Google vs. Yahoo: Heavyweights attack from different angles

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Nice comparisons between Google and Yahoo, their research budgets, the different approaches they take, and where they might be heading.

Google R&D is more than $300 million -- about 30 percent of its operating cash flow -- earmarked for capital expenditures this past year. Meanwhile, Yahoo is expected to spend $215 million to $235 million on capital expenditures, or about 20 percent of its operating cash flow.

Google also takes a more laissez faire approach toward innovation, embracing new ideas and products long before the company's management figures out how everything fits into the overall business plan Yahoo takes a more practical approach to technology, first identifying what people want and then building or buying a product designed to give visitors one less reason to leave its Web site

Predictions please, will yahoo’s more practical multidimensional approach see its share of search grow or will Google’s larger research budget continue to see it dominate search?

Introducing the WikiCast - Like Podcasting but Wikified...

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The threadlink above just came in via scoble and details a new twist to podcasting, where people can share audio via RSS and create anything from radio like shows to interviews and more.

Here's the coup on a WikiCast: People phone into a designated number, and their messages are recorded and distributed/posted as part of a podcast - i think...

Anyway, maybe a flash in the pan but Im thinking there could be all kinds of ways for companies to use this...

The Excess Effect

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"My ability to produce and acquire has far outstripped my ability to consume."

I first put this under TW's Search & SEO/SEM section because I've been feeling the information overload in this sector lately. I moved it to Tools & Tech because maybe I'll get around to outlining my wish-list for a power-reader's RSS aggregator.

PlayBoy almost go Podcasting ....

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Just seen this over at el Reg that PlayBoy are entering the content to portable device market giving young boys the world over something to play with on their new gadgets they get on Christmas day.

I'm not sure if this is what Santa had in mind for an Ipod but needs must etc....

What I find interesting is that PlayBoy decided not to offer the simpler to use Podcast method of delivering the content but a simple download of a zip file.

If they thought long and hard they could have thrown an affilliate link to Duracell and Kleenex in as well!

Dave Naylor & Jason Duke talk Hilltop and LocalScore Algos

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DaveN posts over at his new blog threadlinked above on the Hilltop algo and LocalScore according to JasonD - A worthwhile short read, here's a snippet:

New Google Ranking Formula = {(1-d)+a (RS)} * {(1-e)+b (PR * fb)} * {(1-f)+c (LS)}

Like the old algo there are damping factors in place and again what we don’t know what they are so once again I haven’t included them in my plain English example, just leaving factors we can work with and can deliver and/or register.

The Hilltop algo adds to the old Algo by giving a further multiplier, the LocalScore Rank (LS)

Note, although Jason says in the comments, "check my other articles" i cant find a link to them on his site?

Google Scraping Reviews for Froogle

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Apparently Google are scraping reviews on consumer electronics items from "around the web" according to the cnet story threadlinked above.

When i had a look, it appears that they show one review, but you get an option to "see all reviews by insert review site name" which leads to the review site itself..

The service, which is similar to the company's aggregated site for news around the Web, highlights Google's ambition to bring more content to its own site with the use of its "spidering" technology.

Company representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Google Suggest - Cracked!

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Want the Google Suggest Javascript uncompressed and fully commented?

Damn right you do! Check the threadlink above for the full source courtesy of chris justas

Threadwatch Alternative Search Marketing Awards 2004

In respose to Search Engine Watch's announcement that they will be dishing out search marketing awards a member pm'd me suggesting Threadwatch host it's own alternative Search Marketing Awards. The member in question wishes to remain anonymous heh..

So far, the list of prospective categories runs like this:

Most Blatant Abuse of an Organisation for Self-Promotion Most Successful SEO Working Only in Non-Competitive Areas SEO Darwin Award for Self-Immolation Most Blatantly Derivative SEO Site or Blog Most Widely-Believed But Spurious Tinfoil-Hat Theory Most Uninformative Presentation at a SE Conference

and a few of my own suggestions:

Longest avoidance of mt-blacklist Most hyphenated domain name Best "holier than thou" performance on a forum Best disinformation spreading by a well known public figure Strongest denial of the patently obvious

Please feel free to make a suggestions...

NB: Please dont post actual websites unless they are very well known - ie. no actual sites that are "spamming" please.. we dont do that here

Edit so I can Trackback Peter Peter wants in too... and has some very neat additional suggestions :-)

Firefox 2 Page ad in New York Times

Thread Title: Spread Firefox Places Two Page New York Times Ad Thread Url: Thread Description:

Firefox goes mainstream media with a user funded 2 page ad in the NYT (screenshot pdf threadlinked above)

Adrants point out:

If a group of people can get together, create a product and successfully get 11 million people to use it, "real" marketers should start looking over their shoulders in their own industries.

Yahoo!: Traffic Reports

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More and more "search related" features seem to be added every day.

Todays vertical de jour is real time traffic data for over 70 US areas from Yahoo.

Via the excellent sew blog

BlinkX go TV - TV Content made Searchable

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Well it seems that it could well be.

Yahoo launched their video search during the night (UK time) and Blinx have just launched their version, although this is TV specific.

It's definately hotting up out there.

Could 2005 be the year of Video and Audio search from those (it seems like) hundreds of desktop search apps or is it even video and audio search Podcasting via RSS?

Six Apart Moves Against Blog Spammers

Thread Title: More on Comment Spamming Thread Url: Thread Description:

Expect to hear more on this from the creators of Movable Type within the next couple of days...

We're in the process of identifying all the separate issues involved, coming up with some concise and effective recommendations, and then outlining our plan going forward. We're also going to be reaching out to the weblog community as a whole with information we've learned from both our experience with Movable Type and our background in running the TypePad service. There are a variety of ways to deal with spam, ranging from technical to legal to social methods, and we'll discuss them all.

Who's the biggest in Ireland?

Thread Title: Eircom says"I'm, bigger than you." Yahoo says"No I'm bigger than you." The Irish bragging wars continue..... Thread Url: Thread Description:

This really made me smile. A fight between Yahoo UK & Ireland and Eircom over who gets the most visitors.

It started when the Joint National Internet Research (JNIR) released data on 14th December showing Eircom owning the Irish market.

Yahoo said the figures were manipulated.

Personally I'm glad I work in the SEO area and the business model is based on conversions as at the end of the day page impressions, and advertising revenue don't mean a thing to me.

Sales do!

Damn funny read though :)

Yahoo! Vid Search Beta

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Whilst I slept, Yahoo! announced their new Video Search on the Y! blog:

There were some rumors a few weeks back about Video Search products coming in 2005. Well, we're ready to show you what we've got today--and to ask for your feedback. An early Yahoo! Video Search Beta is now up on Yahoo! Next, our preview site for new technology and applications. I've spent a few hours with it in the last few weeks. Go try it out and let us know what you think. Remember that it's a beta product.

They go on to talk about the difficulty in finding video streams online and how they are leveraging existing relationships with media companies to pad out the vid database initially.

Vid Search and RSS You can expose video streams to Y! vid search via RSS enclosures the same way as you would for podcasting.

Gary Price has more details as does John Battelle

Oh no... Search Engine Watch are giving out Search Marketing Awards

Thread Title: Search Engine Watch to Hold Search Marketing Awards Thread Url: Thread Description:

You know, im fed up with prefacing posts about Jupiter/SEW with "I like danny sullivan but.." so im just going to stop now and hope he/you realize that ok? heh..

Well bugger me blind, SEW are to be giving out Search Marketing Awards - Eeeeeow! - Is it just me or does that fill anyone else with an overwhelming sense of fear and revulsion?

From Barry Schwartz's post threadlinked above:

The evening session with Danny Sullivan started off with a discussion about what categories would you want Search Engine Watch to use in determining the number and types of search marketing awards to give out. So basically, Danny Sullivan, in conjunction with Search Engine Watch and Jupiter Media will be holding a search marketing awards, just like the Webby Awards but focused on search marketing.

I suppose someone had to do it, and it might as well be SEW as i can hardly see WMW doing it, they'd have to link to other sites gasp, shock, horror! and no one else has the clout to carry it off...

The Buzz about Buzz Marketing

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Here's an outstanding overview of what buzz markeing is and can do, including the ethical debate. Have a read, and then think about it in terms of blogs and the viral nature of online communication...

Put simply, buzz marketing is the practice of gathering volunteers to try products, then sending them out into the world to talk up their experiences with the people they meet in their daily lives. The idea is that the more people see a product being used in public, or the more they hear about it from people they know and trust, the more likely they will be to buy it for themselves. Of course, word-of-mouth has long been the way that many people find their favorite products, or learn about a new favorite movie, book or restaurant. "For years, people recognized the power of word-of-mouth in convincing, influencing, affecting consumer behavior," says marketing professor Jerry Wind. "It has more credibility than traditional advertising." But it's a fairly recent development for companies to try to create a structure around the practice, to harness and direct the way that word-of-mouth spreads -- and to attempt to measure its effect on sales once the 'campaign' is complete. "Buzzing isn't really new. The hype about these different kinds of buzz agents is what's new," says Kahn.

Food for thought eh?

Hotmails Founder Moving into the Travel BIz

Thread Title: Hotmail Founder Has Lots More in Store Thread Url:,1759,1741001,00.asp Thread Description:

Sabeer Bhatia, the guy who founded Hotmail and sold it to M$ is moving into the travel biz. He's launching, as one of five new startups to be rolled out over the next three months.

His "vertical, travel navigation engine" scours the Internet for hotel reviews and travel articles from major newspapers and travel magazines, and links to them on Hotseasons. In addition, as a way to "democratize" hotel ratings, the site recruits users to submit their own reviews, and hotels are ranked based on that feedback.

"I wanted to let the Internet vote as a whole," he said. "I'd rather read about what other people thought than what hotels think of themselves."

Man... community, citizen journalism, everything is moving in that direction and i know im not the only one to have even noticed a boost given by Google to user-contributed content sites...

Is anyone else as enthusiastic about this stuff as I am?

Jeeves Desk Top Search - does anyone care?

Thread Title: Ask Jeeves Introduces Desktop Search Application Thread Url: Thread Description:

Well, do you?

Maybe im just having DTS overload but i really couldnt care less about another bloody DTS app...

Looking at Blogging Software

Over the last few hours i've been having a little ponder about what software to run with for my daughters (still get a kick outa saying that heh..) site.

The criteria/wishlist would run something like this:

Reasonably mature with good chance of still being around in 5yrs+ Good docs and developer community Plenty of sensible add ons (plugins) Good to excellent spam protection - No, mtblacklist is NOT good enough Handles photos easily, preferably with gallery plugin also PHP/MySQL based Self hosted

A tall order right? So, some of the options i've thought about:

Movable Type Has most of it except it's perl/mysql based and has mt-blacklist which is shit

bBlog Has most of it, great spam protection and i know the developer personally, he's a very nice chap and is a member here. Only problem is that it's a young system and i worry that some years/months? down the line i'll be trying to hire someone to port it all over to some other sytem...

Grey Matter Again, has most of it but i haven't heard much from them lately, why has this stuff fallen out of favor? - i need to look at it but maybe someone here know's the score off-hand?

Word Press Excellent by all accounts though i had some trouble installing when i tried it some months back. This looks like a very likely candidate though, i can go through a little install hassle for the fact that it covers almost all of my needs including spam protection and longevity

So, what do Threadwatchers think?

We must have a few bloggers in here right? :) Please let me know what you think of my list and what you like to use and why...

Sophisticated Search Marketing to Triumph over Unsophisticated - Really?

Thread Title: State of the Search Marketing Industry 2004 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Findings from a Jupiter report say that sophisticated search marketing will overtake unsophisticated search marketing. They go on to say that the sun will rise in the morning, and set in the evening... (only kidding, on planet TW there is no sun...)

The report also said that there's an widening gap between "sophisticated" and "unsophisticated" search marketers, and that over time the sophisticated marketers will dominate the industry.

A hallmark of a sophisticated firm is its use of technology. "The SEM agencies that have built their own bid management and campaign tracking tools, and that use extensive data to create campaign strategy, are typically able to generate better results for their advertisers," said Jupiter Research Associate Analyst Nate Elliott.

There is some other stuff in there to but maybe im just bored today, most of strikes me as duller than dishwater and more obvious than a smack in mouth.

via sew blog