TIF - the Technology Involved Female - New Study Data

Thread Title: Women Online Have New Tech Attitude, According to Survey Thread Url: http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20041208005541&newsLang=en Thread Description:

Intel have just released findings from a study commisioned from Harris Interactive on american adult womens attitudes to technology.

From the above threadlinked press release:

A new, tech-savvy woman has emerged and Intel calls her "Tif," short for Technology Involved Female. She spans generations and backgrounds, from the young women who have grown up with technology, to women who have been exposed to technology at work, to motivated self-learners. Tif is closing the technology gender gap, with women at the youngest end of the spectrum actually surpassing men in their intent to purchase a laptop. Half of young women say their next computer will be a laptop as compared to 43 percent of men their same age

and some quick figures for you:

58% of women feel as lost as men do (56%) if they dont check email once a day 62% are enthusiastic about learning new features on their PC's (men 66%) Women lead the way with wireless adoption - 39% vs 29% feel it's important Women are less tolerant of poor experiences - they want it to work, and work now.

The survey concludes that women still lag behind men in some areas including confidence in their decision to purchase computers. "According to the survey, men are more likely than women to be confident in their technology purchases," said David Krane, senior vice president of Public Policy and Public Relations Research at Harris Interactive. "It makes sense for companies, such as Intel, to focus on women as a key audience and to create programs that educate them about technology."

Im certain there will be some opinions on this one, Elizabeth Albrycht was less than impressed.

Tips for a Winning Email Campaign

Thread Title: Welcome Messages Get Highest Open Rates of All Email Campaigns: How to Improve Yours Thread Url: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/sample.cfm?contentID=2875 Thread Description:

Unsurprisingly, research shows that the most read email of any new newsletter sign up is the welcome mail. Mktg Sherpa have some pretty nice tips on improving yours. Here's the short version, check out the threadlink above for the full shebang...

Welcome coupons For corporates - 20 words of personalized welcome & copy of last letter For long sales cycles - break the welcome up over several emails - keep it personal and include one educational facet of the overal picture in each For repeat biz, like hotel bookings - Pre & Post sale warm fuzzy emails

There's a ton more detail at the article itself so if you run email news letters or anything similar check it out, it's pretty good.

DaveN Has a Blog - Gentleman, start your bots....

Thread Title: DaveN Thread Url: http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk/archives/2004/12/10/daven/ Thread Description:

Dave Naylor, a notorious blog spammer, search marketer, fat bloke and all round diamond geezer has a blog!

Presuming he can find time away from the wine to actually post coherently (not the norm) it'll be a fantasitic read!

Dave is a TW member, a good mate and a nice bloke. Go visit his blog and say something rude :)

Google Suggest - New Beta Tool from Google

Thread Title: Google Suggest Thread Url: http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en Thread Description:

A great tool by google :)

Suggests searches as you type!

Nick W Great find! From the FAQ

As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time. This is similar to Google's "Did you mean?" feature that offers alternative spellings for your query after you search, except that it works in real time. For example, if you type "bass," Google Suggest might offer a list of refinements that include "bass fishing" or "bass guitar." Similarly, if you type in only part of a word, like "progr," Google Suggest might offer you refinements like "programming," "programming languages," "progesterone," or "progressive." You can choose one by scrolling up or down the list with the arrow keys or mouse.

and TW member Wit posted this just about the same time (a fraction earlier i think..)

The Google boys and girls seem to have come up with a search enhancement - again (?). As soon as you start typing search terms, a list of options - together with their "total number of hits" - appears.

This is of course a useful tool for internet searchers AND a quick one for people looking for popular (??) keywords to optimise for.

Fascinating without a doubt, here it is directly: Google Suggest Option

Thanks to Seochat's new sunnymonkey for spotting that.

Measuring and Monetizing RSS with Syndicate IQ

Thread Title: New entrant Syndicate IQ heightens the need for RSS measurement Thread Url: http://forrester.typepad.com/charleneli/2004/12/new_entrant_syn.html Thread Description:

A new site launched this week with the goal of managing, measuring and monetizing your syndicated feeds.

Forresters Charlene Li takes a look at Syndicate IQ in the threadlink above as does John Battelle in this post

The system is able to accurately track the dailey circulation of an article by inserting a unique identifier in the feed url and tracking IP and browser type. Like Pheedo and RSSAds SyndicateIQ will be launching an ad network shortly.

From their monetization page:

Syndicate IQ leverages the unique characteristics of syndication while enabling the sophisticated targeting, customization, and optimization found in other marketing solutions such as ad serving and email delivery services. Our Trigon Engine allows content publishers to monetize syndicated content intelligently while deepening their relationships with their subscribers and growing their subscriber base.

That would seem to me to be a great next step for the monetization of feeds and the standardization of useful metrics for publishers - will be watching with interest for more from them...

Is Mobile Desktop Search the Next Step?

Thread Title: Coming Soon: Desktop In Your Pocket Thread Url: http://www.ventureblog.com/articles/indiv/2004/001033.html Thread Description:

VC Kevin Laws is speculating on the next step for desktop search in the threadlink above. His point is this: Wouldn't it be cool, not to mention logical if you were able to use your mobile device to search your home PC?

Imagine: You could search for a file from wherever you are, download it, work with it and return it. When you think about it in terms of business use it has ample room to become the next killer app in Search and mobile...

What do you think? I reckon that would be a killer move for whoever gets there first...

Some Interesting Mobile Stats

Thread Title: Long Live the Mobile Thread Url: http://www.mobile-weblog.com/archives/long_live_the_mobile.html Thread Description:

Caught this a moment ago, makes for interesting thought regarding mobile marketing in the future:

There are 1.5Bn mobile subscribers worldwide That's 25% of the world with a mobile Developing countries account for 56% of that. There are 1.18Bn landline subscribers - notice mobile has overtaken that. There are Only 700M net connections Nick is keen on mobile, despite not having one :)

food for thought eh?

Lap Tops make you infertile

Thread Title: Sperm Count down if you use a laptop Thread Url: http://www.news24.com/News24/Technology/News/0,,2-13-1443_1634170,00.html Thread Description:

Picked this up off Google News, they know what our priorities are.

If you really want to make your eyes water, this is how the tests were done


I think we will be seeing a lot of threads on this today

Yahoo! Desktop to Launch Early 2005

Thread Title: Yahoo set to launch desktop search tool Thread Url: http://news.ft.com/cms/s/0a4816f4-4a50-11d9-b065-00000e2511c8.html Thread Description:

The FT are reporting the imminent launch of Yahoo's Desktop Search based on the X1 desktop software. No firm date has been announced, "early next year" is the best you'll get for the moment.

From the FT story:

Jeff Weiner, head of search at Yahoo, described the desktop software as "the next natural evolution of search".

But he also cast the software as part of a broader strategy that would let users tap into Yahoo's wider array of internet services. The first test version of the software would be available over the web early in the new year, he added.

Story via battelle

WebmasterRadio.fm Launch in Europe!

Thread Title: WebmasterRadio.FM Internet Business Radio Hires European Powerhouse Thread Url: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/12/prweb187652.php Thread Description:

Mikkel deMib Svendsen will head up the European marketplace development of the internet based radio network.

WebmasterRadio.FM, Internet business radio proudly announces the appointment of Mikkel deMib Svendsen to head up the development of the internet based radio network for the European marketplace.

Google Books in Main Results

Thread Title: Book Results Found within Web Search Thread Url: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/001249.html Thread Description:

Do a search for dietary suppliments and see for yourself at the top. As far as im aware, barry, who spotted this in the threadlink above, is right on the money. This is does appear to be new.

I cant find anything else though a TW'er tells me she got something for a physics related query yesterday..

What do you guys make of it?

Googles $300M Secret

Thread Title: Searching for Google -- Shhhhh, it's a secret Thread Url: http://crm.ittoolbox.com/news/dispnews.asp?i=124767&t=99 Thread Description:

Google have apparently shelled out $300M on a new datacenter in a Georgia industrial park. About 100 employees in a non descript unmarked building with no windows - pffft! 007 eat your heart out hah!

This from the CRM Knowledgebase threadlink above:

Almost without notice, the Internet search company has tiptoed about 100 employees and a significant investment into a windowless building in a Douglas County industrial park near Six Flags Over Georgia.

There's no sign on the building, no logo on the locked glass door, nothing to indicate that an Internet icon has come to town.

A note taped to the door points visitors to a buzzer, which prompts a polite, but firm, female voice to shoo you away. The voice can't --- or won't --- confirm you've found Google, or even if you're in the right place.

It's all very mysterious.

So why the big hush hush? Sheesh, google are news, if sergey farts it hits the homepage of every major industry site on the net - did they think they'd be able to keep 100 people and all the people they know quiet for long?

You gotta love it... link via IG via SEWB

Contextual Ad Market Getting Crowded

Thread Title: Online Ad Networks Back in Vogue Thread Url: http://www.dmnews.com/cgi-bin/artprevbot.cgi?article_id=31244 Thread Description:

DMNews has a piece related to the launch of AdMarketplace yesterday in the threadlink above.

The question now, with this new player in town and the many other networks out there, is: Is the contectual ad space crowded enough for us to start seeing casualties?

Forbes ditched intelliTXT recently and i cant say i hear much about smaller networks like Quigo or ContextWeb. Tacoda's behavioral network seems interesting though and you cant go a week without hearing something from Kanoodle, which at this point just leaves Chitika. And we've not heard a peep from the "network of networks" since it's launch

The titans of context: Overture and Adsense may well fight their own battles but it seems likely there is room for both, possibly even Kanoodle, but what of the smaller networks mentioned above? Some questions on contextual search for Threadwatchers:

Will the smaller networks find a place alongside the big boys? Are we likely to see more enter the context arena in 2005? Do any of you give a f*** as long as adsense still pays?

Let me know what you think...

Meta Tag Lawsuit Filed In Florida

Thread Title: Meta Tag Lawsuit Filed In Florida Thread Url: http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/041208-150356 Thread Description:

Trademark Infringement Claims Now Extend to Meta Tags According to Out-Law, using trademarked terms in your meta tags, could get you in trouble.

A biopharmaceutical firm that distributes plasma derivatives has sued a rival, alleging that Health Coalition Inc. used the trade marked name “BDI Blood Diagnostics” as a meta tag in its web site source code, according to a report by Law.com.

This, alleges Blood Diagnostics Inc., is a breach of its trade mark rights.

Outlaw link courtesy of SE Lowdown

Is There Room for a Fourth Player in Search?

Thread Title: Yet Another Search Engine Thread Url: http://www.fool.com/News/mft/2004/mft04120821.htm?sel Thread Description:

SELowdown point out this post threadlinked above at motley fool.

They're talking about Accoona specifically:

Even if you offered me $70 billion, I am not sure I could effectively break into the search engine business. To me, Accoona's late entry is a sign that the teams headed for the playoffs have been named and the competition will now begin in earnest. But maybe I'm wrong. As Rick Aristotle Munarriz pointed out, maybe it's just starting to boom. Either way, there's some tough competition down the road from the big guys in the search engine business.

So we have MSN, Google and Yahoo! making up the big 3 players with Jeeves coming up from the rear (i cant help it, im english) and a whole gaggle of specialist SE's that seem to only make a hit with Search folks.

Could the game sustain another player of is that it?

Manipulating Yahoo Local & The Quality Control Nightmare

Thread Title: User Reviews and Local Search Optimization Thread Url: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum108/4.htm Thread Description:

Chicago, recenlty appointed moderator of WMW's new Local Searh Forum has a fantastic discussion going with some of the boards heavy hitters on how to manipulate Yahoo! Local with "user ratings".

Users can order their results by user reviews and so both automated, dodgy tactics and clever legit strategies for exploiting this are disussed in detail. Stars of the show are Chicago, eWhisper and tedster. This from Chicago:

When is the last time you checked your business or your client's business reviews? When is the last time you submitted a review? How about your competitors (scary)?

and this from tedster:

Using Amazon's review system, the best way we found to get good, natural reviews was to ask our happy customers to post one. In some cases, we offered a perk of some kind, especially for those listmaniacs who took the time to put together a list. This worked very nicely and created natural positive reviews - avoiding the stilted sound that people who have a business involvement with a product tend to use.

So I would imagine the same would apply to a pizza parlor, a general contractor, a real estate agent - anyone who already has happy campers in their corner and uses local search. And of course, if you don't make customers happy (or don't know if you do) then that would be step number one for the business anyway.

A very nice read, thanks Chicago!

Some questions this raises for me:

Will we see bots developed to manipulate this feature? How will Yahoo maintain a level of quality control? Is it as important as it might first appear?

Good stuff from the wmw boys and girls...

Technology & Voyeuristic Privacy Invasion

Thread Title: NZ aims to jail 'up skirt' snappers Thread Url: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4076353.stm Thread Description:

The BBC are reporting on the proposed outlawing of "upskirt pics" - It's quite amazing that this kind of invasion of privacy isn't covered already in some more general law but in NZ apparently the photos would have to be proven "objectionable" first...

Under the proposed measures, the making, publishing or distributing of voyeuristic material made without consent will carry a penalty of up to three years in prison.

Knowingly possessing such material without reasonable cause will become an offence carrying a penalty of up to one year in jail.

The Google Biz Model - Strong & Healthy - Can they Sustain it?

Thread Title: 9c per search for the mighty G Thread Url: http://www.webpronews.com/news/ebusinessnews/wpn-45-20041208GoogleEarnsNineCentsPerSearchEngineQuery.html Thread Description:

It's a day or 2 old and I almost missed it but it seems G's quarterly report shows they are earning just under 9c for every search.

Nice business if you can get it and G definately HAS it!

It's Search Spock, but not as we know it...

Thread Title: Will search be different on mobile? Thread Url: http://www.searchengineblog.com/will_search_be_different.htm Thread Description:

Peter Davanzo points out an article submitted by a searchengineblog reader that hits the nail right on the head for me. Mobile search will change everything.. - See the full article threadlinked above.

The author, Scott Schaffer points out that at some point in the not to distant future, mobile net activity will surpass the regular PC net we know now. And more to the point, the throat will be ripped out of online advertising as PPC advertisers struggle to adapt to a very different set of stats for net usage and a mobile consumer landscape with a very different model for information retrieval.

He goes on to hypothesis about scanning barcodes to get information rather than laboriously typing in phrases into a search engine and how who holds a trademark will count far more than who has the highest ranking on Google.

It's a damn good read, and although there is still infinate room for the mobile web to shape itself in any manner of direction I think he paints a plausible picture. Go have a look and tell me what you think...

SES Chicago Kicks off Next Week

Thread Title: Search Engine Strategies Chicago - December 13-16, 2004 Thread Url: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/001243.html Thread Description:

Well, Barry Schwartz has got the ball rolling with regards to the upcoming SES so i guess it's time I pulled out a few threads i've had bookmarked the last couple of weeks:

Digitalpoint HighRankings SEW Cre8asite

I've most likely missed a load, couldnt find one at wmw for example? heh.. If you have any please pm me or add them as comments..

I guess many of you are going, im green with envy but Ivana's due date is friday so "im just nipping out for some milk..." just wont cut it..

Hope everyone has a great time, and if you get a chance, do login and post in this thread.