MS Reaching Out to Web Community - Where are Google & Yahoo?

Thread Title: Sleepless in Seattle Thread Url: Thread Description:

Peter Da Vanzo has an interesting entry full of cool links about his trip to Seattle as part of the MSN Search Champs advisory group initiative.

Eliminating the Google Cookie - And Keeping Your Preferencees

Thread Title: Set preferences without using Google's cookie Thread Url: Thread Description:

Daniel Brandt aka. Everyman writes a great little tip that enables the seriously paranoid (like me) to surf Google with their preferences of choice with no unique cookie. Great stuff Daniel, thanks.

Block Level Analysis 101

Thread Title: Block Level Analysis 101 Thread Url: Thread Description:

At the time of writing, im the only one to have replied to this excellent post by newly appointed SEW moderator Orion, but keep an eye on this one in coming days. My Threadwatch funny bone tells me it's gonna be a cracker! - IMO this is most likely the future of link analysis and thus the future of SEO. - The thread discusses an understandable write up (thank [insert diety of choice] for that!) entitled Page Layout Drives Web Search

The Future of Link Analysis

Thread Title: Current Academic Link Analysis Research Thread Url: Thread Description:

High level of discussion surounding some papers linked in the first post from johnser. Oustanding speculative musings on the many different theories on current trends in SE link analysis from members Oliver Henniges and claus. This snippet to give you a taster of the level of discussion in here from Oliver Henniges:

I was always wondering what the 'related:'-search command was good for, since it mainly seemd to mirror odp-structures. Now, with Menczer basing their "semantic-similarity"-coefficient on distance within the odp-tree (which is not a tree), I getthe feeling that such issues have been incorporated in some way into the ranking-algos, thereby lowering the impact of backlinks and PR. This would explain why - as pointed out elsewhere - so many dmoz-dupes and pseudo-directories polluted recent search results on less-competitive terms. If this be the case i would estimate current state of google findings as a first approach to such cluster-analysis, imperfect, and to be improved in the near future.

Im way to stupid to get most of it, but then it is late in Denmark so i'll have another go in the morning! Great stuff guys...

What Makes a Forum a Great Forum?

Thread Title: What Makes a Forum a Great Forum? Thread Url: Thread Description:

A discussion on the variety of aspects that seperate the great forums from the rest of the pack.

Daniel Brandt - NameBombing Thread

Thread Title: Namebombing: Linking To Influence Results For A Name Thread Url: Thread Description: The ever amusing Daniel Brandt, of makes a surprise appearance in a thread started by Danny Sullivan over at SEW today.

Danny had originally split a typical Brandt Rant™ from a thread about targetting personal names in Adwords.

Some early attempts from the moderators over at SEW to keep the thread on a serious track but quite frankly the whole things just a little bit silly. Have a look, at the time of writing, Brandt has not made an appearance, but grab your popcorn and settle down, he'll be there soon enough and i'll edit this piece accordingly when he makes an appearance...

Added:: Okay, he's in there now.

U.S. shuts down British media Web sites

Thread Title: U.S. shuts down British media Web sites Thread Url: Thread Description:

Interesting thread about this story about a co-operation between US and UK governments and an indy media company's phots of Swiss undercover police photographing demonstrators. I dont know about you but I find that just a little SCARY...

Thanks to V7N member Ferre for the tip off...

Looking at Aternative Payment Methods

Thread Title: Payments method... I need advice... Thread Url: Thread Description:

DP member cdx is having problems with PayPal (sound familiar?) - In here, your going to find some nice links to alternatives to PayPal for the smaller biz. As i've been taking a lazy look at this myself over the last couple of months I thought it a pretty useful thread. Sure we've discussed this a dozen times already but there are a few things in here i'd not heard of before so here ya go...

Traffic Logic Slammed at WMW - Deleted Post

Thread Title: Deleted Thread - link goes to Thread Url: Thread Description:

The inffamous Traffic Logic were slammed by a WebmasterWorld newbie for alledgedly burning his site.

The thread has been deleted. But an anonymous source at wmw emailed the story. Here it is:

A year or so ago I got a call from a very aggressive TrafficLogic salesman. I had just launched my site and was still a bit naive. The pitch: give us US$2500 and we'll build a stand-alone informational site devoted soley to you, designed to rank and send traffic your way for a chosen list of keywords: an 'All About Widgets' site which then recommends a link on each page to only one widget company--yours. There were no fees charged to build the site; the entire $2500 was an advance payment toward clickthroughs at only US$0.05 per.

The site worked. In fact it was pretty super. They provided excellent, highly detailed tracking reports, and sent a real decent amount of quality traffic my way.

But then things started dramatically changing:

--They built sites for all my competitors, optimized for the exact same keyword phrases, something I had specifically asked about in the beginning, and which their hustling salesman adamantly assured me would not happen.

--They set up AdSense on the site. All ad revenue goes to TrafficLogic (of course) and the ads do nothing except highlight all my worst competitors at the top of every page. I complained; they removed the ads. But then they've put them back again.

--The final straw: that stand-alone site devoted only to my business has now been converted and merged into a visual mess known as ArticleInsider, a conglomeration of all their clients onto one big, awful site. Visits and clickthroughs have been reduced 60 to 75 percent. In other words, I now get 25-40 percent of the former traffic.

Yuck. I've paid to create a monster which possibly sends more traffic to my competition than to me.

Threadwatch Weekly Round Up - 4th - 10th Oct 2004

It's been a busy week out there in seo forum land, if you're too busy even for (perish the thought!) here's the first of what will become a weekly feature.

Threads start from monday at the top and work their way down to the end of the week. Industry news and Mayhem threads have been largely filtered out. Follow the title link above for the list.

Wikis and Personal Workspace - Uses for Wiki Software

Thread Title: Uses for Wikis? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Like many of you I suspect, although I consider myself a seasoned pro with the CMS im a bit lost if asked the question "What could I do with a Wiki?".

Cr8 member Brad kicks the thread off with this question:

I'm sort of having trouble brainstorming possible uses for wikis, does anyone have any ideas?

Some insightful and intelligent suggestions and personal experiences from some of cre8asite's best CMS guys.

This gem from rcjordan:

For those who move between machines, I heartily recommend setting up a wiki as your workspace. I'm always accessing mine to get info or to pass a project from one machine to another. Within the coming weeks/months you're going to see a number of services to help an individual catalog the web (some similar to the bookmark engines of '99-'00), but if you have server access wouldn't you rather roll your own?

Google Now Showing Related Searches

Thread Title: Google showing related search like Yahoo Thread Url: Thread Description:

Many people cant see this yet but can confirm it's validity. A good friend of mine (Tim) spotted this yesterday evening. seochat member dbansai has a screenshot for those of you that cant see it.

If anyone knows how the rest of us can view and use this, do tell...

Software to Manage Links - Great List of Tools

Thread Title: Software for Managing Links Thread Url: Thread Description:

DP member Ajeet asks for links and recommendations on link management software.

It's a young thread but there's a fantastic list of tools provided by Will Spencer at msg5 Thanks Will!

Slickest Link Building Tricks

Thread Title: Slickest Link Building Tricks Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here's a thread started in August this year. It's just been revived by fathom thus making it worthy of including here as an active discussion. Check out this little gem from massa aka. Bob Massa of Search King fame:

#1. By far, of these three slick ways, this is the slickest.

Pissing people off using graphics and obscure phrases, (usually taken out of context), so that when the pisseee, (or their cronies), wants to discuss it, they have little choice but to link to the page. Do it correctly and the anchor text is built in.

There's tons of the good stuff in this thread, a genuine "must read" for link builders.

Spiderable Directory Script Roundup

Thread Title: Best Directory script Thread Url: Thread Description:

If like me, you've ever spent time searching for a good spiderable directory script you'll know it's total pain in the arse. You will have to wade through the chatter in this thread but there are some good links, good suggestions and decent commentary on the various scripts available to SEO's.

Member nandini starts out with these requirements:

1. Multi-level category system 2. Search engine friendly pages. Can generate plain HTML or atleast staic URL pages . 3. Apache search engine friendly URL rewriting. No .php extensions catgories should be like "" like DMOZ listing. 4. Integration with Paypal or 2checkout. (although not a very important point) 5. A good control panel (This is one thing, on ething which is common in all scripts). 6. Cross-references. 7. No tracking of clicks on links. like which is done in . All link should be static in nature. 8. Not too expensive

Personally? - Gossamer, great script, bit pricey, but great.

Sidenote: I do hope that's her real pic, cute eh?

RSS 101 - Get with the Program!

Thread Title: Rss Feeds, Is RSS a good avenue to brand your site? Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you're not using RSS in your SEO efforts my question to you is: What is wrong with you?.

Member dlinger asks:

1.) How would I make an RSS from my site, so others could use my info.

2.) How do I set it up so I can have live feeds from select sites to mine.

3.) I am looking for good RSS feeds... for my site... outdoor sports news, and Christian news. I have not found any good RSS feed directories.

which are all answered and more...

There's no black magic voodoo to RSS, it's absolute childs play with all the tools and programs available these days. There are links to some truly fantastic resources in this thread so head on over and get yourself up to speed.

Related: XML - RSS & SEO

GBrowser - Effecient Cloaking Detection?

Thread Title: Gbrowser - efficient cloaking detecter? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Despite G saying that they will not develop Gbrowser there is much debate going on over at cre8 as to whether this is just a pile of horse shit.

Maybe it is.

If it is, then member brandboerge raises a very good point:

Depending on the user agreement, they could report more data from each page. They would have enough data to implement statistical algorithms that could make it possible to distinguish between cloaking and ip-delivery for "honest reasons". And if the browser itself were faster than Internet Explorer, they could spend some milliseconds for uploading and comparing pages (not images though) without the user noticing.

Adsense Alternatives

Thread Title: Adsense vs. other advertising services Thread Url: Thread Description:

WMW member yuetlee122 kicks off a nice debate focusing on alternatives to adsense. The thread centers mainly around Intellitxt and Quigo.

Getting Links & Getting them FAST

Thread Title: What's the fastest way to get incoming links? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some tongue in cheek answers from some of the members over at WMW and some excellent queries to plug into Google to find places to submit.

This from martinibuster:

* Post something so dumb that bloggers will make derisive comments and link to you * Post something funny (viral) * Post hateful and venomous content that will make people hate you so much they will link to you and warn people not to visit * Offer free downloads of sick videos and pics (one site achieved a PR 9 doing this)

and my personal favorite one liner of the week from bad boy bakedjake

blog spam

Dont miss the list on page 2, it's not as good as the one my friend Tim gave me [ner ner ner ner neeeer!] but it's pretty good..

Bidding on Personal Names - Seobook mixes it up with Heil and Whalen

Thread Title: Is targeting personal names okay? Thread Url: Thread Description:

FINALLY! I get to post something serious from ihelpyou, thanks guys, you were getting me worried there for a bit..

As i understand it (and please correct me if im wrong) Aaron and Jill have been bidding on eachothers names for quite some time. Now the man my life would be so dull without, Doug Heil joins the fun...

Doug Heil (ihelpyou), after getting told to cool it over in this thread at SEW did what any sensible chap looking for a fight would do: Started it all up again on home turf. See the threadlink above.

It's a contentious issue for sure, im most dissapointed not to be in it myself but then i know bugger all about adwords. I may have to just get in there and randomly hurl abuse.. after all, Jill Whalen, Doug Heil, Aaron Wall and Polarmate all seem to be having a lovely time pretending to be polite to eachother whilst sticking their fingers up and poking their tongues out when SEW resident mother hen, Elisabeth isnt looking.. what fun!

Got to hand it to Aaron, he's in there on his own, and doing a damn good job staying on his feet from all accounts...