How does umbrella-sharing start up lose nearly all of its 300,000 umbrellas in a matter of weeks?

The umbrellas sharing startup, E Umbrella based in Shenzen, which only just launched in 11 Chinese citiles announced that it lo

Can decentralized search engines distrupt search?

The two players that I know of this in this space are presearch and bitclave .

July 12 "Battle for the Net" With Facebook and Google taking part over Net neutrality

On July 12 Google, Faceboo, Amazon, Mozilla, and others, are taking part in "Battle for the Net." It's protest action the companies are taking to highlight the issues to save Net neutrality.

News industry seeks collective bargaining against Google & Facebook

As reported by verge here, the News Media Alliance is asking congress for co

Canadian Court Rules Google Must Delete Content World-Wide

This, potentially, has huge implications.

Google hit with antitrust fine of $2.7 billion over shopping comparison service

Google has been fined by the European Commission $2.7 billion for breaching antitrust regulations and abusing its dominance to favor its own comparison shopping service.

Google recommends moving sites from m-dot to responsive before the Mobile First Index Launches

According to a Google Hangout, John Meuller suggests webmasters migrating from m-dot sites should move to responsive in advance of the mobile first index.

Google SERPs update?

There's been much talk of Google SERPs in the last week or so and I wondered if you'd been seeing changes in Google SERPs?

Can Firefox 54 revive the browser's market share?

Mozilla has released Firefox 54 and makes great claims of it being considerably faster and less resource intensive.

Attempting to Define Duplicate Content

Google's Gary Illyes was asked for the definition of duplicate content, and although he's answered, as below, it's obvious that it's still not a 100 definition.

New Bing Visual Search Detail View

Bing has extended its image search with a new detail view.

With NOODP no longer supported by Google, you should make sure you write a good META description

With the demise of the Open Directory Project, DMOZ, and now NOODP tag being superflous, it's worthwhile making sure you have great META Description tags.

Google Chrome Ad Blocking Explained

In April a story broke that Google was to introduce an ad blocker to Chrome, however, it was slightly misunderstood, but expalined in a detailed thread at WebmasterWorld.

Ad Click Bots Discovered in Games Apps in Google Play Store

According to researchers, some game apps in the Google Play store are harboring links to ad click bot malware, and it's reckoned the apps have been downloaded by as much as 80 million times.

Google warns about links in guest posts and sponsored posts

Google released a post today

Google's AdHub (beta), system might just connect ads to offline buyers

Google said its Ad Hub, in beta, should be able to connect advertiser budgets to buyers making offline purchases in stores, through its tracking and credit card transactions.

Google SERPs changes, algorithm updates still appear to be shifting SERPs

Good to Know: Search Engine Robots, and others, 2017

There's a comprehensive assessment, from a webmaster perspective, of search engine robots detailed in a thread on WebmasterWorld.

Google is Testing Removal of First Organic Result in SERPs if it's a Featured Snippet, or Answer Box

There are several reports of Google testing removal of the organic listing if the same site is in an aswer box, or featured snippet.

The conversation is over at WebmasterWorld

Snap eats a 2.2 billion loss, disclosing sharply slowing user growth

Is the party already ending before is started for snap?