Nokia Launch Contactless Payment System for Mobiles

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Nokia have launched the world's first NFC enabled contactless payment system for it's 3220 series of phones.

The basic deal is that your cc details are stored securely on a smart chip and you can pay and access services via the NFC system - NFC stands for Near Field Communications and you can see how it works here

Remember we talked about mobile as credit card a little while back?

"Visa is always looking for exciting, first-rate innovations that advance the field of contactless payment and we are pleased to join forces with Nokia in this pioneering effort," said Jim Lee, senior vice president, Product Technology and Standards, Visa International. "The development of the Nokia NFC shell serves as a natural extension of Visa's contactless card and phone programs around the world. Moreover, it aligns well with Visa's commitment to enabling payments anywhere, anytime, through any device."

All good stuff, the system will have it's first public test in Hanau near Frankfurt on the regional bus network...

Thrown to the wolves:

Thread Title: Search Engine Tools Thread Url: Thread Description:

Another tool, or in the case, collection of, get's thrown to the wolves - sing it's praises or rip it to shreds: via danny

if you have other stuff like this to suggest - pm me the link...

MSN Search in Religous Slur Scandal

Thread Title: Vatican is ***t Thread Url: Thread Description:

The register have a piece on how if you search for merda (shit) on the Italian MSN a Vatican site comes top

If you're an Italian Catholic MSN user I am pretty sure the MSN algorithm isn't one that would endear you to Microsoft at the moment.

What is nice to see is that The Register are keeping their journalistic integrity although being sponsored by MSN

How much did Jeeves pay for Bloglines?

Thread Title: Engines are buying...but who's integrating? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Jupiters Gary Stein speculates over just how much Ask paid for Bloglines this week.

The short version: About $35-50 Million

Im glad to see someone agrees with me in that this is a good buy for Jeeves, i dont pretend to be any kind of analyst, but it feels right. Gary goes on to talk about all the aquisitions Google, Yahoo and Jeeves have made recently (i touched on this in: Puzzling the Google Direction by its Aquisitions) and how these things need to, and surely will be, strung together:

ut a collection is not that big of a deal, at least not to consumers. It sort of makes me think of a guy who buys a killer plasma television, a DVD player, surround sound and monster cables....and leaves everything is a separate room. What you want to see is to have that guy integrate it all together into one, great thing: a home theater where you can watch the Die Hard Trilogy.

When is this going to happen for the engines? Sometime soon, I think. They have to pull these assets together in some kind of meaningful way soon. And search is the perfect thread for them all to be strung together with. One single search should return a cluster of content.

We live in interesting time heh...

Weblogs Inc courting a little VC Funding? [update]

Thread Title: Oh My Goshe Thread Url: Thread Description:

UPDATE: and now lunch with Meckler - see comments...

Maybe im jumping the gun but when Calacanis has lunch with Fred Wilson i can't help but jump wildly to conclusions...

Look for Weblogs Inc getting a few more $$$'s shortly i reckon - Mark Cuban of 2929 is already into the company, that owns blog properties such as Engadget, in a large way...

Google & Jen - Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock....

I got an IM early last week from a friend i know to have many a connection within the 'plex - Jen had been fired, his desk was empty and there was no sign of him. He'd just quietly left.

Since then, the blogs have gotten a hold of it and over the last 3/4 days the story has been doing a slow burn through the blogosphere. In fact, it really is like watching the fuse on an Acme Co™ bomb carefully planted by wiley coyote slowly burn down the fuse.

My guess is that like with Wiley's efforts to dispose of the roadrunner, this bomb is going to explode in the face....


There was some hoohah over Google Adwords for his blog that could only have been placed by Google itself - is this the cause of the firing? Maybe he placed the ad himself, after all, he's clearly a prize idiot and maybe this pushed GOOG to booting him out the door?

Watch this space...

Audio: Is this a bubble yet?

Thread Title: So, Is This a Bubble Yet? Thread Url: Thread Description:

ITConversations run an audio of a panel at Web 2.0 chaired by John Battelle and featuring Safa Raschtchy and Lanny Baker of Piper Jaffray, Bill Janeway and Danny Rimmer.

The topic, the web's financials - it's from October so much has happened since but it's damn good stuff. stream mp3

Amazon in Hot Water over Stealth Marketing Allegations

Thread Title: The Hot Startup That's Really An Marketing Ploy? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Amazon are causing a bit of a ruckus over alleged "stealth marketing" ploys.

At the start of the year we reported on a hot new social networking startup 43 Things where users get to jot down things they want to do, tag them and hook up with other people that want to acheive the same goal.

As it transpires, the start up is run by some ex Amazon employees and it now comes to light that Amazon have aquired (or are the sole investor) in the company and people are starting to speculate whether this was a set up from the start...

Very cloak and dagger eh? what fun....

MSN Messenger Down and Out

Thread Title: Outage blamed on 'data center' issue Thread Url: Thread Description:

I felt crippled by todays outage. Messenger is my vital communication tool when working with many freelancers across many just doesn't cut it anymore.

The latest outage comes days after security monitors discovered the Bropia worm was using MSN Messenger to spread. The Microsoft spokeswoman denied the outage was caused by the worm.

SG Throw out Awards - Doug Heil and Threadwatch Featured

Thread Title: First Annual SearchGuild Birthday Search Industry Awards Thread Url: Thread Description:

Looks like SG took the idea of alternative Search Marketing awards and actually got it done - the threadlink above has a whole bunch of good natured silliness from the boys and girls and our mate Doug got no less than 2 nominations - sadly though, no award :(

A couple of the results for you..

Best self promotion within the industry: Barbera Coll

The Best/Most humourous declaration of an evil spam spam spammer: Chris at SG

There's lots more fun stuff over there, check it out...

Mobile Adult Content to top $1bn this Year

Thread Title: Adult Industry to Net US$1bn From Mobile Phone Users in 2005 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Juniper Research are predicting that mobile adult content will top the $1bn mark this year - most of the wan.. er.. customers will come from Europe and Asia while the US lags behind as in most things mobile.

Report author, Dr. Windsor Holden, said, "At the present time, the size of the U.S. market is extremely limited because customers are used to downloading content through the portal of their network operator, and the network operators are reluctant to offer adult content for fear of a regulatory or consumer backlash. But in the medium term, customers will become increasingly adept at browsing wireless internet sites operated by aggregators or other independent providers, with the result that overall revenues will show a significant increase."

I have to say, the whole adult thing on a mobile just baffles me. Why anyone would want to view porn on a mobile is quite beyond me...

Yahoo & Godaddy Face Scrutiny over Unfair Practices

Thread Title: Underpriced Domain Names Thread Url: Thread Description:

ICANN sell domain names for $6 to their Registrars. Godaddy sell theirs at $3.99 and Yahoo! at $4.98 in special promotions - Yahoo's has been going on for quite some time now.

TechLawAdvisor raise the question of whether this breaks californian (or other state) law on unfair practices.

I think they ought to stfu as we all like cheap domain names heh..

Geofence your Kids - WaveMarket land 9.5 Million

Thread Title: A blog tool to fence in your children Thread Url: Thread Description:

We reported on the unfortunately named Crunkie back in Decemeber, a location based mobile social network - since then WaveMarket, the company behind the project have landed a whopping 9.4M in venture funding with Draper Fisher Jurvetson taking the lead role.

Geofence your Kids

They now have several services/products on offer and they look interesting to say the least:

Crunkie — a location-aware mobile social network that allows friends to locate each other as well as share location-tagged blog posts. Map.Me — a mobile phone map interface that allows users to pan/zoom and experience dynamic mobile city guides WaveAlert — server that allows users to be notified whenever they enter or leave a designated area. This is called "proximity-based" alerts. You can set “geofences” around important assets or be notified if your friends are nearby.

That last one looks like a killer tool for anxious parents and could, imo put WM on the map...

Being a new parent, the time when i will have to worry about where my daughter is and who she's with is a little way off but i know some of you have older kids right? - How do you keep tabs on where they are and what they're doing? And would something like WaveAlert be good?

Hot Linux Virgin Action

Thread Title: Linux Virgins Thread Url: Thread Description:

OMG, this is waaay too funny! Gizmodo point out Linux Virgin - a site where, you can follow the progress of two charming young ladies as they attempt to set up a linux box whilst losing their clothes...

Clearly open source marketing at it's best and as Gizmodo said:

Ooh, that's right—just a little more thermal paste right there. Yeah, right on the proc.

Very, very funny :-)

Designing Sites for Teens

Thread Title: What Websites Do to Turn On Teens Thread Url:,1284,66514,00.html Thread Description:

I've never built a site with Teens in mind but knowing that some of you have this might be of interest: Wired are talking about what visual and interactive elements sites should pay attention to in order to capture a younger audience. Content aside, some of the things the story has to say are pretty interesting:

Nielsen explained that the best interactive elements include message boards, polls, quizzes, the ability to ask questions of experts, and tools that let teens construct their own web pages.

Another element teens find attractive is the use of photographs and images that relieve text of the burden of communicating ideas, but that don't weigh down a page. And while adults don't like cluttered web pages or too much writing either, he added, they are significantly more tolerant of a heavier text-to-images ratio.

Teens are also much less willing than adults to stick around websites with useful content but poor presentation, Nielsen said.

The report they're talking about (which i couldn't locate?) is the one that sparked all the pants wetting excitement about teens not being as savvy as adults on the web - well forgive me if i pay that only passing mention, it's boring as hell and patently obvious to boot.

If you have built sites for the teen market, do tell us about your experiences...

Semantics - A Larger Role in the new Google Algorithm

or is the latest update with Google proof of genetic relationships in full force?

I've been quite open in my thoughts about knoll peaks and how use of deoxyribonucleic acid is being used to identify web sites and relationships between them. I've also shown how that same thoughts process when used with social demographics and neck colour can be used to help tailor results for a search engine user. Follow the title link for more...

Puzzling the Google DIrection by it's Aquisitions

Thread Title: Google Acquisitions Thread Url: Thread Description:

For those that like to do puzzles, maybe you can fathom out the GOOG gameplan by looking at their aquisitions over the last 4yrs - a neat summary provided by Adam Rifkin here:

2/2001: Deja 9/2001: Outride 2/2003: Pyra Labs 4/2003: Neotonic Software 4/2003: Applied Semantics 9/2003: Kaltix 10/2003: Sprinks 10/2003: Genius Labs 4/2004: Ignite Logic 6/2004: Baidu 7/2004: Picasa 10/2004: Keyhole

Buggered if i can work it out heh. Google, just what is it that you want to be?

Paid Search to start the Real Browser Wars

Thread Title: MSN Search will bring in dollars even if it's not No. 1 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Seattlepi has a good piece on M$ ad revenue - worthy of a read. What got my attention just a little more tuned was Jupiters Joe Wilcox's comments on Microsoft Monitor however:

But I'll add something else. I see paid search as a potential catalyst to rekindling a real browser war. I don't see as coincidence the sudden interest on numerous fronts with bulking up Web browsers. Sure, people fume over so-called Internet Explorer security problems, and I'll stand first in line chiding Microsoft over taking so longer to make pop-up blocking a part of the the browser. But there's more going here than just people looking to chuck IE for some other browser, simply because of perceived security problems. Savvy browser vendors have got to recognize the huge revenue opportunity of paid search, from which the browser is one of the major launching pads.

I could see lots of revenue opportunities for Firefox or the new Netscape prototype around paid search. Netscape is more obvious because of AOL, but there's no reason third parties couldn't tap into the paid-search piggybank through Firefox add ons and affiliate relationships. The plethora of available already-available Firefox add ons gives some pretty good perspective.

Nice to link to MM, i've been reading for a little while now, it's a great site Joe...

phpBB Hacked - Developers Locked Out

Thread Title: phpBB Site Cracked, Developers Locked Out Thread Url: Thread Description:

Whoooah... as if recent phpBB problems and vulnerabilities weren't bad enough it now looks like the main server and one of the largest web communities on the net (about 150,000 support forum users) has been hacked via Awstats.

The developers have been locked out and cannot access the server even in single user mode according to the netcraft report threadlinked above.

Bad news... for Sale - Major Search Firms and NYT Bidding for it

Thread Title:, Primedia's Web Venture, Is for Sale Thread Url: Thread Description:

Yep, is up for grabs and the bidding ends today - cost? $350 - $500 Million

Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and NYT are all bidding for the About property.

More as it happens...