Not-for-profit Lets encrypt advocates for methods for encypting web traffic to be free and easy

Free and easy to implement encyption is the objective of Not-for-profit Lets Encypt

Facebook Introduces New Call To Action buttons for business pages

Facebook is creating the opportunity to push social media promotion as a step higher up in the conversion funnel of a business.

Take Polygraph Lie Detector Tests to be an SEO

There's an interesting discussion over at Cre8asiteForums:

There is Nothing About Negative SEO in Google Webmaster Guidelines

"I was talking last night with 

New Negative SEO Hurts Google Rankings… Without Using Backlinks


The difference, or lackthereof, between ads and content

A recent article by Marketing Magazine interviewed Red Bee Media to understand the difference between content and ad

Google Penguin is Confirmed to Be a Continuous Thing Now

After lots of fluctuations since November especially starting from the Thanksgiving weekend, Google h

Trapit & Addvocate merge while SugarString is killed

It has been an interesting week in the world of Content Marketing.

Bots: Not just killing your CTR but also your PPC budget

The recent story about negative SEO being done through bots clicking on everything but 1 specific company was interesting and also tied in to a recent article on about bot fraud in t

eek a new kind of negative SEO tactic By sending negative CTR signals

In this great post by Bartosz Góralewicz, he lays out how using a bot to search google and not click on the target website can send negative CTR signals to the site...especially in light of all the

Wait...What? "56 pct of All Ad Impressions Are Not Seen"

I was scanning WMW and this stopped me in my tracks:

Bing Talks Content Quality as Primary Ranking Factor - what can we learn?

Bing talks the role of content quality on their blog This is a pretty detailed and interesting post :

Enhancing filter / sort options on site and in offers, can help many B2C retailors this holiday season

To be honest, I have not even thought how filter options may impact the LGBT visitor experience, an important duel income / brand loyal B2C customer segment...this is one of those

"No Captcha reCaptcha" is now more user friendly and more secure

Google recently introduced a new API for its spam detecting reCAPTCHA - calling it the "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" since it no longer requires users to figure out and type the distorted text they see.

Can we market using the "Fear of Missing Out?"

"Fear of Missing Out" is a real thing - the acronym "FOMO" has been included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Will the Penguin rollout never end, literally?

The latest Penguin rollout has been on-going for weeks and is still underway.

Firefox Breaks Free from Google and Goes Purple

Although you can easily change your default browser to whatever you want by clicking icon in the search box and selecting what works for you, a newly installed version of Firefox comes with Yahoo?<

Direct Traffic Reporting Bugs in Google Analytics Around Nov. 16th-18th?

Some routine traffic checks for clients (who shall remain anonymous) revealed some interesting anomolies in Google Analytics for direct traffic. Starting around Nov.

Penguin 3.1: Google's Way to Say Thanks on the Thanksgiving Weekend?

[Update: This is not t

Pew Research Center Web IQ quiz because, why not?

Even more fun than taking this web IQ quiz

was following the little debate about mosaic vs. navigator