Star Wars Domain Battle Won by Disney

I couldn't resist a tile like that, sorry!

According to Nominet, the star wars domain names held by this UK company have to be handed over to Disney.

SEO Myths

Where do all of these SEO myths come from?

Link building REALLY ain't easy. (a follow-up)

Google Portugal has said - "do not buy, sell, exchange, or ask for links."

Link building ain't easy

What links are good ones is easy for most people to see, but how to get them is harder - especially if you only see black or white.

Notable vs Newsworthy on Wikipedia - "Is Danny Sullivan notable enough for his own page?"

Over on Bill Slawski's Google Plus page there's an interesting discussion about what Wikipedia considers "notable" going on.

Yahoo is Testing Google's Search Results

After Yahoo's renegotiation with Microsoft in April, they've got a free hand to experiment with Google vs Bing search results.

Outsourcing for Productivity

Found an interesting thread on WebmasterWorld today about outsourcing some tasks to places like Fiverr, mturk, cragslist, odesk/upwork,

Google+ Shrinks Again

Once upon a time, a brand's most recent Google+ post would show up in their knowledge panel when it was triggered - no more.

AOL defaults to Bing, ditches Google after 13 years

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Bing w

Study: Google's "Local OneBox" Skews Search In Company's Own Favor

With the knowledge box and the power of Google's "regulars," it's hard enough getting even close to the top.

Users who install Java will now be getting Yahoo on the side

In and effort to attract more users, Yahoo has announced a partnership with Oracle so that everytime a user updates Java, they may be switched to Yahoo.

Treat Your Schema With Care

Since the Quality Update, some sites are reporting that they were hit with structured data penalties.

Panda update is coming, but do we want it, or not?

There's an interesting thread on WebmasterWorld about whether we want a Panda refresh, or not.

The AP now pubilshes 3,000 robot written articles per quarter

According to this article, within minutes of Apple posting its record setting quarterly e

So HOW Exactly Is Google Using Click-Through Data?

Rand Fishkin was messing with click-through data again a few days ago

Google Confirms Core Search Change

Wikipedia Break The Internet

Moz: Can You Rank in Google Without Links? New Data Says Slim Chance

Saw this thanks to Kristi Hines: Moz backlinks Google Study >>

Promotional domains: Don't let them expire too soon.

A famous ketchup manufacturer let one of its promo domain lapse, and a savvy adult webmaster picked it up.

15 Days to be Forgotten in France; Euro news liable for user comments

Some legislation passed in Europe has been hitting the news lately.

Thumbtack Penalty Post-Script: A Juicy Mystery

Well, that's all she wrote - it took less than a week for Thumbtack's penalty to be lifted. But the story's not over.