year-Over-Year

It should be no surprise to anyone that more people are watching videos on their mobile devices.

Case Study: Negative SEO with NO Backlinks

More ways competitors can drive sites down in the serps: https://goralewicz.co/blog/negative-seo-with-no-backlinks-a-case-study/



Pinterest will be rolling out "Promoted Pins" to all partners in 2015

Pinterest had been beta testing their "Promoted Pins" advertising product and found some great success with it. They now plan to roll this out to all of their partners at the start of 2015.