Sitting at a PC all Day? What kind of Chair you Got?

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This thread over at v7n has been building since thursday last week and is turning out to be a great resource of information on the ergonomic chair.

I suffer from back pain continously and the logical next step for me is to try one of these babies. Think this isn't important techie stuff? - Wrong! If you aren't protecting your back and your sitting for 16+ hours a day it's a big deal indeed.

So, tell me, what are you sitting on? - links and descriptions welcome :-)

Yahoo Hand Tweaking Search Results Pages - How & Why?

Thread Title: Seem Google will chase SE spammers with new remote workers Thread Url: Thread Description:

Danny Sullivan, a man generally held to be in the know, provides some insight into the reasons behind the major SE's hand tweaking certain result sets as well as a practical example of Yahoo! doing this (alledgedly :-)

It doesn't take a search genius to realize that hand tweaking goes on quite alot, particularly on the kind of queries that were they to be poor, would attract negative media attention. Greg Boser made a good post about this detailed here.

Although TW is hardly a search engine, i often hand tweak the recent posts list by choosing which posts to reply to in which order :) It's a natural enough thing to do when the normal algorithms or mechanics of a system fall short of ideal.

It's a great technical post by danny, go check it out.

EContent 100 is out - Top 100 Companies in Digital Content

Thread Title: EContent 100 is out - Top 100 Companies in Digital Content Thread Url: Thread Description:

the EC100 list provides a look at the stand-out companies that demonstrate the winning strategies and solutions that define the digital content industry.

Just go check out the search technologies section - makes for good monday morning reading... via paidcontent

UK Think Tank Advocates Civic Commons

Thread Title: Online commons to spark debate Thread Url: Thread Description:

the BBC are running a story on the IPPR (institute for public policy research)'s research into an "ebay style" public commons community.

"A single publicly funded and run online community in which citizens can have a single place to go where you can go to engage in diversity and in a way that might have a policy implication - like a pre-legislation discussion."

Feedster goes TV -

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Don't just stand there, go check it out! Feedster rich media finder - im off to play with it....

Right now, the only way to watch videoblogs is to go to each individual blog and watch each individual video. As of November 2004, there is no way to see videos all in one place. It's as if when I want to hear a story, I got to run around town to each person's apartment to hear the story. I want a stage where we can all come together and tell stories to each other.

via marcs voice

80% of Online Time Spent on Content & Communication Sites

Thread Title: 40.2% of all online time is spent on content sites Thread Url: Thread Description:

40% on information sites and 40% on communication sites (roughly) - interesting figures from

When you put that into the context of all the buzz we keep hearing about block level analysis and other algo snippets of rumour and fact it makes for some interesting thought eh?

Ecom comes in at around 15% by the way, which just goes to bolster the obvious - buy pcc for ecom or get drowned in the SERPS - or, make your ecom sites info sites of course...

Google & Hijacking - Fix it or have it Explode on the Forums

Thread Title: Default Come on Google, Fix it !!! Thread Url: Thread Description:

This post threadlinked above went out on Friday - it's a general plea to Google to fix the problems they're having with Hijacking right now.

I've seen this first hand, so trust me when i say it IS a problem.

Dave has threatened to hit the forums and tell everyone how to do it properly if they dont pull their fingers out and get with the program:

when will this madness stop... next month i might just hit all the forums on how to do it properly !

If you can't fix it pay someone Too !

and he could to...

Creating Credibility on the Web

Thread Title: Research on corp. branding and home page Thread Url: Thread Description:

bragadocchio provides an outstanding set of links and commentary on the subject of creating credibility on the web in the context of photographs of real employees vs stock images.

I'm prone to believe that photos that people can believe are the real people behind a site can improve trustworthiness, and the standard stock images of attractive people that many use in their sites don't normally add to a site. It's the real world view of a company that builds trustworthiness and credibility.

And to think i was going to hire a male model to pose as me for this sites about page eh? - Now i guess i'll just stick a pair of underpants on me head and be done with it...

Bookmark this one, it's a cracker!

RSS Feeds, Blogs & Duplicate Content Penalties

Thread Title: RSS Feeds, Blogs & Duplicate Content Penalties Thread Url: Thread Description:

5StarAffiliates aka Linda Buquet points out something that many must have thought about during the current RSS explosion.

Some of the big popular blogs probably have tons of people displaying their feeds and creating plenty of duplicate content. To me, this is similar to merchants who have lots of affiliates displaying their product datafeeds.

Do you think Google will some day penalize sites for displaying blog content the way it is suspected they may possibly be penalizing sites for duplicate affiliate content?

It's something I was talking to rc about roughly a year and a half ago but now it comes to the forefront of savvy webmasters thoughts as RSS finally hits the bigtime and people start to mess around with it to see how it can be used to gain better listings.

After all, it's free content right? I know i've thought about it much but never quite had the time to do anything special with it. Here's one idea i had that might work nicely:

Set up a spamazon site Set up an yahoo advanced news search feeds along with whatever you can grab from G news and MSN queries Munge that grabbed data into your rubber stamped spamazon stuff Stir well, and leave to simmer

You could add all kinds of other stuff into the mix of course but you get the idea...

Avoiding Dynamic Content Traps & Pitfalls

Thread Title: Google cutting fat from dynamic content? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Threadwatch member Mikkel deMib Svendsen offers some invaluable advice for webmasters regarding dynamic content over at SEW. Not a day goes by where you dont see at least a small handful of threads claiming that one of the major SE's are doing something funny with dynamic pages.

We know that under certain conditions (too many vars in a url for example) Google has trouble with these sites, especially with session id's but when those areas are covered, where's the problem?

What I most often find the problem to be is that many webmasters chose the first possible solution they find to get their dynamic website indexed and ranked. Sometimes the chosen solution, allthough it may work, is just not the best for the site.

Some webmasters may jump right into URL-rewrite when in fact the big problems to deal with is session IDs, track IDs, browser agent detection, GEO-location, indentical content, infinite calendars or other spider traps. The URL-rewrite may looks like it solves the indexing poblem but suddenly one of the other problems kick in with the result of de-indexing of pages. Now, most webmasters will think that Google is messing up, don't support URL-rewriting or something like that when in fact the problem is not that at all.

Thats why quick fixes for dynamic websites often only work short time. I recomend all to take the time it takes to really understand every aspect of how your dynamic, or technically advanced, website impact search engine spidering, indexing and ranking. And then, make sure you fix all important problems - not just the first you run into.

If you dont know of Mikkel, he used to work for one of the larger scandinavian SE's and is more than qualified to speak on such matters.

Great stuff from SEW...

Gaining top position in googles sponsored results

Thread Title: Top position? Impossible? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Gilgul asks how an advertiser can achieve top spot on Googles sponsored results – these are the premium slots in the horizontal band.

AdWordsRep explains how ranking is calculated and reveals the extra criteria used for allocating premium slots.

Now, here are details about how placement in the top one or two spots differs:

* Ads go to the top when they have met an additional performance standard, which focuses on the relevance of the ads to our users.

* This is measured by CTR. So ads/keywords with a particularly high CTR are the ones that go to the top. This also means that CTR is weighted more heavily than CPC in the algo for 'promotion'.

* Actual CPC is more important than Max CPC in terms of going to the top. This means that simply 'bidding higher' is not likely to get one 'promoted'.

* Ads/keywords must first be reviewed and approved, in order to be sent to the top one or two spots.

Slightly different from what Google have documented in the support section

Adwords Trademark Suits Again!

Thread Title: More AdWords Trademark Suits Thread Url: Thread Description:

John Battelle is reporting more G Adwords suits:

This one has Company A (Brannock, the maker of those foot measuring devices) suing a Company B (ABC Industries) because Company B has purchased Company A's trademarks as AdWords. This is distinct from Company A suing Google and/or Yahoo, as is the case with Gieco, American Blind, et al.

Seems like quite the trend doesn't it?

Website Promotion and the Mobile Phone

Thread Title: Website Promotion and the Mobile Phone Thread Url: Thread Description:

spidermonkey over at webworkshop (wow, been too long since we linke to them eh?) brings up a particularly interesting subject that, as he rightly states, is not discussed enough among pro web devs and search marketers.

With 3G hitting the ground running and the awesome proliferation of the once humble moby why aren't we talking about this?

Dig in, it's a decent start to the thread (bar the WAP red herring) and im hoping somthing good will grow of it. After you've done that... Talk to me about mobile, i wanna know EVERYTHING heh!

Threadwatch News: Things to Come

A lot has happened since Threadwatch launched about two months ago and I've been thinking hard about several directions we could take to make this place even better.

Follow the title link above for the full post.

The Trick to Sorting Search Results - Tim Bray Explains

Thread Title: Sorting Result Lists Thread Url: Thread Description:

Tim Bray talks about the trick to minimizing compute overhead when sorting result sets. Not being a search engineer this is a bit over my head but being a programmer (hack) it seems reasonable...

Here’s the trick: nobody will ever look at more than the first hundred or so results. So you don’t have to sort at all, you just have to find the highest relevance values. Here’s the algorithm:

Maintain a list of twenty most relevant entries, and their relevancy numbers. Initially it’s empty. Fill the list with the first twenty results in whatever order they’re in, and sort them in descending order of relevance. For each of the remaining items in the list: -- Compute its relevance value. -- If it’s less relevant than #20 in the most-relevant list, you’re done with it. -- If it’s more relevant than #20, add it to the most-relevant list in the proper place, shuffling down and losing #20.

What do you think search geeks?

Viral advertising, Expired Domains and Blog Spamming

Thread Title: Viral advertising, Expired Domains and Blog Spamming Thread Url: Thread Description:

Its not quite what you think it is but well worth a read.

"Viral advertising agency Asa Bailey became the belle de jour recently when it snatched up the just-expired domain name and put a picture of what looks like the feet of a cadaver, sporting a toe tag that read, “If you understood the modern brand, you would know how to protect it.”

Functionality of the Ultimate Link Development Tool

Thread Title: Link Development in a Box: What do you want in Link Dev Software? Thread Url: Thread Description:

I'm sure a lot of the uber link development tools are not going to be available to the general population anytime soon, but if you are developing your own software in house it is nice to have a little inspiration on what functionality would be best to build in. Had the pleasure of meeting neuron in Vegas, and as this thread illustrates, he was definitely born to link. There's a few nice suggestions in here already, and hopefully some folks will contribute some other gems for when you go to build your ultimate link development tool.

Lycos Promote Worldwide DDoS Attacks on UCE Sites

Thread Title: Make Love not Spam Thread Url: Thread Description:

The Register reports that Lycos Europe is promoting a screensaver (see threadlink above) that will send requests to identified and verified UCE spam domains. The screensavers will initiate a DDos attack on these sites essentially rendering them defunct in an effort to deter email spamming. When possibly hundreds of thousands of these screensavers all target the same domain, this is a DDos attack.

DDos attacks are considered illegal regardless of intent...

ADDED: Some are having 404's with the url, no idea why but there's the raw version.

Bloggers & Affiliate Marketing - They're Calling it "Product Placement"

Thread Title: Marqui product placement ads Thread Url: Thread Description:

Mark Canter of Macromedia fame is behind a move to have influential, heavily read blogs use "product placement" to drive leads to Marqui's CMS site <---that'll be $50 please...

On Monday, a squad of around 15 independent bloggers will begin inserting mentions of Marqui's hosted communications management services into their blogs for money.

The bloggers will get $800 a month to mention Marqui with a link once a week in their blogs and post its emblem on a page. They'll get an additional $50 per qualified sales lead they send to Marqui

Affiliates have been raving about whatever it they want to sell for years, what makes this any different apart from the $800 a month basic pay? - Guess the blogosphere doesnt want to get it's hands sullied with affiliate scum! lol...

link via micropersuassion

Moron of the Week! - Adsense Scammer gets Busted for Being a Prat

Thread Title: Get your site crawled by Google Thread Url: Thread Description:

This trick is so obvious, it's actually endearing. I expected this to spread across other forums for "quick results", but the lack of that makes it just that little bit more subtle ; ) Not subtle enough though...

Note: the fun element outweighs the snitch part - IMO.