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Thread Title: Online Privacy - How Strong is Your Kung Fu? Thread Url: Thread Description:

In the future, i wont be publishing threads i've personally started but it's early days. If you're concerned or interested in online privacy, here's a good primer on proxies, and what to look for in a proxy service. littleman and ppg add some strong points to the discussion. - Guerilla Forum Marketing

Thread Title: Define me a Link Farm Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here's an interesting one on a couple of different levels. Firstly you have some definitions of "link farm" - nothing really new there but within the the thread there's what appears to me to be a tag team forum promo by two new members of Search Guild - Stretch Dog and nanoreef n'amugabeer.

They're promoting a site called that's essentially (from what i can gather) a database of backlink hunting SEOs - the idea being to gain non-recip backlinks. The product might have legs, i just dont know, but it's pretty interesting to see.

Call me an old cynic, maybe i am, but i've no idea how the Search Guild guys have missed the (to me) obvious tag team setup there, the posters are waaay to similar in there passion for the program and knowledge of the details to be genuine IMO. Make your own mind up.

ADDED :: Same join up date Lol! Amateurs...

Traffic Power / 1P - Scam Accusation Thread

Thread Title: 1P / Traffic Power Fake SEO Forum Thread Url: Thread Description:

This isnt the usual type of thread that will make it onto the list but it really is quite astonishing how such a diverse and often divided community will pull together when one of their own is made a target. There are other threads, but this is the daddy.

Multiple Sites - Spamming and Host IP Allocations

Thread Title: Is Creating Sites Spamming? Thread Url: Thread Description:

This is an outstanding thread born of virtually nothing. kidmercury asks the initial somewhat innocent question about a proposal to build many different websites and linking them to his main target site.

The thread develops into a little WH/BH baiting (im not certain who is baiting who LoL!) shortly after a typically authorative answer from Danny Sullivan at msg15 and then moves on to some nicely thought out posts by I,Brian, NFFC and littleman on the question of Which came first, the angry SE or the SE Spammer?

The real jewel to be found here is the discussion about C block allocations between Chris_D and I,Brian at around msg45