The Anatomy of a Google Smear Campaign

What follows is the story of my good friend Ann Smarty's community being the target of a Google smear campaign.

Google Penalizes MyBlogGuest Guest Blogging Network

Google has penalized

How To Sabotage Google

Yesterday, Google equated their new site scraping technology with a swiss a

Less SERPs Visibility! Interactive Results Pushed Above Branded SERPs (Google UK)

There's a "neat" SERPs experiment going on in for the obviously navigational query

Rand Fishkin Gets Google Plus Warning for Violating Policies. Why?

If you are looking for the answer, there's none yet... Google Plus is a good student of his older sister Google Search. Why not just clearly say what went wrong?

Google Knowledge Graph Image Hijack "PC world"

We have all seen loads of reports of hijacks of google's knowledge graph like the World Series For St.

Do Pizza and Beer = Paid Links?

Watch this classic video from no other than Matt Cutts on what a paid link is.. The Video "tries" to explain what a paid link is in the eyes of google / Matt cuts..

Are Google's AI Claims Just Smoke And Mirrors?

Famed technologist, and Google Engineer, Ray Kurzweil, is talking more about Google's plans with Artifical Intelligence.

Google Forced To Display Competitor Product Listings In Antitrust Lawsuit

Finally governments are starting to wake up to how much of a monopoly Google is.

PageRank, Google, Continue to Kill Jobs, Small Business and Blogs #smallbiz

My previous share predicting the tide is turning against Google was premonitient.

Google Plus Invites You to Follow the Associated Page from G+ Updates

It's a pretty big news for one reason only, I'd say: It proves that Google is trying their best to give

Google taking action on Rich Snippet Spam

Barry at Search engine round table has reported how google is now sending out penalty notices to spammy rich snippets Finally Evolves Into The Internet's Most Massive Scraper Site Ever

We have all joked about Goolge being one massive scrapper site. But, it looks like we are now starting to see evidence that this is true.

When Will We Realize Google is Censoring Results and Hiding Quality Sites like SEOBook and GrayWolfSEO

This disavowing and link removing is a total waste of time.

No Net Neutrality means the END of the Internet As We Know It. More SHOULD Care About This!

Here is a good way to spread the word about Net Neutrality in an entertaining video anyone can understand:

Google does not want an average webmaster to use the Disavow tool

This question has been discussed at Google hangout and brought up to my attention by

Jailed for Tweets! - Breaking News

Just now the bbc are showing on TV the news that Isabella Sorley is going to be jailed for 12 weeks and John Nimmo sentenced to eight weeks for sending abusive tweets.

Google Gives More Money To The GOP

Google is

Resolved: The SEO Industry Should Embrace Broken Link Building

Let me begin with a disclosure.

MarketingLand: Google Clarifies: Guest Blogging Is OK, But “Guest Blogging For SEO” Is Not

Google's Matt Cutts updates his post: