Neil Patel's Take on How to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Website

Neil Patel wrote this post on KISSmetrics himself so definitely one to read. #1 mistake he sees people making: 

Exotic Restaurant Sues Google After Going Out Of Business

A Washington DC area restaurant that became famous for serving lion and bear meat, has closed it's doors after someone apparently edi

Love Android but hate Google? Now you can have a Google free Android device!

With the help of some linux hackers, you can now have an Android phone, that is completely free of Google's software!

Google Wants All Of Your Domain Names, What Could Go Wrong??

Google is now testing a program where they sell domain name registrations to s

Google Crawl Rate Myth Debunked

In the latest google webmaster hangout with John Mueller of google, John debunked the myth regarding crawl rate penalties.

The Simpsons Take On Google

I don't know how I missed this, but I just came across the following image of still frames from a January epis

Hit the required/set number of Google reconsideration requests???

Here's a

Google Hits eBay With Manual Penalty In Search Results

"What really happened to 

Sugar Rae's MUST READ rant on Mainstream Media, Panda, Metafilter

Google Coercing Independent Musicians Into Joining a Spotify Competitor

Google is reportedly planning on launching a competing service to Spotify and Pandora.

Google is Breaking the Internet

Google’s recent stance on site owners is fundamentally and completely immoral </quote>

Here's the

It's not always Panda/Penguin

David Harry just posted a truly useful piece on diagnosing traffic loss at the SEO Training Dojo. He correctly points out that it's not always about Panda and Penguin.

A Definition for White Hat Link Building: What it is and What it excludes

The phrase "white hat link building" occurs nearly 1/2 million times on Google yet we do not have a clear definition of the phrase.

When Link Removal Business Gets Dangerous...

No matter what my personal stance is on link

Google to cease supplying 3rd parties with paid search query data [rumor]


Google Analytics & AdWords Bulk Account Linking

At last google have finally added bulk account linking.

Google Search and Censorship

With the recent penalization of MyBlogGuest, I felt compelled to write on the unique phenomena of Google censorship, teasing out what Google's policy seems to be on the issue and determining whethe

An Open Letter to Matt Cutts, Eric Schmidt, et. al.

In light of Google's FUD move to make an example of Ann Smarty's high-profile MyBlogGuest site with an unfounded penalty, as well as a manual penalty leveled against his own website, Doc Sheldon po

The Anatomy of a Google Smear Campaign

What follows is the story of my good friend Ann Smarty's community being the target of a Google smear campaign.