Google proposes to display rival comparison engine via auction to prevent further EU fines

 Google offered to display rival comparison engines via auction system, as reported by

Google moves to restrict ads for addiction queries

Google will be limiting ads related to addiction queries, as reported by several outlets including

How much do influcencers get paid to post ads? ad prices and CPM's

According to estimates from Emarketer, social influcenr marketing may be more than a billion dollar i

Google brings video reviews to maps

Two weeks ago, users who are part of Googles Guide program  got a new feature to shoot 10 second videos from Google Maps app.

Google Search User Click Data Used in AI Models

According to some reports of a talk in Canada, Google may be using click data in search rankings, although it's not entirely clear as there are indications it's used in AI models, and not directly

What happens in an internet minute in 2017?

$751,522 is spent online 6Million  text messages are sent 452K tweets are made 120 people join LinkedIn -15,000 gifs (i mean memes) are sent over iMessage<

Up to 87% of social shares go unattributed, according to one study

Because a large number of shares go through Slack, WhatsApp, read later apps, Facebook messenger, Twitter/LinkedIn, email and  email, they go unattributed.

Google AdSense User First Beta Program

WebmasterWorld Members discuss the Google AdSense User First beta program and invites. Have you had an invite to the program?

Google to provide depression self assessment directly in search

Google will be be showing the PHQ-9 depression self-assessment directly in search

Facebook to launch 'Aloha' - video chat and smart speaker

Source reported to Bloomberg News that Facebook, in another push to b

In precedient setting case - US court rules that LinkedIN cannot prevent scrapers

A US federal judged ruled last monday that LinkedIN (owned by microsoft), cannot prevent scraping.

Google to test subscription tool to help publishers win new subscribers

Google has said it'll test a tool to enable publsihers gain more subscriptions. This is ver similar to Facebook's earlier announcement to help.

Googles latest response to YouTube advertiser boycott: New site category exclusions for display network

The changes to improve 'brand suitability' are  detailed on this Google help page were

Google continues move into the home services niche with US east coast expansion

In 2015, Google launched a pilot of their home services ad in San Francisco and has since then made it available in several other cities in the US including, San Diego, LA, Philadeplphia.

Facebook has a tool to help them monitor potential acquisitions and rivals

Facebook has a tool to help it identify start-up competitors

FB Says its not counting accidental ad clicks anymore

Facebook is finally taking action on invalid clicks, which is good news of advertisers.

Is AI really "Stuck"? - Gary Marcus thinks so.

Within technology industry and beyond, AI seems to be the new buzzword.

Facebook's changed its news feed algo so that faster loading pages will rank higher

Facebook is going to rank faster loading pages higher in the newsfeed than a sluggish loading page, according to the latest developer news.

What does Google autoplaying video test mean for search, Wired Inquires


G quietly updates Quality Rater Guidelines, Affecting Mainly Mixed Language & Non-English Results

Jennifer Slegg, reports from theSEMpost on recent changes, this is