MSN Expected to Launch Blogging Service this Week

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Yahoo are reporting that MSN will launch their rival to blogger, blogspot, livejournal and typepad this week by taking the dust sheets off of MSN Spaces which has been in beta since August.

My oh my, the blog market just gets hotter by the minute doesnt it? - Put this together with the recent beta launch of the new MSN Search and I'd say M$ are starting to look like contenders rather than clowns in this space.

Are Blogs a Passing Phase or Marketing Gold?

Thread Title: Blogs: Fad or Marketing Medium of the Future? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Linked above is a piece over at adage via stece rubel on blogging. It's really only telling us, threadwatchers, what we know already: That we dont know for sure, but for now, blogging works well (both in seo and general marketing online).

It's a good excuse to talk about it a little bit though if you're so inclined :)

What do you think? - Are blogs here to stay or will they quickly be replaced with other communications media?

Webmaster Radio - Yahoo Hand Manipulation

Thread Title: Webmaster Radio - Yahoo Hand Manipulation Thread Url: Thread Description: are talking about the Yahoo! Hand Manipulating Results

You cant prove it scientifically, but you can say that hey, im an SEO, i've been doing this for years and I can tell you that that SERP should not be showing up all .orgs!

Talking about the h1, h2 and h0's on certain SERPS in particular areas like spyware removal - A VERY clean result with h=1 parameters in the urls near the top and moving down to h=2 and h=0's

The debate continues on the sense of this hand tweaking and how it's quite understandable in a SERP like the above and for example medications etc - traditionally the haunt of hard core scum affiliates.

Good stuff, first time i've tuned in and im enjoying it immensly - shit, i dont even know who's speaking but one of them sounds remarkably like Todd Friesen (oilman) and im reasonably certain that when i stop waffling on and go check out the playlist i'll find him billed tonight.

If you're not listening, tune in now:

Mobile Marketing Primer

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If you're wondering why Threadwatch has recently opened this section: Mobile Marketing this little article over at Commpiled may well give you the answer. It'll also tickle you a bit im sure as there are some striking parallels to be spotted between the way agencies (read clients) view MM and the way we all know many of our clients (and the public in general) view web marketing. Enjoy...

Mobile marketing in 2004 suffers from being understood mainly by technical people. Instead of presenting mobile marketing as an additional conduit between brands and consumers, industry experts still talk in telecommunications jargon. Even the relatively straightforward acronym SMS (short message service) is not something consumers or brand managers relate to. When SMS is presented as "a way for a brand to develop a one to one interactive dialog with consumers via their mobile phones," that is put in a language understood by marketers, suddenly it is not a technology but a solution.

The Next Step in Mobile Marketing and Location Based Services

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Facinating read over at netimperitive about the failure of LBS (Location Based Services) and where the way forward might be. In essense: Social Networking mixed with LBS mixed with higher ticket items.

Mobile marketing for higher value items, on the other hand, can make a lot of sense. This is especially applicable for entertainment venues (such cinema, theatres and sports events), restaurants, fashion and music.

So, what might work? As usual, the true innovation in this sector is happening outside the operators’ influence and that’s where the clues to future successes might be.

The key seems to be less obvious applications that bring the real world and the digital one closer together to form the seamless new reality.

via moconews

NuSearch - A Search Engine that Improves with Use?

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Loren over at sejournal has the scoop on the latest in a long line of new search engines that are only used by search geeks and have very little chance of a real future. NuSearch does have some very interesting ideas but then dont they all?

What else marks out NuSearch as revolutionary? According to Giles Chanot, Chief Software Architect at NuSearch “Well, that Applet that sits in the web page is really the key to the whole show. Every time you perform a search and it downloads some web pages, it compares these with the copies on the NuSearch server. If they’re new or have been updated, this information is sent back to the server (in a highly compressed form). This enables NuSearch to keep its index much more up to date than would otherwise be possible: the more people use NuSearch, the better it gets.”

On the basis that it requires a java applet and im terminally paranoid i'll give it a swerve but you might like to go play with it. If you do, please tell us what you think...

Reinventing CRM - Top 10 Revolutionary Technologies

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Nice article over at with good write ups on each of the following tech.

VoIP Web Services and Services Oriented Architecture Speech Applications Outsourced Application Delivery Social Networking Wireless Connectivity and Applications Presence Technologies (RFID, POS) Open Source CRM Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence Queue Management

Nice shortened list lifted from Dana's Blog

WSJ goes Mobile in 2005

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WSJ have teamed up with Summus to knock out content to your mobile in 2005 - $4 a month subscriptions will get you a whole bunch of WSJ content direct to your phone. You can try a demo on the summus homepage

"The Wall Street Journal Mobile" will be available widely via most major U.S. wireless carriers beginning in early 2005 for a monthly subscription price of $3.99, billed by the carrier.

Update: very few more details but pamela parker now has some words on this also

Public Relations meets Search Marketing

Thread Title: Dec. 14 Audio Conference: Leveraging Search for Greater Impact Thread Url: Thread Description:

Slowly but surely the admen and prguys are moving in on Search. Time to start circling the wagons has probably been and gone...

Join these leading experts in the public relations and search engine marketing industries to learn how you can gain better visibility for your brand, increase traffic to your Web site, stand out against the competition and further your sales strategies through search engine visibility techniques:

Conversion Metrics - Thinking outside the Box

Thread Title: Are Visitor-to-Buyer Conversion Metrics Outdated? Thread Url: Thread Description:

MarketingSherpa have an interesting article with JCPenny's Richard Last on convertion stats and techniques. Last year they did about $600M - within 2 more years they want 1BN

Tactic #1. Expand your metrics

If you're going to think outside the shoppers-to-conversions box, you need a new way to measure success. "It's a challenge going forward," notes Last. For example, "What are the levers that truly point to multi-channel success? We should understand the impact of conversions online vs. shop online and buy in-store, especially when she is buying other products in addition when she gets there."

Last's team has begun to focus not only on immediate conversions, but more on how to measure "if we helped her with her buying decision" with the ultimate purchase to follow in any channel. Currently they use the following tools prior to the launch of any major site change:

An in-house usability testing An outside usability lab A/B real-time testing on the site Monitoring trends in fashion and style relevance Talking with customers and with top selling associates in brick and mortar stores

Ciml - Appointed Admin @ WMW

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Word just in - via anonymous source says that ciml, long time wmw forum 3 mod has been appointed admin. Callum - nice job mate! :)

MacGuru Resigns at WebmasterWorld

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In my view, MacGuru is / was one of the kindest most generous hearted folks i've met online - he was the first to speak to me at wmw when i made my first newbie post about cloaking and was *always* around when i needed him.

Sometimes, he was there when I didnt know i needed him - the man is a superstar

Hi everyone,

I resigned from moderating WebmasterWorld a while back for personal reasons.

It has been a very pleasent ride along with the finest team on the greatest board on earth about webmastering.

I will still be around to learn the latest trick and also keep you posted with stupid jokes, and toilet related stuff, promise!

Thanks everyone!



Sad news, good luck with whatever you're doing Vincent...

Hijacking A Google Listing - Testing Googles Secret Flaw

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Following on from DaveN's threat of unleashing the "how to hijack" guide if Google dont sort themselves out Lots0 give us some more to think about:

The Nigitrude Ultramarine SEO contest that SearchGuild promoted, proved in public, beyond any doubt, that anyone can harm your site in google, if they know how. In fact there are several ways (not just one) to accomplish this.

A few twists and turns and even Marcia wants to see some action:

I was sitting on the edge of my chair in anticipation with my fists and teeth tightly clenched. It was getting as exciting as waiting to watch a rocket get launched!

Lets see what happens :)

Chikita Under the Microscope - T&C's Examined

Thread Title: And you thought AdSense had tough T&C's... you haven't seen Chitika Thread Url: Thread Description:

TW member Jenstar takes a close look at new contextual ad network Chitika that launched this month.

Some interesting things caught my eye when I took a peek at Chitika's terms and conditions. Things started to sound familiar... very familiar... So familiar, in fact, that it turns out Chitika decided to take the February 18, 2004 version of Google's AdSense terms, and use the entire "Prohibited uses" for themselves. What did they change? Google to Chitika, "ad unit" to "paid listing unit", and other minor specifics like that.

Makes for very interesting reading for contextual ad guys and girls..

As Popular as Porno - Mobile Porn Content

Thread Title: As Popular as Porno Thread Url: Thread Description:

Very interesting read by Russell Beattie on the success of an mobile porn website. Porn, of course, works on the mobile. The question is however what will be the killer app?

Want your Content Available on Mobile Phones?

Thread Title: The Mobile Internet Arrives with the Launch of Thread Url: Thread Description:

A new service to enable content providers and ecom companies to utilize the fast growing mobile web has just been launched. Jbag, threadlinked above, provides a "white label" java or WAP solution.

From their "quick facts" page:® is the white label, ready-to-go solution enabling your business to create & deliver branded mobile Java or WAP applications to consumers. just connect to®, select your options and make your service mobile. For any business that can add value to new or existing content or services by offering an ‘anytime anywhere‘ mobile channel to their customers and markets

And by the way, say hi to Threadwatch's new mobile section :)

The Age of links - How Important is the Age of a Link?

Thread Title: The Age of links Thread Url: Thread Description:

Which is better as a backlink? A PR4 link that's been linking to your site for 2 years... or... a PR7 link that's been linking to your site since last month? (all other things being equal).

The days of buying links for a quick fix may be ending, and being replaced with working to obtain more "perminant" links.

A one time submission to a directory for a lifetime listing is starting to look like a nice investment right about now.

Word on the street is that WG has resigned at WMW

Thread Title: Living legend maybe an exaggeration...but not by much Thread Url: Thread Description:

Word reaches me, in true TW style from an anonymous source that Greg Boser, President WebGuerrilla, LLC has resigned as both an Admin and Moderator at WMW.

I'm sure I'm not on my own in viewing this as news, let me state a few reasons why.

Greg has always been at the leading edge of the industry. I remember as an extreme newbie [just a newbie now] following the pagejacking stuff which is summed up here

One of the guys that is and was a huge "draw" on the conference circuit, arguably one of the cornerstones and main drivers of the SES conferences.

A guy that seems to have the intellectual capacity to straddle between the SE's and webmasters, having a foot in both camps without falling over is a rare skill.

I have two complaints re: Mr Boser though:

1. I don't see a "thank you" thread at WMW, he deserves one without doubt.

2. It seems Greg is used sparingly on the European SES circuit, I think thats a shame. I'm torn between trying to organising a boycott of SES London next year and trying to let the powers that be know that if he is speaking it will be the sell out of all sell outs.

If there is no "thank you" thread at WMW looks like we will have to have our own here.

Mr Boser, Thank You!

The Slow but Inevitable Death of Email

Thread Title: New Forms of Online Communication Spell End of Email Era in Korea Thread Url: Thread Description:

In a study conducted in Korea of over 2000 middle school students it was found that two thirds either rareley used email or did not use it at all.

The webs foremost "killer app" is dying, slowly for sure, but it is dying as a medium of less formal communication.

Korea is the most technologically advanced nation in the world and what the teens and younger adults are doing over there could be taken as a fair indicator as to what we will soon see elsewhere in the world.

The ebbing of email is a phenomenon peculiar to Korea, an IT power. Leading the big change, unprecedented in the world, are our teens and those in their 20's. The perception that "email is an old and formal communication means" is rapidly spreading among them. "I use email when I send messages to elders," said a college student by the name of Park. For 22-year-old office worker Kim, "I use email only for receiving cellphone and credit card invoices."

Sheesh, im getting old, i'm now making my 4th attempt to get my anti-social head around IM and have always found SMS to be the most annoying form of communication existent. Ivana also spotted my first grey hairs last week heh.. link via acv

What do you think?

Stowe Boyd Takes a Swing at the Blogging Affiliates

Thread Title: Robin Good, Marc Canter, and Marqui: Blog Shills Thread Url: Thread Description:

We talked about this silliness of "product placement" aka affiliate marketing on influential blogs recently.

I said it was a stupid idea then, and i'll say it again now: This is the most ridiculous thing i have seen in quite some time. Words fail me (almost) at the sheer naivety of the farcical nonsense.

Now stowe boyd is taking a swing at it:

That aspect of the Marqui deal is what unnerves me about it. A blogger (notwithstanding the disclosure of the relationship) writes a sentence about Marqui, or other subsidized products, right in the flow of his/her opining about technology, or communication, or whatever, and gets compensated for each click that leads to a sale. This is basically turning blogs into nothing more than those aggregated websites slapped together by affiliate marketing folks. No offense; they may serve a purpose, and people may find them useful to search for various products, but they are not serving the same purpose as blogs. And candidly I believe that they are less worthy of attention.

I dont think this is the first time he's mentioned it but i dont get to read him as much as id sometimes like...

I couldn't think of a more inept and ill thought out marketing ploy for bloggers if i tried. Oddly enough, i picked up the link via marc canters blog - marc is the man behind this scheme.