Google Testing Images in Main Search Listings?

Thread Title: Google Test Images Within Google Web Search Thread Url: Thread Description: If the screenshot is to be beleived then it looks like Google are testing the promotion of Google Image Search in their main listings. In the threadlink above, Barry Schwartz points to this thread by classione and this screenshot:

Now, is it just me or would that be just a tad annoying were it to become standard fayre at Google?

There would also be the enormous potential for innapropriate images being shown to minors and those of a more sensitive nature...

The Future of 3G Mobile Broadband - What's in Store?

Thread Title: 3G: Where Will It Be a Year from Now? Thread Url:,1759,1743415,00.asp?kc=EWRSS04069TX1K0000701 Thread Description:

Guy Kewney takes a technical look at why 3G wireless broadband may well prove unsuitable in 2005 and how wireless broadband solutions from IP Wireless and Flarion may be able to step in and fill the gap.

It's probably time to admit it: 3G wireless is like satellite. It will never be economical as a broadband solution.

Five years is a long time to wait and now that 3G wireless is here, you'd think we'd be grateful. Not a chance of that! We want its successor on schedule, please.

The concept of 3G phone networks was originally seen as a 2001 technology. Then, after four or five years, we were supposed to start using advanced data extensions to 3G.

Something to Keep an Eye On: Video blogging - Beware the Vlog

Thread Title: Online Video: The Sequel Thread Url: Thread Description:

With Broadband enjoying high penetration and the blogging craze in full swing you've most likely at least heard the term video blog right? Well, BusinessWeek have picked up on it and it's certainly gaining a little momentum so it might be time to start filing it under "things to keep an eye on".

But amid the chaos, glimpses of a commercial future are starting to emerge, including a revival of online video distribution, using vlogs to sell ads, and corporate sites designed to reach out to customers and suppliers. "Text doesn't get across all I want to communicate," says Lenn Pryor, who runs Channel 9, a vlog that Microsoft (MSFT ) set up in April to communicate more effectively with software developers.

What terrifies me most about this is not the fact that aswell as general text publishing, in the form of blogs, we now have amateur video coming our way, but the fact that some hitherto thought of as sensible people are dubbing the new format Vlogs.

What madness is this? Vlog, Vlogs, Vlogging - holy shit! It sounds dirty doesnt it? "Stop that junior! If you keep vlogging, you'll go blind!" - give me a bloody break!

SMA-NA - Search Marketing Association North America to Launch

SEW moderator mcanerin will probably want my balls on a plate for posting this but it's okay, im feeling tough today heh...

Hot(ish) on the heels of SMA-UK and SMA-EU comes SMA-NA.

The initial presidency will be filled by the aforementioned Ian McAnerin who is currently recruiting from the pools of Search Marketing Fora mods and admins.

Im not certain that's a good way to go, but as DUMPO have continously failed the industry and show no signs of change I'll not slate it for the time being heh...

SMA-NA will intitially cover Search Marketers located in US, Canada, Mexico.

Among interested parties so far are Christine Churchill who recently resigned from SEMPO and was one of the founding members. The new org is also getting heavy-weight support from the UK side in the shape of Mike Grehan and others.

Stay tuned for more.

Orb Networks - Stream ALL your Media to your Mobile

Thread Title: Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here's a neat app that could turn the fledgling mobile content business on it's head overnight. Here's the short version:

Any media, including live TV can be streamed from your home, through your pc, to your mobile. It's your media, you have access to it, you are allowed to watch it! - Now, with a few "requirements" you can stream that media direct to your mobile or PDA wherever you happen to be.

Sounds neat eh?

Michael Gartenburg posted monday and tuesday about this and Engadget posted a podcast that gives some detail also.

From Michaels first post:

Orb promises to turn your PC, PDA and Smartphone into a mobile entertainment portal. Promising to deliver your music, pictures, video and live TV, Orb delivers quite well. The service is currently in beta and currently needs Windows Media Center (04 or 05) and a broadband connection. Remote clients include all MS Smartphones, PocketPC Phones, most connected pocket PCs and Symbian Series 60 and 70 phones. In short if it has a web browser and either REAL player or Windows Media it will work.

and some added information in his second post:

Actually it's a pretty killer app in general. I spent some more time using it and the more I use it, the more I like it. So far it, worked on everything I threw at it, from Smartphones to a Macintosh running OS X. Palm support seems lacking though. On each device, all my media was there for me, ready and waiting. Driving to the mall, I set up a playlist of podcasts from my PC and let it play over the Audiovox SMT-5600, through the stereo. Not a glitch. It just played through, like it was supposed to. Sound quality was lower than I'd like so I'm not replacing my iPod just yet.

An Epic Vision of Media in 2014

Thread Title: Epic 2014 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Threadlinked above is an 8min flash presentation on the future of media. The Museum of Media History takes us from the present, when citizen journalism, blogging, TiVo and social networking have taken firm hold, to a halfway realistic furture where the "Evolving Personalized Information Construct" is born.

EPIC, as it would be known involoves the merger of Google and Amazon to form Googlezon, the death of the NYT and the personalization of every conceivable aspect of media and product consumption.

It's an awesome vision, and well worth the 8mins it takes to watch.

link via cnet

Open Source Audio - John Udell's First Podcast Examined

Thread Title: open source audio Thread Url: Thread Description:

A complete run down on how John Udell made his first podcast, including the podcast of course - This post, threadlinked above has some lovely links to Archive.orgs open source audio offerings and details that untill now, i was completely ignorant of. Thanks John!

Santa must have got my list this year, i have a mic! now all i have to do is get it running under Gentoo and go find all the cool links Brad gave me for doing podcasts on Linux - How scary is that? Nick and mic - heaven help us all...

RSS Abuse - or - More of the Same for Most of us...

Thread Title: RSS Abuse: What’s fair use and what’s abuse. (or Skweezer gets it wrong). Thread Url: Thread Description:

Seems like blogging star Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc is getting a taste of the old "they copied my website!" routine. It appears that RSS is paving the way:

It’s one thing to take an excerpt—like the good folks at Google,, Feedster or Technorati do—to help people navigate.

It’s a whole other thing to take your entire feed, wrap your own ads around it, and try to sell a service on top of the content!

Jason, this is quite common, trust me.

RSS does make it ever so easy to do though. I've not put any kind of license on Threadwatch's own feed as of yet and am in two minds as to what, if any kind of license to give it. I really dont mind people posting my (our) entire posts on their websites but if anyone tried to pass it off as their own doing and make $$$'s from it I'd be a bit narked...

Search Engines Battle with Agencies for Client Cash - Business or War?

Thread Title: A scandal surfaces in the world of search marketing: Publishers are not our friends. Thread Url: Thread Description: "Soul-less Cash Mongers who couldn't Care Less About You"

Kevin Ryan posted an interesting article threadlinked above over at imediaconnection about the business of search publishing and the relationship between publisher, agency and advertiser. And more specifically, how engine reps have been trying to bypass agencies in a bid to deal with the client directly.

Getting the point that Search is a business and not a public commons to some thickheaded marketers is tough but maybe some of Kevin's war stories will enlighten the rose tinted spectacle wearing brigade.

For the most part, search engines are public entities. Despite the pretty façade and love-in style introductions, they are soul-less cash mongers who couldn’t care less about you.

I remember going to a search party the last time AD:TECH was held in Los Angeles (frankly, there were no other parties). While boozing it up, my rep enjoyed telling me how much fun it was to go out and sign up my client’s biggest competitor to drive up bid costs.

Now that’s nice, isn’t it? True story folks, I am not making this up.

The argument from the search engines is very simple and effective. “Agencies don’t understand search and specialized SEM shops don’t carry enough weight to be effective in the marketing world,” one search provider told me on condition of anonymity. “If we can’t get a direct introduction, we’ll try to get the agency to get us in so we can then move around them.”

Danny Sullivan posted on the article also. He says:

I also see the search engines -- the publishers as Kevin rightly calls them -- fighting the wrong battle if they think they can replace what agencies provide. The search publishers know their own publications, but it is extremely rare for an advertiser to want to be on only one network. People want both Google and Yahoo/Overture, to have as much reach as possible.

Get Linux on your iPod

Thread Title: Review of Linux on the iPod Thread Url: Thread Description:

Now that, is a serious step forward for the whole pod scene i think...

I am happy to announce that iPodLinux has become much more than an interesting little proof-of-concept. It is now the de facto way to expand the iPod's capabilities and features. It is far from perfect, but quite far from useless.

WordPress Release Forum Software -

Thread Title: Thread Url: Thread Description:

The makers of WordPress blogging software now have bbPress - a 'light' forum software app.

bbPress is forum software with a twist. bbPress is focused on web standards, ease of use, ease of integration, and speed. Most software in this space is focused on features like avatars or file attachment and if that's what you're interested in, bbPress probably isn't for you. We're focused on keeping things as small and light as possible for the explicit purpose of creating a community around support.

I do like the bit about no avatars i must say. How it would hold up under the strain of critical mass remains to be seen and i've not done much more than read the homepage and take a look at it's showcase implementation - which leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department but as bbPress is focused on web standards is most likely very simple to prettify.

Blogs - You can Run, but you can't Hide

Thread Title: Why There's No Escaping the Blog Thread Url:,15114,1011763-1,00.html Thread Description:

Much of the blog evangelism out there just bores me to tears but here's a relatively well informed and thought provoking piece on the power of blogs and how companies are, or need to be, monitoring and using them.

Some of it is pure waffle, the stuff about Scoble being particulary funny. It is a good read though:

It all used to be so easy; the adage went "never pick a fight with anyone who buys ink by the barrel." But now everyone can get ink for free, launch a diatribe, and—if what they have to say is interesting to enough people—expect web-enabled word of mouth to carry it around the world. Unlike earlier promises of self-publishing revolutions, the blog movement seems to be the real thing. A big reason for that is a tiny innovation called the permalink: a unique web address for each posting on every blog. Instead of linking to web pages, which can change, bloggers link to one another's posts, which typically remain accessible indefinitely. This style of linking also gives blogs a viral quality, so a pertinent post can gain broad attention amazingly fast—and reputations can get taken down just as quickly.

Hey, what was that new fangled way of linking again? hehe...

It's facinating to watch such momentous change happening in the way we communicate and do business. Blogs are a big part of it but certainly not the only component in the "web communications boom"..

Craigslist Chews up Millions in Newspaper Ad Revenue

Thread Title: Craigslist Costs Newspapers Millions In Classified Ads Revenue Thread Url: Thread Description:

Social classifieds site Craigslist is eating up millions in ad revenue that would have otherwise gone the way of newspaper classifieds:

The non-profit site has also cost newspapers millions of dollars more in merchandise, real estate and other traditional classified advertising businesses, Classified Intelligence LLC said in a recent report on the self-service site's impact. Craigslist, which is a quarter owned by EBay Inc., has grown to a billion page-views a month.

"Craigslist has created an extremely important and valuable marketplace, and perfectly illustrates the changing nature of the classified advertising industry," Peter M. Zollman, founding principal of Classified Intelligence, said in a statement.

Directories Taking a Whack on Google - What's going on?

Thread Title: WebAtlas booted from Google Thread Url: Thread Description:

The conversation threadlinked above started by some gloating knob could be very worrying for Directory owners. The knob in question is gleefully informing the members at seozip that has been booted from Google.

Speaking of knobs, this thread at IHU has Dastardly Doug crowing about "spammy directories" - there's not much to be gained from the thread itself (surprise..) but it's indicative of many threads floating around out there over the last couple of months about Directory sites having trouble with Google.

So, have a look at Threadwatch member nandini's site: Web Atlas and tell us what you think. This would seem on a level with BlueFind's recent troubles

Is Google actively seeking out directories or are there some inherent flaws in the scripts that generate and maintain such sites that are tripping some kind of site hazard at G?

How Urban Myths Develop - Adsense and Earnings

Thread Title: Is goodle against anyone who earns more than 5k a month Thread Url: Thread Description:

An interesting example of how urban myths develop - viz " I saw a thread on WMW about this, so it must be true"

One wonders whether the OP is for real. However if you want a smile, then read the thread, made me laugh.

Im told they will only let you earn a minimum of $4000 a month before you are likely to be dropped back down to $1000 a month..

ok cool so there are people earning 10k a month.. from adsense.. i heard they were like mythological beings .. like the loch ness monster

Jenstar, moderating, tries to dispel the myth, then BTabke arrives and does a cut for " language and specifics, as per TOS"

A new poster then confirms that the original proposition is true

I can confirm your opening post to this thread. Twice.....Both sites steadily increased daily/monthly revenue until hitting that one "magical" month, and then in a matter of a few days, daily revenue dropped until tapering off somewhere near the lower monthly number.

One feels that the premis will have gained credence from this airing

Justin, this LOCAL stuff is getting to be pretty amazin'

Just got this spam. Think of the technology! Wow!

Quote: 5 New Cheating-Wives have been matched for you in your area:

1) Linda, 130 lbs, 5'10, 36c, 11 miles away, available Dec 27-2nd 2) Shanon, 121 lbs, 5'6, 36d, 9 miles away, available Jan 2-5th 3) Jill, 113 lbs, 5'5, 34b, 17 miles away, available most nights(husband works nights) 4) Sandra, 134 lbs, 5'9, 36c, 21 miles away, available most week nights(looking for side-fling) 5) Beth 148 lbs, 5'10, 38d, 5 miles away, check site for available times

More on Search Marketing Consolidation

Thread Title: Search Agencies Ripe for Picking Thread Url: Thread Description:

Kevin Newcomb in the threadlink above has some interesting quotes and a little further speculation on Search Marketing consolidation:

Just about any SEM of significant size has been approached as a potential acquisition. Suitors include publicly traded holding companies, traditional and interactive agencies, and also ESPs, direct marketing and database marketing firms. According to various SEM executives ClickZ News interviewed for this story, performance-based ad networks, like ValueClick and FastClick, are among the most likely acquirers, outside the big three holding companies.

There are hundreds of SEM firms, but most industry watchers agree less than a dozen are large enough to have developed the practices and technologies to make them worth acquiring. SEM firms Did-It, Fathom, Impaqt and the foundering DoubleClick top the list of attractive targets.

What's more interesting to me is the unasked question: What will this mean to the small SEO/SEM?

talking of SEO "expert"s.....

Thread Title: SEO "expert" Proposes Unethical Linking Strategies Thread Url: Thread Description:

Perfectly sensible question, generally good advice, but if you can get past post 6 without starting to laugh you have better self control than I do.

Dont Laugh - Weblogsinc Want to run a Search Conference...

Really, it's true. In fact, thanks to to one Threadwatch member I've seen the pitch their VP of mktg and sales Shawn Gold is sending out to sell ad space to optimization companies...

Now, the question is: Is this just another case of Bloggers thinking they invented the internet or is there room in the conference space for another show and could they actually pull it off?

From the email pitch:

Quote: We will be creating a conference around the business of Search Engines and will be focusing on that area of the business.

-from Shawn Gold, Vice President of Weblogs Inc

What do Threadwatchers think? Room for another search conference alongside Search Engine Strategies and Webmasterworld's World of Search? If so, could Weblogsinc pull it off?

In Korea Mobile Spam is Outpacing Email

Thread Title: Mobile spam bigger problem than regular spam in South Korea Thread Url: Thread Description:

Seems like mobile spam is outpacing email spam in Korea. Korea is often seen as a good "what's to come" indicator - The Engadget post threadlink aboves says that in May this year 10% of all SMS was spam but does point out that maybe folks have just resigned themselves to email spam and stopped complaining about it.