Saturday Morning Funny - Contender for Moron of the Week?

Thread Title: "the truth about search engines", article Thread Url: Thread Description:

Im finding it a bit tough to be mean to this guy/girl, maybe im not awake enough yet heh... <a href="">HighRankings</a> member <em>jpmuofu</em> writes about an <a href="">article he found</a> (dont bother, it's crap..) about why SEO is just not an effective way to spend your time and money. er...

Do all Your Visitors Speak English as a First Language?

Thread Title: Negative Constructions and Understanding Thread Url: Thread Description:

I wasn't aware that wmw member buckworks was a copywriting expert on the quite, but this post really got me thinking a little on how we somtimes forget that not everyone speaks English as a first language regardless of what countries your sites target:

We English speakers often use the word "not" or its contractions in ways which don't actually intend negation. We often stick it into a sentence for emphasis or rhythm, rather than because we actually mean "NOT". And people respond to us as if they didn?t hear the ?not?.

Google Desktop Search - Major Security Threat?

Thread Title: Google Desktop Search: Security Threat? Thread Url: http:// Thread Description:

Check this out:

Using Google's new software on a shared computer at the Google booth at the Digital Life trade show floor I was able to easily search for, find, and read private Yahoo e-mail sent on the computer by previous users earlier in the day.

Marissa Mayer, Google's director of consumer Web products, told me she wasn't surprised. "This is not a bug, rather a feature," she says. Google always intended people to be able to index and search Web-based e-mail viewed and composed on PC, she says. Google Desktop Search is not intended to be used on computers that are shared with more than one person, she says.

Whether or not Google intended this, I take great pause at knowing any e-mail I write or read on a PC with Google Desktop Search could be called up and read by a complete stranger.

Thanks to inlogicalbearer who posted the link in this thread over at SEW

Ranking, Spanking and......

Thread Title: Ranking Reporting Software Thread Url: Thread Description:

Looks like Jill over at is as fed up as I am with bloody rank checkers...

Really, they're 2 a penny and half arent worth bothering with but hey, some people like this stuff. HighRankings just moved *all* the ranking tools threads into one big monster sticky one. So, if you wanna play, check it out.

Personally, if i get any more toys to play with I'll never get any real work done at all... these things bore the crap out of me.

Who Owns the Info You Post on Forums?

Thread Title: Who owns a post? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Interesting topic as i've yet to develop much more than a rough set of guidelines here at

Joe asks:

Let's say a person (Joe) has been a member of a forum for several years and has made hundred's of posts. Many of the posts contain links and information that Joe no longer has on his computer but knew he could find with a quick search on the forum.

Firefox/Mozilla Google Toolbars

Thread Title: Mozilla firefox PR bar Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nice list of available toolbars for Mozilla/Firefox users. Personally i like Search Status but i may well have to try the others listed in this SEO Chat thread. Thanks to member darksat for starting this one way back in August...

Some Good Info on the Alt Attribute

Thread Title: Alt Tags and Title Limitations Thread Url: Thread Description:

This thread started out with a bit of a weird post, but took a turn for the better by the third post as the purpose and intent of Alt attributes were further discussed. Plus I got a chance to say "make your site be the best it can be for your users and the search engines" again! :)

Pssst, Want a SE Friendly CMS?

Thread Title: SE Friendly Free CMS Round Up Thread Url: Thread Description:

Okay, so Nick does not like promoing threads he starts, but having used a CMS that I liked but didn't spider worth a darn, I found this list of CMS scripts that will spider well very useful.

Sub Zero Down In Hell This Week?

Thread Title: Mikkel and Dooougie [Ebony and Ivory] in Perfect Harmony Thread Url: Thread Description:

"Gawd Mikkel, Great posts!! Kudos to you."

Combine that with M$ banners at wmw and its been a strange week. Before we know it Jill Whalen and Phil_C will be eloping.

Stop Competitors Probing Your Network

Thread Title: Some very mild blackhat magic Thread Url: Thread Description:

A very nice tip from *nix expert littleman. Heres what it does:

It is just a way of turning off the ping response, but it is an essential step if you want to keep your *task* server hidden. Doing such a thing on a public web server would be nearly meaningless because all one would have to do is make requests to standard ports and see if anything happened.

Google Desktop Search

Thread Title: Google Desktop Search Thread Url: Thread Description:

Includes a link to DS's article on same.

Looking at Linux for Win Users

Thread Title: Test a Linux setup: free & without touching your current Thread Url: Thread Description:

Not much info for SEO but interesting Linux resources in this thread nonetheless. With more web developers and SEO's thinking about switching from Windows to Linux, for security concerns this is a good thread to read.

Usability: Picking Most Usable Searchbox.

Thread Title: Usability: Picking Most Usable Searchbox. Thread Url: Thread Description:

Interesting, to me at least.

"For example, if the user want's to look for the keyword 'shoes', there will be three ways to search: Find all products that have the keyword shoes, find all suppliers that make shoes or find any open auctions that are offering shoes.

I also have to factor in that there might be more selectors in the future. Not many but 1 more, maybe 2. So now my question is, what do you think would be most usable for my site visitors to select a search method? Tabs, Radio Buttons, a dropdown list?"

Yahoo, 302 Redirects and Hijacking

Thread Title: "Industrial Strength White Hat" Cloaking Questions Thread Url: Thread Description:

Marcia asks about Yahoo, Yahoo's misscrawling of 302 redirects and hijacking. This has been a hot topic for both Yahoo and Google and now Marcia is trying to disect the Yahoo problem.

SEO's and Users Unite Against Microsoft?

Thread Title: Boycott against the new Microsoft Search Technology Thread Url: Thread Description:

Quite predictably some web users and even some SEO's are starting to gang together against the new MS search technologies. It basically boils down to this: MS own too much, we dont want them to own anymore. member rritoch points to rather silly page on a rather silly site. (wont link to it, go see for yourself ;-)

Paranoid about Posting on Forums? - You Should be...

Thread Title: US Govt. Funds Chatroom/Forum Spying Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nice catch from V7N member TGR on a US government initiative to fund research into forum / chat room surveillance.

This is the best news item i could find on this at the time of writing. Here's a quick excerpt:

Amid the torrent of jabber in Internet chat rooms — flirting by QTpie and BoogieBoy, arguments about politics and horror flicks — are terrorists plotting their next move?

The U.S. government certainly isn't discounting the possibility. It's taking the idea seriously enough to fund a yearlong study on chat room surveillance under an anti-terrorism program.

A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute computer science professor hopes to develop mathematical models that can uncover structure within the scattershot traffic of on-line public forums.

Directory Sites - Google in Lock 'n' Load Mode?

Thread Title: Smart Google Thread Url: Thread Description:

Is google gunning for directory sites? - Some of the guys and girls over at V7N seem to think so..

Stoner3221 of Wow Directory posts a long list of sites that he says were hit by G in recent days. Speculation abounds as to why with Stoner3221 theorizing that it's due to large amounts of affiliate links and general poor quality.

For the record, i run only one small directory which i've abandoned till the new year, it's doing just fine...

WebmasterWorld to Accept Advertising?

Thread Title: Advertising on Thread Url: Thread Description:

Question: What do you do if you want to break a 5yr tradtion of no advertising and you're afraid/unsure of member reaction?

Answer: Pose as a new member and bring the matter up on the board of course!

The WebmasterWorld Community Forum has been on pre-mod for at least a year as far as I can recall. Call me an old cynic, but I just cant think of any good reason why you would want to open a possible debate on advertising policies unless you actually wanted to discuss them.

Hawkgirl has been the driving force behind much of the ROI orientated projects at WMW over the last couple of years including the controversial paid supporters only home page threads. Looks to me like she might be making some further headway...

Go girl go........!

MS Reaching Out to Web Community - Where are Google & Yahoo?

Thread Title: Sleepless in Seattle Thread Url: Thread Description:

Peter Da Vanzo has an interesting entry full of cool links about his trip to Seattle as part of the MSN Search Champs advisory group initiative.

Eliminating the Google Cookie - And Keeping Your Preferencees

Thread Title: Set preferences without using Google's cookie Thread Url: Thread Description:

Daniel Brandt aka. Everyman writes a great little tip that enables the seriously paranoid (like me) to surf Google with their preferences of choice with no unique cookie. Great stuff Daniel, thanks.